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  1. How long

    We have checkers plus self checkout but none of the stores have bag boys. They all use the carousels with plastic bags. I usually have to pull the bags off it myself. I need to get my own cloth bags to use. I hate the plastic.
  2. How long

    What bag boy?? Haven't seen one in years!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! I'm making Colcannon for dinner.
  4. Texas People #6

    Your kitchen looks great! Love the choice of counter top.
  5. Texas People #6

    Happy birthday, Grimmie!
  6. Texas People #6

    Poor baby! She looks miserable in the second picture. Feel sorry for little ones with the colic. My youngest had it until he was 2 months old. Not fun for anyone. I love your room and the pelican! You need to name him!
  7. Good Morning

    Granddaughter's school is back to normal. The police did arrest 3 14 year old boys for making threats at other schools. Painted love the smiles! Your horse looks happy despite the snow. Equicrzy, congratulations on the future move. Hope you can find exactly what you want. I hate Winter so much. Wish I could become a snowbird! Guess I'd better get busy and quit worrying.
  8. Good Morning

    No snow here! We are having a lot of rain but the temperature is up so no ice. My youngest granddaughter's school is on lockdown due to a social media threat. I wish I could go pick her up but they won't allow anyone leaving. These threats have happened to numerous schools around here all week. I just don't understand kids now days.
  9. Good Morning

    Our Winter is back! Yesterday I left the house at 7 with 68° temps but by noon it was 34° with freezing rain! So tired of this. More freezing rain this afternoon. My poor daffodils are trying to bloom!
  10. Gravy Train and Nibbles and bits

    Thanks for the link, Jubal. Companies do anything to make a dollar.
  11. The Front Porch

    I lived on a cattle farm and ate beef for years. I haven't eaten beef for 8 years now. I feel healthier. My family has had a lot of heart problems so stopping eating red meat was one reason.
  12. Gravy Train and Nibbles and bits

    Ugh! Jubal, that's disturbing to think about.
  13. Gravy Train and Nibbles and bits

    This is unreal that a drug like that would be found in dog food. The brands listed aren't food that I would ever feed but how in the world did this ever happen?
  14. The Front Porch

    Sorry for your loss, Heidi.
  15. The Front Porch

    In the 70's here and I'm loving it! Back to the 30's tomorrow. Had a busy morning. Went to the gym and then came home to grab the dogs for a trip to the vet. Time for rabies shots. They are good in the truck except Clara's whining! She needs to get out more! Nice job on the room, RRW. Looks nice and fresh. Going out to clean the front porch off. It is too nice to be inside. How often do you give core-shots to dogs, Provo, distemper, etc. I've been reading so much about over vaccination of dogs. A lot of vets are recommending every 3 years. What is your opinion on this?