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  1. Black Manure

    Opened up a few balls and found the inside to be pretty normal. Will talk with my vet tomorrow, but I really think the horses are fine. Thanks for all the replies!
  2. Black Manure

    Will be checking with vet on Monday. All the horses seem fine, no history of ulcers in any of them. Feeding on grass hay. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Black Manure

    Just noticed today that all 4 of my horses are passing shiny black manure. Never saw this before. No change in feed or water. Have started feeding a few carrots now and then. Any ideas? Is this a concern? Thanks
  4. Fear Of White Horse

    He had never seen a white horse before that day and he has been fine meeting dark colored horses on the trail.
  5. Fear Of White Horse

    While trail riding the other day, my black horse while riding with 2 other black horses, spooked as a white horse passed us on the trail. We were a group of 3 and approached by a group of 5. Our group stepped off the trail, turned to face the approaching group as is the custom, to allow the larger group to pass. My horse stood fine until the white horse companions said it's because my horse is only comfortable with dark colored horses. Is this true or what?
  6. Ticks

    We have 2 horses in one 4 acre pasture with trees and lots of grass. One has a problem with ticks the other has not had any. These horses are full siblings, so same genetics. One receives a hoof suplement, mainly biotin. Could the hoof supplement also function as a tick repellent??
  7. Horse Flies

    I put good old vaseline on my mare's stomach as the insects bite and make her raw..anyone use a product called Fly Armor?? Wonder how well it actually works..
  8. Bandaging A Knee

    WOW! Thanks Journeysgirl. Looks like a work of art! I'm trying the duck tape idea. I'm also calling the vet again tomorrow as it doesn't look like it's healing. The other wounds are coming along nicely, but the one on her knee doesn't look so good. Thanks!
  9. Bandaging A Knee

    Ah, the infamous duck tape!! Like that idea! Thanks, Ozland!
  10. Bandaging A Knee

    WOW! Thanks, MysticRealm! Looks like something that would work for my yearling. Now to find the equipment.
  11. Bandaging A Knee

    My yearling got run into a fence and cut her neck and just above the right knee. Got in touch of the vet right away. Gave the tetnus immune globulin and gave her penicillin injections as the joint "could" be involved. The wounds are healing nicely, but I am having trouble keeping a dressing on the knee wound. I'm using disposable diapers and vet wrap..wrapping continuously below, over, above and figure 8 finishing up above the joint. I change twice a day and more often when it slips. I understand the importance of keeping the wound clean and bandaged to promote helaing and prevent proud flesh. She is out in the pasture and moves easily, so the joint seems to function fine. Any ideas on how to keep the dressing in place??
  12. How Bad Is A Joint Infection

    The CDC says dogs who bite people have to be observed for 45 days to rule out rabies. So, why 6 months for a horse to develope rabies after exposure? Just wondering as there are rabies in Iowa now.
  13. Rabies

    Well, they are not sure. My nephew has killed several skunks and they do have a lot of bats. Rabies was confirmed by the University of Iowa Vet center. He has lost 5 head, cows and calves.
  14. Rabies

    Can rabies be transfered from infected animals through a water tank? My nephew just lost several cows and calves from rabies. He is undergoing the shots to prevent him from getting it. He mentioned that an infected cow can pass rabies through a herd watering tank? Is this true?
  15. Why?'s called a pair of panties.