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  1. "Oh..hmm.", Adrian looked up quickly at Kemen then back to her doodling. She smiled inside because he was avalible. Adrian would just have to wait for him to make the first move, that was if he wanted her.
  2. "Yeah. So what about you? Do you have a girlfriend?", Adrian asked pulling out the notebook and pen. She started to doodle as the conversation started to dwinddle.
  3. Adrian looked at Kemen and laughed her eyes lighting up. "Clearly. Yeah, its in my jewlry box.", she admitted with a sheepish grin.
  4. Arian cocked her head to the side, resting a cheek on her hand. "For about a year. He gave me a promise ring..guess he thought it would last.", she started to bite her lower lip. Adrain always got nervous talking about exs.
  5. "I don't know. I guess he can't move on. Guess hes clinging to some hope that I want him back.", Adrain chuckled. "Fat Chance.", she snorted looking into Kemens eyes.
  6. "That would be my ex. He has been bothering me ever since we broke up.", Adrian groaned. She really wish that he would get a life and forget about her. Adrain looked up at Kemen smiling at him weakly. She liked Kemen a lot, but what if he didn't like the bothersome ex.
  7. Eternally Bound

    Blue sat on the curb like every other female, that she just met did. Crossing her long legs she waited still for the brothers to get back. Blue cocked her head to see the new guy, Alex standing there with no emotion showing. A cold shiver racked her body, and she had to advert brown eyes away. Blue didn't like him one bit.
  8. Adrian listened to what Kemen said, nodding in agreement. "I bet you will live though Kemen.", she assured him. Looking around Adrian noticed that people where filling the court yard and kitchen. Shuffling through her bag, Adrain pulled out her cell. She had a new text message but it was from her ex-boyfrined. Sighing, Adrian threw the device into her bag again.
  9. Eternally Bound

    Blue stood there with her blue eyes huge. She just didn't understand what the heck was going on. Another new vampire, who was a brother, talking about trouble. What did this all mean? Sighing loudly, Blue folded her arms across her chest. Blue would wait for James to get back, then he would have to tell her what was going down. -- Alex stood there without any expression. He knew who was coming unlike everybody else.
  10. Eternally Bound

    Blue slightly grimaced when James somewhat accepted they guy in, she didn't like this new vampire at all. She wasn't the girl to be so swift to judgement, but he did just pop out of nowhere scaring the crud out of everybody. Looking at James, Blue weakly smiled. Would they ever hang out one on one? -- Alex nodded, accepting the idea that he was just part of the group but not entirely. "That is fine with me. I have learned to wait.", he said as a shadow of darkness clouded his eyes. Blinking quickly the darkness faded and Alexs rare brown eyes were back in focus.
  11. [[Oh, alright.]] Bic: Erik arrived at the train station just in time, or a little after time. He was late...again. Sighing to himself, his dazzling blue eyes looked down at Cheza. She was sitting like a good little wolf dog as muggles passed by staring at her. "Come on girl, we are late. People are staring at me since I'm in my robes.", Erik spoke softly to his girl as the continued to walk. Looking down at a pale hand that held some information, Erik found the wall he was suppose to be at. Air filled his lungs as he clutched to Chezas leash as wind rushed and whistled screamed. They had made it past to wall, and Erik was in shock. "Wow, thats something you never get use to.", he said now jogging to the train. Leaving bags beside it, a man stowed them away. The train was in the same condition with its red carpet, and black seats. Erik missed Hogwarts so much, and was ready to be back home. Taking a seat in one of the cars, Cheza settled herself against his feet. [[Not that great, but I'm tired. Going to bed, be on tomorrow.]]
  12. [[Oh Gosh! I'm so so so sorry. I totally forgot about this. Bad me. Where should I start out at??]]
  13. Eternally Bound

    "Nice to meet you too, Whitley.", Blue responded with a soft smile. Once she thought their conversation was over, Blue looked back at the boys to see what was going on with them. --- Alex looked between the two vampires that he assumed were brothers. "I came to seek family. A pod or clan to be with. Living on my own has been hard. I saw your..er..clan and thought maybe you would take me in.", he explained clearly using his hands every once in awhile.
  14. Adrain looked at Kemen with a soft smile, she understood how roommates went. "Well, atleast you don't have to permamantly live with them.", she joked stuffing her things in a camo-green canvas bag. Adrain pulled on her black tank that hugged all of her curves, making it cover the tan skin peeking out from the hem.
  15. Eternally Bound

    Alex looked at the guy, and nodded. "Yes, I have always lived alone.", he spoke the words even though he had already nodded. Hands still in Alexs skinny jeans pockets, he rocked on his heels. ----- "Oh sorry, I just assumed you were speaking to me. I'm Blue.", the gorgeous girl smiled softly. Meeting new people was not Blues forte, so to ease her nerves, she started to chew her lower lip.