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  1. The Front Porch

    PD, hope your wife will be able to come home soon and be pain free. It is quiet here today. I won a turkey from the local newspaper. I wasn't planning on cooking Thanksgiving dinner but who knows now. What is everyone's plans for Thanksgiving dinner?? Been busy getting ready for Winter. Only have a couple more things to do. Equicrzy, how is Sam doing? Hope he has recovered. I'm sore from the gym this week. Seems like some day that will not be a problem. Everyone have a great evening!
  2. The Front Porch

    Poor Sam. Hope he recovers quickly.
  3. The Front Porch

    Heidi, do you have a Neti pot? Using one really helps sinus problems.
  4. The Front Porch

    Happy belated birthday, Heidi and Jubal!
  5. The Front Porch

    I had a small appy mare that didn't like men, hated the vet but loved my granddaughters and me. She passed away at age 30. I still miss the grumpy old girl.
  6. Snotty Nose

    Sounds like shipping fever. I bought two mares from Texas and they both came down with it. They were stalled next to three other horses and it did not spread throughout the barn.
  7. Rabbits?

    Great story, little cow! I had a goat flinging TB but he didn't bother rabbits!
  8. The puppies are born!

    I've never been to Tucson but spent one day in Phoenix and one scary night in Gallup!
  9. The puppies are born!

    I don't know, Equicrzy. I've moved a lot in my lifetime. Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Southern California, and Oklahoma. I live in NE Oklahoma now.
  10. The puppies are born!

    Equicrzy, my 5 year old Brussels Griffon still helps me vacuum. He stands in the way!! The Jack Russell doesn't trust the vacuum! Good luck cleaning house!
  11. The puppies are born!

    It won't take long, Equicrzy! They do out grow it fast. But I did enjoy them at puppies. Everything was so exciting and new to them.
  12. The puppies are born!

    He is just beautiful! Mine are 2 and 5. I hardly remember the puppy stage!! Ha!
  13. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Your welcome, Noponies.
  14. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    I believe that if you do not like something, do something about it. Trashing Trump does not do a thing. Go find someone you could support for the next election and campaign for them. I do believe in the freedom of speech but not disrespect.
  15. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Well said, Equicrzy. I didn't like Obama at all but didn't feel like I could say anything because I would have been called a racist! I think the Trump bashing has gone too far. He is our President. Show him some respect.