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  1. My Walmart Story

    Reading your story Jen made me remember one experience at Walmart I just lost in the back of my mind. I was shopping at the local Walmart not the nice one, we have 4 here, 2 are nice aren't, but I was in that area and didn't want to go 20 minutes out of my way. Anyways, they have a Code Adam, where they are to stop children from leaving the building, and are to search etc. They described the little girl, 8 years old, wearing an orange jumper, african american with flip flops on. When I hear those I look out for those kids as I'm shopping or what have you. Well the description gets said over the PA while I'm at the checkout stand. Low and behold the next line over is a little girl who matches the exact description holding a little doll, wanting to buy it. So I proceed to tell the cashier, hey there's the little girl who's missing. She barely looks behind and says Nah, it's not her! I kept at the cashier stating no, look at her she's wearing the orange jumper described it has to be her, there is no parents around her" She still continues to scan my items and ignores me. I then get rude, because there is a creepy guy right behind her, grossing me out. I say it louder and she then gives me a dirty look. I said Fine I know you're job is so hard that you can't figure out the missing girl is behind you. Are you that flippen stupid. I walked to the little girl who just wanted to see how much the doll was, the other cashier she was waiting in line for didn't even pay attention to who she was. However, when I got to her that creepy guy stood back a little bit. Guess what? She was the missing little girl. So I get the manager and let them know what happend and the cashier had the gall to say. Oh I thought she meant someone else. I blew! I said No you didn't I pointed right to the little girl, but you couldn't give a rats a$$ if it was her or not. What if it was your child would you care then? I then also called her a idiot but with extra words in it. I don't know why she irked me so bad, most likely the discare about a missing child. But this is a person thing not so much a Walmart thing, but two cashiers did not see this child! Ugh...
  2. Monday Game

  3. Monday Game

  4. My Walmart Story

    I'm more of a Target fan! But when I know I need to go to Wally World, I go on Sunday mornings when they are first open at 7 am! I figure the drunks are sleeping off the stupor and everyone else is sleeping in or going to church. It's usually nice and clean and well stocked. No lines. I avoid shopping anywhere after Thanksgiving too many idiots, inpatient and rude people. It takes all I have not to run them over with my cart. So I do all my xmas shopping before then, I believe it's safer for all.
  5. Invitation Question

    So I've been married once before. I'm getting married for the second and last time. I still carry my ex's last name, just because it's a pain in the arse to change. But I'm wondering if I should use my maiden name on the invite or ex married name. Though half the people know my by my ex married name but family knows me by the maiden name. Please help! [Question]
  6. Invitation Question

    Thanks everyone! That is what I was thinking but ya know still questioned it. I oftened wondered what happens to those who marry 5 or 6 times? I'd get confused by that stage...
  7. Reno/n. Ca Meet

    Sounds like fun! Too bad I'm at a show that weekend. Have fun.
  8. Snork! Snarf! Giggle!

    I live 40 minutes from Fresno! I hope they don't come to my house!!!! I have enough spices at home. [ROTFL]
  9. Bored Lazy Sunday

    Working ugh.... [Crazy]
  10. I'm Dead! I Washed Hubby's Phone!

    Heidi tell him it could be worse. My mom lost her phone climbing out of the helicopter on the oil rig, it fell into the ocean! And I break one a year. I'm not longer allowed flip phones!
  11. 2008? or 2009? I think we're going 2009. We're moving to South Dakota near Sioux Falls this upcoming spring. I would love to go, even if god forbid not showing...
  12. 5 A.m. Cap Chat

    I want to learn how to make dills! My family loves them... I don't.. [Crazy] I get up yuck everymorning at 5 to go to work... and now getting up earlier to exercise to maybe lose a little weight before my wedding!
  13. My Dog Is So Odd Because...

    Duke is odd... when I come home he has to find something to carry in his mouth. Whether it's a stick, a plastic bottle, yesterday it was one of my horse brushes. He doesn't want you to take it from him either, he is perfectly content with it. But it's funny he gets so worked up if he can't find anything like he's sad.
  14. Sad Update On Peter Rabbit

    What Jerks!
  15. Barrel Horse Stolen

    Have them go onto Netposse.com to register the stolen horse. They have "Idaho Alerts" and they get out to millions of people. My prayers are with the family. [Angel]
  16. Mn State Fair, Anyone?

    It sounds like fun I wish but gotta wait a year. Where in Mn? Next Spring we're moving to South Dakota near Sioux Falls so right near the border. And I've been doing some research learning where things are. He's lived there, I never have. So I'm trying to learn before I move out there. The weather won't bother me as I've lived in Spokane and in Alaska and I love the snow... though I start to hate it later in the year as most do.
  17. I used to sing Scooby Doo while riding a gelding in gymkhana. It soothed him, he was weird one. Scooby scooby doo where are you.... Oh so much fun!
  18. My fiance and I have been talking for a while. His kids live in Adrian, Minnesota and have family in Sibley, Iowa which really isn't that far from each other. Sioux Falls, SD isn't that far at all either. I've gone on the chamber of commerce and it actually looks a lot like Spokane, WA which I used to live in and absolutely loved. We have 4 horses, but hopefully by then only 3. I have an older mare who'd make a great kids horse, my niece and nephew ride her but I'm hoping someone will want her before we move if not she's going too. I have a 3 horse trailer... so I'm trying to consolidate. But any who. I'm not sure of the horse areas surrounding there. What types of shows there are. We love doing gymkhana, barrel racing, roping, penning. I love doing the breed shows, also. I have a QH for showing and 1 Paint. Our other paint is a broodmare who can't be ridden due to an injury but is breeding sound. I'm also looking for horse areas to move too. I can rent first to find what I like and then look to buy or just buy, not sure. I think I want to rent first so I get a feel for it and maybe find the right place to buy. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  19. How Many Of You Live Quite Far Away From Family?

    My mom lives about 8 miles from me I see her every other week or so. She works offshore on the oilrigs so sometimes it's hard to see her when she is on shore. My sister lives 40 minutes from me with her two kids. My SO's family lives in same town as my sister... but that is fine. My MIL drives me nuts!!!!! But that's another story. It doesn't matter she never asks to see her son anyways unless she needs him to fix something. My Dad lives in Washington. I have family in So Cal, Oregon Coast, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, and France. My Dad and Grandmother were both born and raised in France. However, my SO and I are thinking of moving back to the coast of California right now we're in the Central Valley, but we do all of our horse shows over there. So the cost of gas going is worth the extra money to live there.
  20. "i Forgot"

    I've actually seen parents leave the kids in the car. My sister and I were going into Mervyn's and noticed a car full of kids the oldest had to be 5, youngest in a car seat crying most likely 15-18 months old. We were livid, one it's hot, two they had the keys so who's to say the didn't try to start it and 3 bouncing around while the parents shopped. I got the license plate and called the cops. Downfall, they left right before the cops got there but at least they at least had the license plate and used the cameras at Mervyn's. I've also saw it at Wal-Mart I called again, the guy only got a citation of some sort. I would do the same for dogs left in heat. It's absolutely cruel and inhumane to me. If I take my dog I try to make sure it's places one that has a lot of shade and I'll only 5 minutes, but I also take him to Petsmart also so he can walk around and get lots of treats. But if I know it's a place that I'll be a long time he'll stay home though he loves just going for car rides. In the fall and winter when it's not so hot, I take him to more places. but I just don't see how you can forget. We've had so many cases in California. Just recently two parents gambling at the casino. while the kids stayed in the car, one who had a diaper full of feces and urine so bad that it leaked out and puddled. GROSS! They both went to jail!
  21. The Smell, The Smell!

    [ROTFL] This sooo reminds me of our boxer puppy. The other night we were sleeping and she woke me up well the smell did. I swore I was going to step in something when I went to get out of bed I rolled over and her butt was on my pillow!!!!! She ripped another one, I swear my nose hair singed because of it! [ROTFL] She is not allowed on the bed for a long time!
  22. Changing Your Maiden Name Once Married

    I think it's your own choice. My first husband I changed my name to his. I still have it though we are divorced but it's a pain in the arse to have to change it back to the maiden. I figured when I got married a second time which I do next year (woo-hoo) I am changing my last name to his last name. But I had a very common maiden last name with a spelling difference. AndersEn I cannot tell you how many times it got misspelled. Heck on my birth certificate the doctors write out they spelt it wrong twice!!! And used a flippen Sharpie to fix it, they crossed out the O and wrote E above it. Lordy how lame they were why not get a new certificate! So that is also another reason I never changed back because it was constantly misspelled and it annoyed me.
  23. Let's See Your Significant Other!

    Here's my guy we've been together for 3.5 years and get married next year! He's with Diamond his Christmas present.
  24. Real Men Don't Game

    We ride CGA and there are a few boys and men. Heck our oldest member is a man who is 90, who sadly retired as of August 1st. It was an honor to watch him ride! My fiance will start gaming actually on September 20th! [Yay] I can't wait to see him. Heck I'm competing against him... we'll see who wins high point. [ROTFL] (I will he says no, he's watching me type.)
  25. Paint Vs Appaloosa

    I've always had Appies until just recently I voted either. Because at the moment I have 2 QH's and 2 Paints. I love color! But I also look for personality, conformation, and overall package. But again I look for color in that package. I have 2 loud paints and absolutely love them. I searched for an appy mare but didn't find one that suited me so I found a QH that I adore. I'm in love with my new Grey QH mare. I love greys, blue roans etc. But the best horse I've ever owned was an Appy Gelding, he'd do anything and everything you asked. He could do gymkhana, barrels, halter, showmanship, HUS, English Eq and heritage. He loved to be loved, very friendly, but very competitive too. Had my 3 year old niece showed him in showmanship he was a gentle giant. And will be in my heart forever. I think to each it's own decision. I would never own an Arab but that's a whole different reason. They aren't bad horses, they just aren't made for me.