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  1. A Little Brag

    Andi- all the photos were beautiful and the article was great! I couldn't believe it when I opened the summer edition and was like, whoa, wait a minute I recognize that name and picture! Also glad to see you are continuing with your riding goals. Congrats! You certainly deserve it.
  2. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    The vet suggested we try 2 weeks of half the dose. Then two weeks of alternating days of half dose and full dose. She said for most horses that helps with appetite issues. He's still doing good with getting the medicine orally. He cranes his head around every time to make sure he gets his two, not one, treats afterwards. =)
  3. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    Thank you CindyP. Its nice to hear from someone that has been through this before! His last blood draw was mid March and his ACTH was 159. Still over the normal range but the vet was ok with continuing things and rechecking in a couple more months. We chose to go the pergolide route since it is cheaper and unfortunately we have to consider finances. They have one pharmacy that they use exclusively because they've had really good results. Of course that does mean its perfect. I think I will go ahead and email the vet again. I just sent her an update at the beginning of the month and didn't want to seem like a pest.
  4. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    So I've been able to continue with giving medicine orally and not had much trouble. Yeah! My question now is how do you combat the decreased appetite? One week he's great and the next he will only eat a few bites of senior feed. He's still eating hay but I can't seem to increase the amount because he just won't eat it all. I've had to cut back on the senior because he won't eat his usual ration and it just sits and goes to waste. I know its a symptom of the pergolide and maybe the answer is switching to Prascend. ?? Is this just the new normal I need to get used to and try to give him as much as he wants? Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I'm a PPID newbie!
  5. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    Equicrzy - I like that idea. I might give him a spoonful of plain applesauce on the off times. Thanks everyone! He ate good again last night so I'm crossing my fingers that maybe we are over the worst of it.
  6. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    Yes, they certainly do! Can't say I blame him though... I don't want to eat anything that tastes bad either! I usually follow the oral dose with a treat. Giving one beforehand is a good idea too!
  7. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    Great info Smilie. He started pergolide in January and the vet said decreased appetite can be a symptom. He does take it orally but after a few days catches on because I'm sure it tastes terrible. He's good for worming and such but was hoping not to create a problem by giving "yucky medicine" every day. I may just be stuck doing that or rotating methods. I first started out cutting a little groove in a carrot piece and squirting it in there. Two days of that and he wouldn't eat a treat from my hand. He's better now, but still suspicious. lol
  8. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    Thanks Ozland! Will have to add to my list of things to try.
  9. I'm looking for suggestions for getting my senior gelding to take his pergolide. Currently I've been switching back and forth from putting it on a spoonful of applesauce then in his feed or just squirting it in his mouth. Seems like after about a week he will start turning his nose up at his feed so I switch for about a week to the other method. Recently he's been taking little interest in his senior feed period. I've been in contact with my vet and she's given me the following suggestions (soaking his food, adding cinnamon, splitting the pergolide into two doses, and adding some hay pellets/cubes). I'm going to try splitting his dose but I've already tried the soaking and he already gets a handful of pellets. He just seems to be getting pickier about what he wants to eat. Keeping him eating as much as he can and getting the medicine in are the most important goals for now. So what things have worked for you? It has to be a low/no sugar option as well.
  10. Need Suggestions/advice

    I finally got a copy of the tests (long story). I'm going to see about getting in touch with my regular vet and see if she will evaluate them as well. The vet that did the test was one we just use on occasion. Her CK level was 4955. It said it was repeated and verified. The range says 192-565. I tried to attach the whole page but I can't get it to work.
  11. Looking For Tack Shops & Such Along Our Vacation Route (In To Md)

    Magic - I always have to try to work horses or something horse related into vacations. I just can't go that long without them! lol
  12. Looking For Tack Shops & Such Along Our Vacation Route (In To Md)

    LOL Golden, I've heard my hubby call it that too. I will have to check Stablemates out while we are there. Thanks!!
  13. Need Suggestions/advice

    Thanks Cowgirl Kyra. Right now she is on SafeChoice Special Care which has an NSC of about 15-16% ( I think) and she only gets about one to 1.5 pounds a day. We also just finished our first cutting of hay which I will be sending in for testing. Unfortunately I'm still waiting to see my copy of the test results.
  14. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    Nutrena, hay, & pasture The old guy is on Life Design Senior. The other two are on very small amounts of SafeChoice Special Care. I've been thinking about switching the two to Empower Balance (Nutrena's RB) but they are looking good on the Special Care and it just doesn't seem to compute to a lower cost.
  15. We will be leaving for Maryland for vacation this weekend and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for good tack shops to stop at along the way. We will be primarily following I-70 from central Indiana to Frederick, Maryland. For some reason Internet searching isn't netting me a lot of choices.