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  1. Prayers For Doodlin

    I still don't have any new info, I'm about this <---> close to seeing if I can't drive down there tomorrow. It's 5 hrs away. I'm going to call in tomorrow morning and see what I can find out. I will ask about sending cards and what is ok at this point. Thank you for caring for your fellow HCer and her family.
  2. Prayers For Doodlin

    I checked in and there is no new info on Doodlin's condition. I'm getting more worried. Thank you again for your support, you guys are great! Thanks for posting that link Toomanyirons, I looked at it earlier but I couldn't post it, couldn't stop crying. I know the exact spot they wrecked, it was so close to thier house, they were almost home! It's just not fair!!!! I know, I know "life's not fair, blah blah blah, but Kenzie had such a full life ahead of her.
  3. A Never Ending Story!

    You can find Ross stores all over. I buy bras there, good selection. I'm hoping by next year this time I will be more finacially stable so I can participate in the Exchanges once again, they are fun.
  4. Prayers For Doodlin

    You guys are wonderful, thank you for your responses. I know Doodlin' can feel the love. I will let you all know when i get updates on her condition. And thank you for thinking of me too, I feel kinda numb right now and my eyes hurt from crying. No more tears left for now. I've never delt with anything like this, I keep asking myself what I could have done to prevent this. [Me Cry]
  5. Prayers For Doodlin

    Kenzie was 10. Bumper mind if I call you? [Me Cry]
  6. I Take It That This Isnt A Good Sign......

    LOL no I'd hazard a guess that it ain't a good sign. Where in MT are you?
  7. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Yep I'm loyal to Medela pumps too. I'm just popping in to see what's up and how everyone is. The boys are doing great. Lane is just growing up before my eyes. When he says "I love you Mommy." and pats my back when he hugs me, it makes me melt! Sean is such a lil stinker, he chases and beats up on Lane with Liam as his wingman. We are breaking up fights often. Liam, though now in glasses for his farsightedness(is that a word?) and on meds for his asthma, is a force to be reckoned with when he's mad or just wants all eyes on him. He's learning that bitting is a no-no and earns him a smart tap on the mouth. Sean is a bottle/sippy cup nazi,...he tries to hold them all in his hands AND drink them all wether thier his or not. Lane has this big stuffed dog that had been Bret's when he was little. He calls it "His Puppy" and goes nowhere without it. Here's some pics taken just today. Liam Sean Lane Congrats KM! Hope everyone is doing well. Beautiful babies. I'll be back again soon and catch up more.
  8. Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

    Can't find my camera cord, but i took some pics too. We ended up with about 3-4" here. It only *just* stopped snowing like an hour ago finally. Now I HAVE to go get the kids thier snow gear. [surrender]
  9. K'e CC Vol III... 'cause we want to!!

    I have 128 of his songs on my iTunes. He's my favorite. I need to go to bed. The debate is OVER! Yay!
  10. K'e CC Vol III... 'cause we want to!!

    WildMare, where did you get that AWESOME Chris LeDoux Memorial???? I love it! He died on my 19th birthday...*sniff* I listen to "Old Paint" and it makes me cry thinkin about my cowboy hero.
  11. K'e CC Vol III... 'cause we want to!!

    I am. And I'm laughing. BUT.....I will NOT get into a debate on here or I'd get my @$$ banned(again). LOL. Brandy isn't bad, but I prefer beer, whiskey and rum. I get to meet a board buddy on saterday!!! Yay! [Yay] I miss having internet........ I'm going to be on the road again on monday....think of me!
  12. Scary Night

    OMG Tracy! I would freak. Here's a long distance hug for you and your rattled & frazzled nerves. How horribly scary. [shocked]
  13. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Hi ladies,.....sorry long time no internet @ home. A question: Bret and I are a lil upset, we just found out Liam has Asthma. He takes medicine 3x a day for it. I have heard young babies can possibly grow out of it later in life. Is this true and if so how can we help him? Or can we? He's not around any smokers or anything, clean air. Any expirience with this? He is also in glasses now to correct his far-sightedness(sp?). He's doing wonderfully otherwise just like Sean. Lane is also doing great, just learned his hardest word yet: helicopter. But it doesn't quite come out right, he tries hard. I'm seeing some beautiful babies girls, good work.
  14. Congratulations Little Cow!

    CONGRATS!!! [Yay]
  15. Little Cow's Foal/calf Watch

    [Huggy] preggopotuumus' are beutimus LC [Huggy]
  16. Little Cow's Foal/calf Watch

    BUMP Any news? There's been no action on here since this morning. Is something happening?! Prayers!!! [Angel] Come safe Little Calf!!!
  17. My Lil Punkin Fell On His Noggin

    How many hours has it been? if it's been awhile let him rest for about 15mins then wake him up and make sure he's ok and then let him go back to sleep. Know any nurses you can ask???
  18. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    You have no idea, lol. They grew like weeds. Sean is walking on his own and Liam is crawling. They both have a fair amount of teeth. Lane puts his shoes on, talks well and is almost potty trained.
  19. Little Cow's Foal/calf Watch

    Animals know. My friend's dog followed me and guarded me just before I went into Preterm labor with my oldest. Take a hint from your animals, it will be soon. *hugs & prayers*
  20. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Here are the boys, doing great. Lane Sean & Liam
  21. Little Cow's Foal/calf Watch

    You're in my thoughts Little Cow, be safe. Happy & healthy delivery.
  22. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    The boys are doing wonderful, thank you for asking.
  23. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    What a beautiful girl. I have been lurking and couldn't help complimenting her. You must be so proud.
  24. Well Crud!here It Comes!she Is On Her Way Out!

    I'll be praying you all stay safe.