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  1. Love this!

  2. Brindle Horse

    I've never seen one and didn't know they existed ~ how cool!
  3. Birth Control- Loestrin

    I started Loestrin in February of this year, my Dr. prescribed it to reduce the duration of my cycle and reduce bleeding. This pill did not work for me! I had an extremely heavy period that lasted almost 2 months. I was put on iron pills and even had a biopsy on my uterus 2 weeks ago too see if there was something else causing the bleeding. Tests came back negative and I have stopped taking this pill ~ I feel 10x better! Everyone reacts differently to certain pills. It may work for you or it may not. When I read the reviews on Loestrin most of them were positive and women seemed to really like it. Of course there were the negative experiences too and they described exactly what I went through! Good luck!
  4. My 13~Year Old Daughter Singing "crazy"

    Thanks so much for the kind replys! She and I are total opposites ~ she's very outgoing and brave and I'm shy and could'nt imagine getting on stage and singing! I'm so proud of her and I learn so much from her - she's my inspiration! She sang "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele this summer at a 4th of July event. Small crowd, compared to the Patsy Cline song, but she loved it anyway!
  5. Hi there, just thought I'd share! This is my daughter's first performance in front of a large audience!
  6. My Dream Horse!

    I wish I could see the whole horse!
  7. I came across this picture I painted a few years ago ~ I really need to get motivated to paint again ~ it's so healing . . .
  8. Do You See The Horse?

    Your right it does look like there are 2 horses also ~or~ a pegasus with wings above and below! The clouds were stunning yesterday, I took one that looks like angels floating by, I posted below! Loud Appy that's awsome that you made it your desktop backround! It's the backround on my phone too! Thanks for the nice compliments!!
  9. Do You See The Horse?

    I took this picture today and just realized it looks like a horse! Do you see it?
  10. Did We Over-React? *update* :)

    Thanks again for all your positive and kind responses, I really appreciate it! On Sunday evening the boy and his mom came to the door and the boy apologized to my daughter. Said he was sorry for acting like that and it won't happen any more. My husband told him it takes strong charachter to admit to doing wrong and apologizing for it. We told him we appreciate his apology and no grudges will be held. Yesterday they all were out playing again - so all is good in the neighborhood!! ;) I'm really glad my daughter came to us with this . . . I can't begin to imagine telling my parents (at 13) that some boy was harassing me. We didn't have open communication like that. I would have felt embarrased and ashamed. We still have a long road ahead . . . I don't even want to think about 16 ~ yikes!! Hopefully she'll continue to come to us with anything in the future! Have a beautiful day all! :)
  11. Did We Over-React? *update* :)

    * Update * While my daughter and I were out today, the boys dad came over and sincerely apologized to my husband. He said he talked with his son and that he is grounded and that the next time our lawn needs mowing to let him know as he wants his son to do it as part of his punishment. Sheesh, I wasn't expecting that! As a side note, we've never met these neighbors before because they just moved here this summer. They actually live up the street. My husband is a mechanic and the neighbor has a car that he wants him to look at and possibly work on to get back up and running again (an old hotrod). So, all in all a happy ending to this! I feel a whole lot better! p.s. - The boy and his mom came over last night to apologize, but we weren't home. I'm sure we'll be hearing from them soon as well! :)
  12. Did We Over-React? *update* :)

    Thank you ladies for your wonderful and helpful insight on this! Deep down I know we did the right thing, I was just torn when my daughter came home and was upset that the kids were all ticked at her. But you know what, I'd rather have it this way than her coming home and telling something much worse had happened. Thankfully my daughter is very open with her dad and I, I pray it stays that way! I truly hope this boy learned a leason from this, that what he's been doing will not be tolerated and there will be repercussions for his actions. This also opened the door to explain to my daughter what to do incase this happens again. I didn't know this stuff would be happening at this age, but man, the stuff she tells me about that kids "know" these days is terrifing. The drugs, sex, alchohol that these kids are doing at such a young age is so scary. Anyway, thank you again for your responses! It helped me breath a litter easier!! :)
  13. Hi, I don't post much but I do read a lot of posts and think you're all a great, intellegent group. . . So, I thought I'd get your opinions on this . . . My daughter who is 13 told me that the neighbor boy (who is also 13) has been recently sexually harassing her. As in grabbing her from the back and mock humping her and grabbing her breasts. He's also been doing it to the other neighbor girl who is 12. Well, my husband got wind of this yesterday afternoon and was LIVID, to say the least. He went over to the boys house to talk to his parents about this but they weren't home, so he went to the other girls house and informed her parents of what was going on. At first they thought it was just innocent play until my husband told them he was also harassing their daughter too. He said the mom jumped up, grabbed her tennis shoes and was ready to rip into someone! Anyway, my husband and the other girls mom went back over and the boys mom answered the door. They explained what was going on and the mom was horrified that her son was doing this. She said the girls would be getting apologies and it would'nt happen again. Well, my daughter came home from school today and said everyones mad at her now. Including the other girl. It saddens me because they all play everyday after school and now there's major tension. I know it will subside with time, but I just feel bad for my daughter. It's a tough age as it is . . . She thanked me though, for trying to help. I just don't know if we went overboard or not. Any thoughts on this?