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  1. Teaching A Reluctant Horse To Allow Unsedated Sheath Cleaning

    Just saying you might want it to be the exception to the rule. If it ain't broke....
  2. Teaching A Reluctant Horse To Allow Unsedated Sheath Cleaning

    Don't do it! I have been saying this for years, and there now seems to be more and more published medical experts that are agreeing with me. A normal, healthy ****** and sheath is supposed to have a population of good bacteria. This good bacteria helps control the bad bacteria. Washing this away upsets the balance of power. Washing can dry the skin causing cracking which opens the door for infection. Sometimes what we think looks "icky" is the way it is supposed to be.
  3. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    Old? Someone calling me old? LOL, oh, ok... maybe right on a couple levels.
  4. Horse Pulls Hard When Lunging

    I believe it depends on the results that you want. Why are you longeing your horse? If you are an eventer, then dressage is important, so you might want to stay away from rope halters and chains. It sounds like there are basic respect issues, though, and these should be addressed on the lead line before you begin work on the longe. True/classic longeing is not running your horse around in small circles with a change of direction every 2 or 3 times around. Done correctly, longeing builds balance, muscle, relaxation - just to name a few. Done incorrectly, it builds splints, bulging bracing bottom necks, hollow backs, torqued joints, fried brains... Take a few steps back and start again.
  5. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    You're all just whining cuz you miss me....
  6. Connecting Between Your Leg And Your Hand

    I understand this to mean that the drive and impulsion that you create with your legs, driving the horse forward from the hindquarters, does not make it all the way to the rider's hands - i.e. the horse's mouth and thus back to the rider's hands. A horse can have a headset where the face is vertical but there is no drive, no push, no collection and the horse will be heavy on the forehand. Different disciplines treat this connection differently. LOL Want to debate whether western pleasure horses are truly collected? Unless I am showing or riding in such in a way that I deliberately do not want contact, I want to keep my legs connected to my hands as I am continually working to develop my horse's topline and thus his ability to achieve self carriage.
  7. Archive

    duh.... found it. Had to remember how to use Search Topic properly
  8. Archive

    Looking for a very old discussion on the pros and cons (mostly cons) of the tom thumb bit. I believe Bumper did most of the "talking". Can anyone help me find it???
  9. At What Point Is A Horse A 'master'?

    ditto what kiss said, but across all disciplines. western riding, hunt seat, saddle seat - everyone can benefit from a schoolmaster
  10. Damned If You Do Damned If You Dont

    What I miss, what I miss?????.... oh - nothing carry on
  11. Independent Seat?

    Dang, Cat! I could FEEL the cadence in your trot picture. Excellent equitation, too!
  12. An Eye For An Eye...

    Man, you guys are mean. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  13. California Possible Ban On Big Screen Tvs?

    What will Big Brother control next? hmmmmm....
  14. Terribly Wrong Or Just Funny?

    I did not pay any attention (well, not much) to the last OJ silliness. I agree that what he did was wrong - in the use of the gun. Someone fill me in on the facts; were those his things or not???? I think perhaps they made more of it than it was....