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  1. I saw that a person took a turkey on a plane. Stating it was a therapy animal. I raised turkeys and they need therapy themselves!
  2. Red, , my mom hated cats(plus most animals) and said they were too dirty to come into the house. So I gave them a bath, hoping she would let me bring them in. I was always an animal lover and didn't obey at all. I adopted every stray around.
  3. We had very clean cats when I was a kid. I would take mom's laundry tub out in the yard and fill it plus I took my window screen out and propped it inside the tub. The cats would cling to the screen and I would scrub! I got into trouble many times for that!
  4. It got darker here and the temperature dropped. I didn't go look at it. My eyes are so messed up now. Couldn't take a chance. My man used his welders mask. I can't get the underline off!!!! My dogs took a nap!
  5. I went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now I'm the proud owner of aisle 5 and half of 6!!
  6. A lot of the schools are closed Monday. I guess they don't want the responsibility.
  7. Finally mowed today. It was so high in parts, it could be raked and baled! No cooking today. Going to town for a pizza. We haven't had one in awhile so sounds pretty good. I'm starving tonight. They arrested the son of my former classmates. He shot them in their sleep. It is a sad situation. The only daughter is left to deal with this. Seemed like such a nice family but you just never know. Everyone have a great weekend! Are you getting ready for the eclipse? I'm staying inside and watching it on TV. I've had too many eye surgeries to take a chance!
  8. Queen, what a cute pair. You are so giving. The girls are lucky to have you in their life.
  9. Lovely guy, Fawn. Heavy thunderstorms last night. My grass is getting out of control. Hopefully the weekend will be dry and I can get it mowed. Went to yoga early. On the way home, I stopped and looked at a small house. It needs a lot of work but at the right price would make a good investment. I liked the neighborhood, right across the street from the park. Everyone have a great evening. Need to continue cleaning cabinets out!
  10. Spanish, thanks. No arrests made. Hope it's solved soon. My sister lives across the highway. Queen, happy birthday!! RR, I have been in your shoes before. I owned a restaurant when my boys were young. I finally put my foot down and started taking 1 day off a week. It's probably harder for you to get free. I had a manager that really helped me out. The humidity is off the charts today. I woke up sweaty and it's worse tonight. Need to clean the kitchen and take a shower!
  11. Heard some upsetting news this week. Two of my classmates were murdered in their home. It happened in a small sleepy town in Southern Illinois. They were married right after graduation. It is the same neighborhood my sister lives. Just unreal. Hope it is solved soon. Went to yoga this morning and tried to get extra housework done. We are having more thunderstorms this evening. I better take the dogs out before it rains. Spanish, so happy your kitty is doing better.
  12. Congratulations to your cowboy, Red.
  13. Majik13, you have 2 more than me!! I tried to feed the feral cat at different times and the blasted raccoons show up too. It was early evening yesterday and soon as I put the feed out, here they come. I ran them off with a yardstick!! The babies are so stinking cute!
  14. So sorry, Spanish. Hope it is treatable.
  15. Spanish, good thoughts for your kitty! I dog I was concerned about, was adopted today! I felt so much better today. Got a lot accomplished! Took most of the day to get caught up. I took a yoga class early this morning and it seemed to help with the sinus headache. Everyone have a great evening.