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  1. In St. Louis? I think his son still has a stable in TN? Brass Lantern Farm. Just thinking back thru the years....
  2. I viewed you "breathe" video several times and loved it. I wanted my daughter to see it so badly but we live in the land of "no" and do not internet at our home. I tried to burn it on to disc with no luck. I brought her into work with me this morning and went to youtube and its GONE!!!! Do you have a copy you could e-mail to me or some other solution????? I would really love her to see it.
  3. HalfPassGal - PLEASE!!!??? BREATHE

    Thank You SOOOOOO Much!!!!
  4. HalfPassGal - PLEASE!!!??? BREATHE

    Thank You Halo... This video (Extremes) is still on youtube but the original "Breathe" video is gone. I think it is much the same yet different. I think Breathe has more footage. Yes I agree, she is very patient!! But also confident and knowledgeable. I hope she sticks with it. I think she will become a great horseman (woman!!)
  5. Why are sway backed horses undesirable?

    I think if you are speaking of the Saddlebred breed, For a while they were actually breeding for low backs. This is now frowned upon and they are tring to get away from it. In some of the stakes classes they strip tack to see whats under the saddle. I have seen this cause a stir when really good horses dont get pinned because of a low back. I used to work in that saddlebred industry and have been away from it for a while but this was the talk around the barn when I was there.
  6. Here is a couple of pics of my daughter and her "buddy". His registered name is Smutty Dynamo. When she got him she asked "doesnt that mean dirty" so we call him Dirty Dynamo for fun. We think he is very attractive. His color is very unusual. She gets teased all the time about how clean she keeps him. As long as she loves him, thats all that matters. We would like a confo critique ( an honest one, we know he's not perfect and we love him anyway!!)So if you can from these shots great , if not I will get better pics soon!!! What Color do you think he is? [ 06-03-2008, 02:06 PM: Message edited by: ThatsHowIRoll ]
  7. Being judgmental based on electronic correspondence?

    quote: Originally posted by migo: Blame it on texting. Seriously, the message could have been sent from a phone or bumbly-berry with a modified keyboard. True, I use a blackberry and boy I can jumble up some words and sentences. The dang thing tries to think for you and that does'nt always work well. I would ask for their number and call them with your number blocked or from a disposable cell phone. I have an adult child with a learning disability and can barely form a full sentence but makes VERY good money and is the sweetest, most considerate person you could meet. I hear that from everyone so that is not a biased statement.
  8. What Do You Drive?

    To work - a roller skate (a geo Metro) I hope I never get in an accident. I like my dually truck much better except the price of fuel!!! Occasionally when the stars line up correctly (not often enough) I get to work on the back of my hubbys 2004 Screaming Eagle electroglide. NICE RIDE!!!
  9. Thank You all for your nice comments. What color would you call him? I call him chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. But many people have called him other colors...whats your thoughts?
  10. quote: Originally posted by Itchysmom: I think he is well put together and thye look good together. I was wondering what kind of bit that is. I have never seen one like that. What disaplines does your daughter do with him? This is a Martha Josey O ring. It has a mullen mouth piece and the noseband as well as some gag. He is well started in barrels but has not been pushed at all. She started cantering the pattern this year as he just turned 5. He has also been started in roping, heading to be exact. But again we are just going slow because he grew so tall so fast that he is just now starting to mature and fill out.
  11. Yes, He does go back to Smutty Bill as well Dry Doc, Hancock, Poco, King. He is really more cow bred but he is very tall for all the cow breeding. 16HH (guessing never sticked him)
  12. Oh, They are open!!!! Wow, I did better than I thought!!
  13. I was just reading a post about critiques and I WANT the honest opinion of many. I am going to try my hardest to get pics tonight and post first thing in the AM. I WANT HONESTY. Everyone may not agree and I know this but it is a learning experience for me. I want to know about my short pasterned , long backed, longer underlined, post legged, sickle hocked, ewe necked nags (HAHA). I see faults but I think sometimes that I am too hard on my horses faults and in some cases I dont see what I should. I did not pay an arm or leg for any of these so be ready cause I want your honest opinion. I am sure we can all laugh about it thru the whole thing if we stick to the fact of conformation and balance. See you tomorrow.
  14. looking for someone to ride with

    Where is Eldridge? Sounds familiar......
  15. I am so excited!! I have a three year old with a small hernia and after getting 3 vet opinions - NO SURGERY!!! I was really worried because cash is really tight and I was not ready to talk surgery on a horse I bought out of the slaughter field with my husband. I knew he had it when I bought him but it is very small. This was the outcome I was hoping for.
  16. BUMPER...I'd like to know...

    PROUD Founding member of: The Shovel Weilder's Club and the "I Got Screwed" Club. Ask me to see if YOU can join! Tell us about your clubs....
  17. adequan vs legend

    Which do you like better and why? Also for what application? I have heard - If you can say that the soreness is in the right hock - Legend is better - but I am assuming that is injected in the joint. I am asking about general old horse stiffness, arthritis etc... and giving it iv or im not injected in the joint. Make sense?
  18. June 28th thru ?? was thrown out there for a date to meet at OZLAND. Some are off for the 4th of July. I am pretty sure that works for me. I have to check my calender to be sure. I AM SO EXCITED!!!
  19. Missle ..Where are you??

    I have really missed your words of wisdom. I hope everything is OK.
  20. BUMPER...I'd like to know...

    HAHA!! Well i guess I don't qualify for either, but I had to ask!! There has been a few times that the SSS has entered my mind!
  21. Missle ..Where are you??

    Have fun at "school" I will be looking for your post in the future!!
  22. We're off to see the wizard - OZ THAT IS!! ROLL CALL

    I have friends in Mountain Home. How far are you from there?
  23. For critique....

    Very Interesting!!
  24. Um...omg....

  25. We're off to see the wizard - OZ THAT IS!! ROLL CALL

    The date was just a suggestion by a BM, nothing is etched in stone at this time. I am sure Oz could use the company and help anytime but I may be speaking out of turn. OZ is there a time or date that is better? Maybe a big project or something that you will need help with? Nothing like meeting new people and working hard to get something accomplished at the same time.