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  1. Photos Needed!

    Hello all! I'm an equine artist and I'm looking into doing horse portraits at some point. Problem is, I don't have any recent samples! I was hoping I could get a few photos to draw from to be able to use for advertising purposes. The original photo will be shown alongside the drawing, so please make sure you own the rights to the photo! The portraits I draw from these photos will NOT be sold, however, I can offer a scanned copy to photo volunteers, or can discuss shipping if you desperately want a copy. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Photos Needed!

    Hello all! I'm an equine artist and I'm looking into doing horse portraits at some point. Problem is, I don't have any recent samples! I was hoping I could get a few photos to draw from to be able to use for advertising purposes. The original photo will be shown alongside the drawing, so please make sure you own the rights to the photo! The portraits I draw from these photos will NOT be sold, however, I can offer a scanned copy to photo volunteers, or can discuss shipping if you desperately want a copy. Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. Gate Jumping Competition

    the winning pair makes sense, i think the rider is a jockey (steeplechase perhaps?) really fun to watch. love the little white horse!
  4. Calling All Pros...

    Local tack shops? Does your area or state have a horsey webpage where people can advertise for free? Craigslist? I don't have much experience, but those are the places I'd try to advertise anything!
  5. On The Hunt

    a free lease is a great idea! unless you're buying to resell, a free lease is basically a free horse for as many years as you & its owner want. AND, there's a better chance that the horse is legit. a lot of free leases are nice horses whose owners want to keep them instead of selling, which is a good sign :)
  6. Back In The Saddle!

    I totally feel you on the fear thing. I had some really bad jumping experiences and am just now, over 10 years later, comfortable doing 2' courses and a little higher on horses I really trust! What helped me get over it was just jumping little things on horses I trust over and over until I was sick of it and was ASKING to go higher. If getting left behind is a big fear of yours, try approaching the jump in a solid two-point with mane in hand, so that you can just stay there. If the horse jumps early, guess what? You're ready for it!
  7. Giving Up On My Lease Already?

    i was riding a horse for free and still couldn't get myself to keep riding him. i kind of went through the same thing, he was super fancy and pretty but not worth it to me. he was overall alright but had a really obnoxious spooking habit that i just didn't want to deal with. if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. glad you've made up your mind, i think it's the best decision based on what you said :)
  8. Straighteners

    i swear by this: although i think i have an older version of it (but it looks the same). amazon & walmart have it for around $30. anyway, i have super thick hair (both a lot of it and really thick strands), and this is the ONLY straightener i've used that both works and doesn't make it feel really damaged (even chis make it feel awful). eta: jump over water (sorry, too lazy to quote), did you mean you wanted your hair to be straight as in not curling out at the bottom? make sure that when you straighten, you bring the straightener in the direction you want your hair to go (like kind of curl it under). if your hair tends to curl out like that, straighten it inwards more strongly. also, you may have to get some kind of product to texturize your hair and kind of 'thicken it up' so that it will hold straight.
  9. Flash Nosebands

    i agree with moving the noseband up 2 holes, but i think the bit is fine. i see a little wrinkle, and i prefer a slightly lower bit to a really tight one. i think the "daylight" is not really from the noseband being too loose, but from it being stiff?
  10. Hunter Seat?

    I might have misunderstood, but I think the OP wants to know what hunters in general are and just found that video as as search for hunter seat because that's what it tends to be called in the open show world. IF this is the case, I don't have time for a long explanation right now, but maybe someone can take it from here
  11. Tips On Ground Training

    i don't know a ton about bits, but i'm pretty sure i saw someone post this on another board on HC and it seemed to make sense to me. but someone correct me if i'm wrong, because i really have no idea what i'm talking about. i think they had said that the horses might like the kimberwicke better due to the mouthpiece. because the mouthpiece is typically ported, it takes some pressure off the tongue? if you're using regular single jointed snaffles, it may be uncomfortable. i believe the poster suggested using a french link instead. maybe this is why the horses seem to prefer one bit over the other?
  12. i love these. but what i really want to see is like, side by side helmet cam and regular cam so you can see how it looks from both angles!
  13. Wording An Ad

    i don't have advice, but BEST NAME EVER
  14. Bobby's Going Out Of Business...

    ah that's too bad! i guess i'll never get those replacement reins for my bridle...
  15. I think when jumping smaller jumps or learning how to jump, a lot of trainers will say look past it as a way of making the person pretend the jump isn't there. Sometimes people get too focused on the jump and worry, jump ahead, nitpick, etc.
  16. Having A Change Of Heart?

    maybe the barn the ihsa team is at has an affordable lease or a horse that needs to be ridden? would the team let you take lessons and not show (if it makes up the $ difference)? if they let you do that (our team does, but it's not a very competitive one), then maybe you can take a lesson every other week or so, just to get your fix?
  17. My New Hunter

    i just LOVE these ponies (every time i see you post pics of them, i like the more and more!).
  18. Proper Placement Poles In Gymnastics

    i'm totally trying this with my cat when i get home!! i've trained him how to jump over one thing at a time, but somehow i doubt he's going to want to "canter" through anything. he's fat, lazy, and mean. i don't even know why he even jumps anything for me.
  19. Help Me Give My Horse A Show Name!

    i like sin city! why so serious is a little too long for my taste, although it is pretty cute. casino royale seems played out to me for some reason. but then again, i don't have any better suggestions.
  20. So I've Been Thinking...

    haha, if we're going to play this game-- i disliked the beval i rode in on occasion as well. and although i do love couch saddles, my current saddle is a flat seat/no knee rolls kinda deal and i find it much more comfortable than the beval.
  21. Confo Critique?

    i want to look! not because i know very much, but because i love ponies :)
  22. The Dreaded Saddle Search

    don't want to hijack, but does anyone know which (if any) toulouse saddles are devoucoux knockoffs? i heard philip fontaine has one, but do you know which it is?
  23. Calling All Ihsa Riders :)

    Our IHSA team is a club team, which is what I'm assuming the OP's team is as well. It's technically all a club, but we have a team and what we call the club. The club takes lessons but isn't a part of the IHSA (or the team), but is part of the club and the IHSA team captains are still in charge of them/their organization/etc. We pay for our own lessons, both the club and the team (same prices) and the club/team fund pays for our shows and all other fees (unless a member wants to pick up the tab-- like for dinners or other events) with school money. It's VERY manageable time/costwise. We ride once a week (obviously with the option to ride as much as we want). Because we bring a lot of business to the barn we ride at, we get discounted lessons. I would NOT be able to find lessons this cheap anywhere around me at home or at school. Timewise, it takes about 3 hours per lesson (we have to drive about 40 mins) and then show days are all day. We tend to have one show a weekend in our zone and leave early in the am and come back around 6 or 7. So show time commitment is decently big, but also optional for team members (although encouraged!). We don't stay at hotels. Not sure what your zone would be, but all the barns in our zone are within a 2 hour drive from our school, so we wouldn't have to ever stay overnight unless we went to regionals or finals or something. Class fees are covered by our team, they're about $25-30 for 1 or 2 classes (your max is 2). We average about 10 shows per season, this semester we had about 6. It doesn't interfere as long as you plan ahead. If you know you have a show on Sun and a paper due Mon, you write your paper on Sat. I absolutely LOVE my team, and it's been totally worth it in every way.
  24. Saddle Help!

    hello all. i'm in the market for a new saddle and would like your opinions! i want to preface this with: i know i should sit in the saddle first, buying online is risky, and that i should buy a horse first BUT it will probably fit me (i'm not shaped too weirdly), i'm willing to risk it, and i'm not getting a horse anytime soon but often ride/lease a variety of horses with owners who prefer me to have my own saddle. that being said, right now i have a northrun ashland. it looks exactly like this: i'm looking for something with a deeper seat, a little bit more forward flap, and knee blocks. for under $500 ($550 if it's an amazing deal). also preferably a wide tree, but medium is okay if it doesn't run narrow. not hard at all... i've been looking on ebay, websites, etc. i did check out two local places to see if they had anything that i could actually sit in, but to no avail. anyway, what i came up with was these specific ones as my top contenders, but if they go before i get them, i'm thinking i'll continue looking for similar ones. i'd also like something that will retain its value so i can basically sell it for the same price if it doesn't work out. dover circuit elite i've heard good things about these here, and the price seems pretty good compared to what i have seen. i'm worried that the flap might be a little long though? harry dabbs true brit don't really know anything about this, and it could get more expensive. it also looks pretty well-used... and the seat looks kinda hard. HDR Rivella i've heard bad things about HDR's, but this saddle has been calling to me for days. the leather quality looks a lot nicer than the other HDR's ive seen, although it does have some weird coloring. HDR Rivella (different style?) this is the same general idea as the other one, but doesn't look as nice. it does come with the herm sprengers, though, which is kind of a deal. oh, there's also this HDR, which i think is pretty:;share_this=Y it seems the HDRs have everything i want in my price range (i've seen a few pessoas too), but i'm still a little afraid of going for one since i've heard negative reviews. anyway, i'm lost in a sea of saddles. if anyone could offer any advice or direction please let me know!! thanks :)
  25. Fashion Help Please?

    i'd do tights instead of leggings. leggings are kind of out nowadays. plus tights just look nicer. for shoes, i'd wear boots (black or even like a chestnut brown) with a slight heel (3-3 1/2 inches)! eta: if it's too short for tights, leggings are great with boots. what i meant really was i don't like the way leggings & shoes that show the ankle/foot looks.