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  1. This is close to me. The local horse community is on it pretty good. I can't say much about AC. This same area has had several large hoarder seizures and they tend to be ignored. As in never make it to court. There are plenty of people watching and local rescue is involved. Hopefully the mare makes it.
  2. Southeastern Folks, Help With Donkey Transport?

    I can't transport but I can offer a holding place for a few days if needed. I am at the Fl/Ga line just North of Tallahassee and just west of Valdosta
  3. Rehoming / Giveaways For Critters

    2000 AQHA mare. Bay. I bought her in 2006 or 2007. She had a bay filly in 2008 by a bay stud. She was sold along with several others after the death of my husband. I found out late 2011 that she along with one other I sold to the same guy had been "donated" to a fake rehab place for kids. Turned out to be a large hoarder and thief. About 100 horses were seized from the hoarder. If you could identify horses you had previously owned you could get yours back if you wanted which I did. I adopted her out to a man who kept her about 6 months and then returned her. I can't afford more so she is available. I will want a contract to know she is in a good home and she can come back if needed. We know she rides but I call her green. Could use some work on her ground manners. Seems to be skittish about being caught. Not mean just stand offish. I can't get Photobucket to work. P.M. for FB info and you can see pics of her. Papers not in hand at this time. Waiting on a court order we should get in Jan.
  4. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    Thought I would update the two I had on HC. 2009 Filly Willow. She's the first one. Born early and got knocked kneed A few months ago in her new home. Legs are fine and she is under saddle. They do barrels 2010 colt that was the full brother to Willow. He is also probably the last foal born here. Papa's jewels are in retirement for a while ! Last week. Sent by his new owner who is going to make a barrel horse out of him too. Guess the cutting horse can run too. lol She measured him at 15.1 I can't believe how much some of the babies have grown !
  5. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    This site needs a "like" button for the posts made by the people that use common sense and don't live in a fairy tale world where all are responsible for what they do and care about their animals. H.U.A. in abundant. ( H.U.A. short for head up you know where
  6. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    I've noticed. I read a lot on here. It just takes a lot to make me post. This pushed my button
  7. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    I make a point not to post here much. But time for an exception. Blondy, do you really not know there are laws already in place ? And the people who tend to follow the law and also do right morally by their animals are already doing it? The problem is people who do what they want with no regard for the outcome. They don't care about morals or law. And when it is really hard to get those laws enforced the horses lose. So again which is more humane? Clean up the mess from the jerks that don't take responsibility for their actions or let the horses suffer a long slow death from starvation? Or do we get a place in each state so the horses will have a short ride and a quick end? Rescues are already full. Rescues are also running out of money to feed the ones they have already taken in. The big breeders who want to will continue to breed. The D.A. that wants 20 grade babies because they are "pretty colors" will continue. It's down to a choice. Send the ones to a local slaughter where there is no long ride and hopefully regulation or send them to Mexico. Or just let them drop in the field. Starving in a field is a lot more painful than a bolt to the head.
  8. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    I agree. Not so long ago I would have been the first one on the anti slaughter bus. Then I took in a horse here and one there that were not being fed. Fed them up and found a new home. I watched 2 horses next door for 3 years do without feed or hay. Owner had the money just didn't bother. I feed them when he let me out of my pocket. Then one went down from all the sand he ate trying to live. He spent a fortune on vets bill sold the other horse and gave me the sick one. That horse is now fat and happy in another state with a little girl who loves him to death. In the last 12 months the small county I live in has had two groups of horses totaling over 140 horses. Over 100 from the same person. 2 of these horses were mares I sold in 2009 after my husband died. The buyer ended up "donating " them to them for tax write offs to a hoarder pretending to have horses to rehab special needs kids. My mares are back here. Some were so starved they didn't make it. The local rescue is still cleaning up that mess while the hoarder is in Alabama doing it all over again. She is being watched and stopped when possible. It's all well and good to blame the BYB and make laws. The only people following the law aren't doing the crime in the first place. Reality is horses are staving every day. I would rather see a slaughter house in each state where an unwanted horse can take a short ride to instead of laying dead in a field with an empty belly or a long ride of torture
  9. Horse Rescue In Need Of Help

    The Draft has already gone to a new home. I think she did hoard fleas, roaches. mice. The barn she squatted on in Boston had clothes, bedding all kinds of garbage around it. Not to mention dead bodies. At least they are both back in jail for now anyway.
  10. I am posting this for a local rescue. In the last 10 days they have been part of a hoarder seizure involving almost 100 horses. Needless to say they were not prepared for that many at one time. I thought I would post here to help get to word out and hopefully get them much needed help. Many horses are in really bad shape. Some are in good shape. She was a selective hoarder. I found 2 horses I sold in 2008 there. They were donated to her by the person I sold them to. They are home with me now and will stay. I lucked out and mine are pretty good shape. Info for the rescue is at or Facebook Dancing Cloud Farms Horse Rescue . I hope the pics show up. edited for spelling
  11. Makes My Blood Boil

    40 horses were confiscated in my county this past week. They have been living on about an acre of a 3 acre home. The owners were only charged with misdemeaners. I went to the rescue who took them in today and took a few pics. Most are mini's with some mini/hackney crosses. I think there were 9 full size horses out of the 40. One has died. There is also a mini stud with a possible broken & heal wrong back leg and bad hock. Just no sense in this or pretty much getting away with it. Just burns my but. This same county just arrested 3 idiots for stealing bronze markers from veterans graves. They sold them for scrap. Good for the honest scrap buyer who thought something was wrong pieced together the markers and found a name. Looked it up and found out what cemetery if was from and called the police. 14 graves will have no marker for Veterans Day. My husband among them. Maybe it's time for me to move!
  12. Wanna See My 2 New Foster Babies?

    I haven't found pics of the mare yet. Looked up Golden Spanish. He would have been foaled when I was there or just after I left to go to another farm. Shortly after they had to sell off most of the horses due to money problems. Would explain why a S.Ga horse ended up so far north. I know Spam was 15 plus hands and the mare was a big ole yeller mare. She always had big babies. I have boxes of more old pics and I'm sure she's in one. They showed a lot of WP. and reining. and halter to round it out.
  13. Wanna See My 2 New Foster Babies?

    This is Spanish Surgery. Pic taken in the early 80's he was shown halter as a yearling then broke his shoulder slipping on ice in his turnout. never really sound again. kristie was a palomino right? I'm still looking for a pic of her. I remember working one of her fillies. Huge filly called lassie. They were all HUGE!
  14. Wanna See My 2 New Foster Babies?

    I know his g'grand sire & dam. used to work for them years ago. I have some old pics of Spanish Surgery aka Spam & probley kristie Jo Bars in the mares group. They will be old film pics from the early 80's. off to see what I can find