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  1. The Front Porch

    We have a local pet rescue that was asking for donations of left over Tamaflu. They were treating puppies with parvo. No one questioned this practice.
  2. I figured out pictures!

    Beautiful family and animals! Thank for posting. Look like you have a full and wonderful life!
  3. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    She looks wonderful!!!
  4. Texas People #6

    Happy to hear that Paul is home and on the mend. I have heard not to let the chiropractor adjust the neck. Another warning is to always ask for a towel under your neck when having your hair shampooed. Pressure from the shampoo sink may cause a stroke. Don't know if that is true but wouldn't hurt to be careful.
  5. Texas People #6

    So sorry to hear this. Praying for Paul and you.
  6. 3/4 done

    Congratulations! Almost there
  7. The Front Porch

    Yesterday was the first day Ollie would let me pet him. Today I was having coffee outside and he jumped on my lap and rubbed his face on mine. I guess I'm his person now!!
  8. The Front Porch

    RRW, love your vacation pictures. I haven't had the opportunity to travel to that area. A stray cat showed up and I think he will be staying. He is finally getting friendly after 2 weeks. I'm happy to bring him into the family. I have missed my yellow cat Oscar that passed away last year. So here is Ollie!
  9. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    She is looking better. Happy to hear that she can be held and petted.
  10. South Africa

    Have a great trip! My brother has been there twice and loved it. His wife thought the accommodations were to primitive. She didn't go on the second trip.
  11. Texas People #6

    Grimmie, love the fireplace. Tastefully done!! That granddaughter is so cute. I think feeding solid foods is great way to help with weaning. My nephew's baby is over 2 and still nurses. His mother didn't feed him anything but breast milk for the first year. Now he doesn't eat well. Such a beautiful day here. I didn't get to enjoy the outdoors much. Between eye doctor appointment and then truck repair, my day was gone.
  12. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Poor little girl. Hope she heals fast. She must be miserable. Thank you for taking care of her.
  13. The Front Porch

    I wouldn't mow a place I didn't feel safe. I never mow our pond dam. I feel like the tractor might roll. Stay safe, Jubal!!
  14. New Puppy Pics

    Beautiful pup!
  15. The Front Porch

    Thank you all for your birthday wishes. Going out for Chinese food tonight. My favorite. I plan on stuffing myself!!