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  1. I've tried Science Diet but the dogs wouldn't eat it. I feed ProPlan chicken and rice. They do real well on and maintain a healthy weight. I believe dogs need a balance of meat and grain.
  2. He looks right at home! So big for 8 weeks. He looks like a Rowdy to me. You could name him Pistol Pete (you can tell I live in Oklahoma)!
  3. Congratulations! Glad you finally got the pup. I'm sure you will have years of enjoyment!
  4. Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!! She's busy playing with her puppy!!
  5. Have a safe trip, Equicrzy. Looking forward to some pictures!!! Horsecrazy, your Shepherd is handsome!
  6. Thanks, PD. I just have to wait and see if my brother listens. I think he felt like his sister's were ganging up on him. Jenna looks happy, Queen and George is beauty, RR. I think I'm over the puppy fever. One of mine puked by my bed last night! Ugh!! Guess I have time to fix breakfast. I have a lot of work to do outside today so I'm staying home.
  7. Love the pictures, Heidi. Looks like a great place to ride. I'm tired tonight. My brother is having problems with his healthy kidney. I tried to convince him to go to the ER but he won't listen to me. I called my sister and told her about it. She has her Doctors degree in nursing. He will not listen to her. I'm afraid he will end up on dialysis. I feel drained from this. It has been hot and very humid here. Tomorrow I have to get the yard trimmed up. Everyone have a great evening.
  8. Hey, I'm half Irish!!!! The other half is German. Kind of a bad combination!
  9. Red, you may have to count your losses on the car. I think there is a special he$$ for used car salesman and dentists!! (Not all but the ones that screw people over)
  10. Goodness, they are all adorable!! Have fun picking one.
  11. Love your greenhouse!
  12. PD, I found the Vietnam program very interesting. It was full of history of the country. I believe this series has 10 episodes. I don't think this show will change my mind about that war but it will educate me. Thank you for your service, PD. My allergies are terrible today. Sneezing and eyes swollen. I hoped the rain would clear the air. Heidi, hope you got your cats treated. Cats are smart. They seem to always know when something is up!!! Better get something done about this messy house!!
  13. Nice, very quiet day here. It has rained lightly off and on all day. Yesterday it was 90's, today 60 & 70's. We haven't had rain in 3 weeks. I took advantage of the rainy day and read a lot! Needed a day of rest. Looking forward to seeing the first episode of Ken Burns "Vietnam" tonight. I was in high school when my brother was injured in Vietnam. He had a hard life after and passed away 20 years ago. That is one subject he wouldn't talk about. Everyone have a great evening. I need to see what the dogs are barking at!
  14. Welcome Bluecreek! Love your barn. Quite a treasure. Years ago I lived on my in-laws farm. They had an old barn. It was painted red. My SIL was the only one who was brave enough to get on the ladder 3 stories high to paint. Congratulations on your new farm!
  15. It's very hard to do, Red but it was what they both needed. It was me and the boys for years.