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  1. Thursday Something Stronger Please

    Thinkin' of ya, Oz! The weekend can't come fast enough at this point. When it starts getting this cold my body wants to do nothing but hibernate. I am so tired and can never get warm unless I'm in a hot bath. That sounds so good right now...
  2. Tuesday 2 Cup Morning

    Water again this mornin' for me, and a half eaten cereal breakfast. I am just not feelin' food lately, I'm in some kind of slump. It's trying to snow here today, so I'm glad that I only have the 2 barns to feed at after work, and then its homeward bound to a warm fire!
  3. Monday Dragon Tea For Me

    Trying to cut back on my caffeine intake so its just water and a bowl of cereal for me. Cloudy today and Monday's are always busy for me. Have to stop by and get the tires rotated on the SUV today after work, maybe vacuum it out, and then plenty of chores around the house to do after barn work. Oh Mondays...
  4. Thanksgiving Plans?

    Haha, of course! She gives us a lovely list of what we need to provide and each little family unit brings that. Dishes after dinner and then relax and bs time, it works out pretty nice!
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Serah, my mama is the head custodian for an elementary school. Its hard work but she really likes it, plus, the time off and benefits for a school is really nice! Good luck!
  6. Thanksgiving Plans?

    My mama always does Thanksgiving dinner. Just our immediate group, which consists of my oldest sister and her husband and 2 kids, my other sister and her 2 kids plus their SO's, my sister-in-law and her 2 kids, my mama, and me and my SO there are 15 of us, and this year there is the possibility of my sister-in-laws parents coming too. Super lucky to have such a close family, we spend every holiday together. The dinner spread is always delicious too. Its still up in the air whats going on with the SO's side of the family this year, usually we'll stop in to his mom's side of the family's dinner just to chat for a bit before we go to my ma's. The Sunday before Thanksgiving we go have a dinner with his dad's side of the family. We both come from large groups :) Thankfully my mama always saves me a small plate to eat of leftovers for the next day's Christmas decorating. Man I love the Holidays!
  7. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm not ready for winter either! Its been so cold when I head out for work in the morning, and we've been so busy with everything else I can't remember the last time I rode. SO and I went to the bank yesterday to see if we could qualify for a home. We found a cute little place in our hometown where all of our family lives with horse property. I've never had the luxury of having my horses in my own back yard so, this is an exciting time! Fingers crossed everything falls into place like it should
  8. Finally, I Have A Horse Again!

    Such a pretty boy! Congrats, hope you enjoy him!
  9. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Carlofab, thanks! Hoping for the best, I just passed my two month waiting period so I need to brush up on the material before I give it another shot. Hope everyone is doin' well!
  10. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Wow, I've been MIA for quite awhile. Lots of things have changed and happened. Failed my first national for my Pharmacy Tech Certification, I'll be able to take it again in a little less than a month hopefully with better luck. I desperately want to get that done. I had an incident with my mare on the mountain, for unknown reasons (can't for the life of me figure out why!) she dumped me, I injured my back and wasn't able to get back on for another couple of weeks. I ended up doing some arena work with her with a new bit and things seem to be going much better now. We also, sadly, had to put our old boxer pup down this last week. He was 12 and had been going slowly downhill, it was his time and I miss him very much. The house is so much quieter without his big clunky feet padding across the kitchen floor and without his snorty kisses. I am thankful to have found a home vet who came and helped him to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and in my arms. Aside from all the sad stuff we have just been continuing to work and I've been spending time with my family. I went solo (SO had to stay and work) to the lake with my family for labor day and I had so much fun! Trying to get back into the swing of things with all the changes going on in our lives, I'm looking forward to the fall season and the holidays coming up. Hope everyone is doing well!
  11. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I passed all my finals and class is officially over. Now I need to schedule my national exam and hopefully within the next 2 weeks I will be a licensed Pharmacy Technician. The last two months have been really hard with everything that went on with my brother and trying to keep focused in school enough to get through the accelerated course. I was exhausted and emotionally drained but so glad I stuck with it. Fingers crossed for the national, on the bigger and better things!
  12. Update: Prayers Please, Fire Near My Parents

    Prayers going their way You hang in there, too!
  13. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Sorry Rosey I can't even imagine. Makes me not want to take mine for granted, thank you for reminding me. I hope your days get easier, thinkin' of ya!
  14. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I start finals this week. I am absolutely not ready and very nervous. I can't wait until all of this is over.