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  1. Abondoned Paint Ponies... Update Pic's Of Ponies

    I am in the Ft Lupton area, send me a PM where these ponies are at. I might not get your message if you send it after 3 today until MOnday. Sure hope you see this before I leave my computer for the day!!
  2. Sage Is Six Today (* Picture Heavy *)

    Beautiful! Happy Birthday Sage! Fly spray- The only thing that I have found that works is Pyrannah. I don't think I spelled that correctly!!?? It is stinky, but it works!
  3. Ulcer Issues

    I have a gelding that we suspect has ulcers. I have not him scoped(don't have the $500 to do it)but he shows all the signs. Every now and then he will go off his feed. He did this 2 weeks ago, wasn't acting colicy, but was not interested in eating. WIth as fat as he is, him not showing an interest in food is a big sign! Anyway, I have come to find out that if I add anything to his diet that has Flax in it, it irriates his ulcers. He goes off feed, and is just "not right". I have a supply of Gastro Guard, or is it Ulcer Guard(I ALWAYS get them confused) on hand from my vet. That will normally pull him out and make him feel better and eat again. The couple of times that I HAVE had to call my vet, we do not give him Banamine, as it will mask his symptoms for about 20 minutes and he is right back to where he was, so we do accupuncture on him. Within about 15 minutes, he is acting normal and acting like he hasn't been fed in weeks. This episode 2 weeks ago, I also pulled his blankets and started massaging the points where my vet sticks the needles, and within about 10 minutes of me massaging, he started eating. This past summer, I bought a load of Teff grass hay. Everyone else switched over ok to it. I normally gradually switch from one feed to another over a 2 week period. After feeding this gelding a handful to a half of flake over a week's period, he started acting off so I pulled him off of it and bought some Brome grass. Does anyone else have issues with Flax being fed to a horse that has ulcers? I am just curious. This gelding is on grass and alfalfa, daily wormer, joint supplement(he's an older heading horse)with a probiotic. thanks!
  4. Its great to hear that, isn't it!!?? I hope she is ok!! Something that I do when one of my guys does something like this, and it is normally in the cold weather. I have a few bags of frozen veggies in my freezer that are for the horses only. I put the frozen bag on wherever there is swellling, heat or what ever, and wrap. I will do this while they are eating as they normally will leave it alone and eat so it stays on for 20-30 minutes. Update us on how she is doing when you ahve a chance!
  5. I had a bumper sticker made up years ago that I put on my trailer- It was a cartoon looking horse with an evil grin on his face, tail up and pooping. Below it, it said, If you get any closer, I will poop on your hood! I have since sold that trailer and need to get another one made up. I had it made it by a guy up at Cheyenne Frontier Days but don't remember their name!! (
  6. Need A Way Of Slowing Her Trot Down

    I know that when I don't see my chiro on a regular basis(like now!), my hips go out of whack. This REALLY affects my riding and I have one horse that is so sensitive to my body language when I am riding him, he will actually get a little pissy with me. Once I am riding him good and center, he is happy as a duck in water.
  7. Tag: You're It

    First thing I thought of? That is one pissed off Parelli horse!!! Also reminded me of a horse chasing a dog around its pen! And, NOT for playing either!
  8. Snow Pictures

    I would share snow pictures, but WE DON'T GET SNOW IN COLORADO!! (
  9. Snow Pictures

    Beautiful!! And, BTW, you can NEVER overload us with pics!!! hint, hint!! )
  10. Those Of You Out East, Digging Out?

    JET247-Where on LI are you? I was born and raised in Deer Park. I am in Colorado now, and all my friends out here are asking if I miss LI with all the snow you guys are getting! I just wish that WE were geting the storm that you guys received!!! The problem with the heavy snows out on the Island is that, at least where I lived, it was hilly. We also always got freezing rain before the snow hit, so that made it even worse. With the humidity in the air, 30 degrees in NY felt like below zero in Colorado. It jsut chilled you all the way to the bone.
  11. Life Can't Get Any Worse!

    I am so, so sorry for all that you are going through. HUGS
  12. Angel Needs Some Hc Jingles

    Prayers coming your way!! I hope she is doing better today. I second the4 IV bag idea!! My shoer did that for one of my geldings when he abcessed. Ir eally thought he was going freak out when he put it on him, but he didn't and it was SO much easier to soak than holding the darned bucket! I kept him tied up though as I wasn't sure just how strong those bags were and really wasn't sure how he would respond walking around in it.
  13. One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

    Mudder, I am so, so sorry to hear about this. What a handsome boy! Hugs!!
  14. I've Had It With You People Pics Added

    I am still waiting for snow here in Colorado!!! We are supposed to get about half an inch, I think tonight? Can you send more than that please????
  15. I've Had It With You People Pics Added

    Mudder- Quit being so damned selfish and SHARE that snow!! Here in Colorado, we are in such a bad drought, the ground has cracks in it that are about an inch wide!! Send it here, send it here!! PPLLLEEAAASSSEEEE! But, not the freezing stuff, ok? Just the moisture!! 60 and rain would be great!!! But I will take what you send!