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  1. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    eeyore - I have that shirt!! got in a short ride at marquette on Sunday. I couldn't believe there wasn't more mud there after all the rain. But it was a great day to ride.
  2. 9 -day (shawnee Ntl. Forest) July 2009

    Eeyore - yep going down this year. I don't think our spots are close by, so NO midnight horse wake-up calls. Tell Indigo he'll have to visit others. But just in case, I'll leave a lantern on for him, or you!! I think I'll be going down on Friday early in the morning; I don't have to many vacation days left - so have to use them sparingly.
  3. 9 -day (shawnee Ntl. Forest) July 2009

    trails4me - where are you camping over Columbus Day Weekend? There are a few of us who will be at Bay Creek. I just love long weekends and Shawnee in the fall. Can't wait to get back down there. Trailhoss2 - thanks for sharing the pictures. Makes me almost wish it was October - NOT! [ROTFL]
  4. A Few Days In The Life Of Grouchy

    GG - totally awesome pictures and you do the country side you live in justice with them! I am so jealous. As always, thanks for sharing.
  5. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    TR - we rode out on the yellow through the campground - didn't make it to the, what I called the overflow day lot until almost If you were camping, we really didn't meet up with anyone from there. It was just me and another rider. I was on my TWH Silver (he's a black) and he was on a Foxtrotter. I think we rode every part of the trail. Got to see a momma dear and her baby - they were relatively brave. They didn't seem to want to move off the trail. I also caught a glimpse of One Huge Snapping turtle. It was on the side of the trails that has the real nice creek crossing by the overflow lot. I kept thinking it was a really "flat" rock - until it moved. Yikes! [shocked] If I head up there again, I will be sure to PM you. eeyore - hope you ride this weekend - I am taking this one off - have to help my brother shoot pictures of a wedding - and a ton of other family stuff. Maybe next weekend -
  6. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hey Trail Rider - You were up at Panther Creek? So was I! Just rode on Sunday for what was supposed to be just a couple of hours. We ended up riding from 10:30 - 4:30. Got off the horses for a few stops. Took some time to look at some of the vista's and then ate lunch at 5. LOL The weather was perfect! Wish I would have known you were going to be there, I might have finally met you instead of meeting in here. Hope everyone else's weekend was just as wonderful
  7. It's Rodeo Time

    These shots are awesome! Glad you got the camera working! Thanks for sharing
  8. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    checklist 1- coggins - done 2-trailer - done 3- shoes - on (both of us) 4- saddlebags - packed -done 5-cooler - at the ready 6- hay bags - at the ready 7 - WEATHER??????????? Can't wait to see everybody on the trails. I won't say that I'll hold my breath until I turn purple - I could be dead by the time the weather changes, but I have heard we might have some sunshine on Saturday. That might give us a 4 hour window. [Question] Welcome Suz!
  9. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sounds like the "hubby" is doing a great job on your trailer eeyore! so excited for you and I can't wait to see it. I am trying to plan ahead for some changes to mine, yes I know I haven't had it all that long, but there are just somethings that aren't working for me. So keep me informed about Bob's for cabinets, I might need to add one and add shelving to 2 of the ones' that I have. The rain today caused me to take almost 2 hours to go home. I want it to go away so that I can get some riding in this weekend without drowning in mud. I have a sinking feeling that this is a repeat of last springs start. I HOPE I am wrong.
  10. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hey eeyore, congrats on the new trailer. I took mine down on Saturday to have some maintenance and some new stuff added. Won't get it back for 2 weeks so I am just taking it easy with the riding. I finally got on Silver today - 8 weeks since I got to ride. The knee held up good - good thing I have a great surgeon. Can't wait to meet up on the trail somewhere! We will both be ready RIDE!
  11. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    I made it to the Fair - shopped till I wanted to die. Found most of the good bargains on Sunday. Missed seeing the rodeo, but heard it was a lot of fun. I didn't see you EEyore - sorry I missed you. Hung out with some friends who were selling horses. Kind of used it as a resting spot. Got home on Sunday and back to work. They tell me there is no rest for the wicked (LOL, I must have been really evil in a previous life). The knee held up really good, only 2 more weeks until I hope I am totally released. Then I can get back to riding. I did fall in love with a cute little Appy colt. I had to keep away from it. price was right, but I just don't have anywhere to keep him until he's ready for training. Someday!! Take care all.
  12. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    CodysAppy-let me know when you want to trail ride; a friend of mine lives down your way so maybe you could horsey pool! [Jump] Greensfelder is close for you too! Eeyore - I see the doctor Thursday for the second post-op check up - he is just going to have to listen to me when I tell him I have to be able to ride by the second weekend of April. some of us are heading to the Ozark Trail for a few days. I figure I will be riding in a knee brace this summer - that should feel real good in this Missouri valley humidity! Silver is supposed to be getting his shots, coggins etc sometime in the next 2 weeks so he will be ready to ride before me. I hate when that happens. Take care all - see ya on the trails - whenever I get there. Save me a spot for parking!
  13. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hey there Eyeore! Long time since I've been on. Work is crazy. I am so excited Wolf is opening. Can't wait to get a weekend up there. Heading up to the fair this weekend to see if I can find anything on my shopping list. I want to see if I can get into the gaited clinic on Saturday to see what it's all about. I got out to the barn Sunday - I haven't been able to drive since my surgery and I finally got sort of released so I had to go and get some barn time. Can't ride for awhile yet, but it was just good to get up there. Kim and Nick got a new trailer a couple of weeks ago - so they are really getting excited to camp, camp and camp. Are you going up to the fair any of the days? I heard the weather is supposed to be half way decent so maybe it'll be a great get together! Silver does go with water crossings, it's the mud he can't stand - Last summer he actually led a group over a nice size creek, water running nice and smooth; 20 feet later would cross a mud puddle. All I could do was laugh!!
  14. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    I think he got them at Walmart last season, like me. I have also seen those charis at Bass Pro and Cabela's. More pricey there though. Have a ton of fun in TXs. I will miss going there. My job realigned and no more travel to TX for me. Darn, I ain't gonna find a cowboy there anymore. You'll have to do the looking for me - K?
  15. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    eeyore - sounds like you have had a couple of fun nights watching your "kids". I have decided that I really hate Illinois weather. But since the only places I would consider moving to have had even more ice - I guess I'll stay put. Got out to the barn a couple of nights this week. Usually a 20 minute drive turned into an adventure. Silver was acting like a crazy man in the paddock. Took me 15 minutes to get him inside to the stall. Oh well, I needed the exercise. I hope to get the horse fair, as long as I don't have to travel the week before. I heard the same thing about the new Gov. Thank heavens the other one is out! I want spring weather and I want it now! Talk to you all soon!