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  1. Paint Party Creation for July

    Paint.... lmao Good job.
  2. Texas People #6

    Morning glory's are great climbers.
  3. Mom's Day Weekend

    QBAW, block them. Anyone that is giving you grief. Just block them. Its not worth it. As for the saddle. A 17" semi QH bar should be easy to find. SQH Bars are the most common. Check the stirrup leathers close for cracking. If those are OK then you should be fine with a good oiling. My preference is to clean first with Leather new. Scrubbing the tooling with a small scrub brush and wiping with a paper towel. The take Neatsfoot oil and literally paint it onto the leather with a sponge brush. Keep applying till it no longer soaks it up. Leave it sit for a day then wipe off any excess and you're good to go.
  4. Hey Everybody. Im still around

    It worked this time. I just sent you a request.
  5. Hey Everybody. Im still around

    I was going to send you a friend request on FB. I found you but there is no option for to send one. My situation sounds very similar to yours.
  6. Hey Everybody. Im still around

    I didn't read all the replies but wanted to throw my two cents in. 5 years ago I cut my abusive toxic parents out of my life. After 35 years I didn't have any contact with them for 5 years. It has been within the last year that I have been able to be at family functions where they were without having panic attacks. Now I have minimal communication with them. Pretty much only because my mother is the manager of the apartment complex I rent at. Was it hard to cut them off. Very much so. Did I miss them at holidays. Yes. Am I healthier for having done it. YES!!!!!! My mental health needed it. FB is easy to block. As for your phone. Depending on the kind you have there are options to block people. Well.. it more of just ignores them automatically. Also depending on who your service is through. The company sometimes offers a blocking service for a nominal monthly fee. The small price is worth your peace of mind. At least till they got the hint. The only advice I can really offer is to tell her flat out you are severing ties with them and to not bother you. Then stick to your guns. It'll be hard at first and maybe someday you guys can have some sort of relationship again. But make it on your terms. Also, very sorry to hear about your brother. My condolences.
  7. Good Friday

    This is what I spent my Good Friday doing. When they show the shot of all the guys on the roof I'm in the back in the bright blue t shirt. PS.. I'm not on the fire department. Just dating one of them. We knew the local newspaper was doing a story on it. But were all shocked when the local tv station showed up. It is an awesome thing to be a part of.
  8. My Wife.

    All sounds good!! Hoping she keeps improving and gets home soon. Hugs and prayers for you both!!!
  9. Drama on FB is easy to deal with. Just delete those people.
  10. Frigid freezing sub zero cold Friday

    I'd get into a chiro first thing Monday if I were you. An adjustment would be good for you.
  11. Wet wet Wednesday..

    Lol yes you win Jubal!! Same weather here as most. Almost 70 yesterday. Nasty storms overnight. Couple small tornados close by but no major damage. It was thundering so loud I could here it in my factory over the machines AND my music earbuds. Which I had cranked up the volume on to drown out the storms. I am a big ole fraidy cat when it comes to storms. It has rained most of the day and the temps have dropped. Went from 55* when I got out of work at 6am to currently 38*. I broke out blankets for my horses the first time all winter. Supposed to stay right around 32* for highs Thursday and Friday then start warming back up. As I said on Facebook. This weather is amazingly craptastic!!! I'd rather have snow.
  12. My Wife.

  13. Wake UP world!

    *prayers/hugs* PD
  14. Wake UP world!

    I've been up since 4pm yesterday. Currently at my sons wrestling meet. Hope to make it a few more hours before I have to head home to crash.
  15. Ice Road Disc Truckin' Thursday

    Its been warm here too. I have been wearing a light jacket for my walk to/from work. Last night i broke out a pair of capri's for work. Today supposed to hit 70* with bad thunder storms. Tomorrow... high of 34 and a rain/show combo. Hope the vets have extra stock of banamine. Gonna be horses colicing all over.