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  1. Ipad For Horses

    Too cute.
  2. Look What I Bought!

    Congrats on the new trailer! You're going to LOVE just being able to load up and go, so much freedom!
  3. No More Best Friends For Kids?

    This is so weird... so they'll be hanging out in large groups, the less popular ones will still feel excluded and akward because they know the other kids are only accepting them for the moment because the adults say so. Where has the common sense gone in our world? Parents are trying to protect their kids from everything nowadays, how are kids supposed to learn by trial and error and to be creative if mom and dad are always watching over them and not letting them try new things because it "might" be dangerous.
  4. 3-Way Or 5-Way Wormer ?

    I would ask your vet for the specific recomendation for your area of the country. Many times it will not be the same as the prepackaged kits you can buy. Also, a fecal as somebody else suggested.
  5. Giving Your Own Shots.

    Thanks, I don't really know how it got on there 3 times, then I couldn't figure out how to delete it. :)
  6. Chicken Pot Pie Recipes?

    I couldn't find one I liked so I made one up. 2 pie crusts (I use pre-made) 1 small diced onion 2 T butter 1.5 c frozen mixed veggies 2 c. shredded chicken 1 can cream of chicken 1.5 c frozen diced potatoes pepper salt garlic powder chicken seasoning thyme I melt the butter in a large fry pan, then saute onions 5-7 minutes until tender. Then I throw in the potatoes and cook until they're a bit brown or according to package directions. Add everything else once the potatos are done except the pie crusts of course. You just want to make sure everything is nice and warm/hot before putting the filling into the pie crust. If you want a little thinner gravy add a bit of chicken stock or milk at this stage too. Put one pie crust in the pie pan (I use a large ceramic one, this might be too much filling if using a standard tin one,) pour in filling and cover with the second pie crust. Cut slits in the top and bake per package instructions.
  7. Giving Your Own Shots.

    Does anybody here give their own shots instead of having the vet do it? If so, where do you buy them and are the savings worth it? I'd have to check my vet history but I think I usually do a 4 or 5-way and West Nile. I live in Wisconsin. I would still have the vet pull coggings and check teeth in case they need to be done. Any thoughts on this?
  8. New Fad Or The Next "in" Thing

    Hum, interesting....
  9. $540 Million

    I'm way too frugal to go crazy, but I would definitely buy maybe 40 acres and build a nice barn and huge indoor and outdoor arenas and have awesome paddocks/fields for the horses. We're a family of 4 with 2 horses, so I would add a couple more horses and of course a bigger truck & trailer with living quarters so we could spend time camping and traveling. My hubby would insist on dirtbikes for everybody and some trails on the property, that would be cool. Then I would build a beautiful log cabin and have a maid to clean it! I'd love to pay of my families' houses and cars for them and pay for anybody that wants to go to college. My charities of choice would probably all be animal-related. I think I like animals more than people. LOL
  10. New To Herb And Vegetable Gardening

    I just have a small deck on my apartment and I planted a jalepeno plant last year. Oh my gosh, I think we got over 20 jalepenos from that one plant over the summer and early fall. That was plenty for us and it was very easy to grow. I also had a strawberry plant that I'm hoping does better this second year. I wish I had more room, I'd plant lots of lettuce and carrots and corn. Love some fresh sweet corn! I also did Thyme, rosemary and chives in small pots, just brought them inside when it got colder.
  11. Why Don't They Make Jeans Like They Used To?

    Try finding good jeans (let alone jeans for riding) when you're a Plus size, even more frustrating! I have two pair of western jeans that are supposed to be cut for riding. Both are labeled as "boot cut" but the bottoms are HUMONGUS! They cover my entire foot and slide under my boot when walking. I had to safety-pin the leg openings to make them narrower so I at least have a chance of keeping them somewhat clean at the barn. Now they're all puffy around the bottom. If I ever get ambitious I suppose I could taper them from the knee down by hand-sewing. They probably need hemming too for a better lenght. Ick. I've looked and haven't even seen any for sale that are straight-leg, which I would prefer over the crap I have. Oh well, I've found that I prefer riding in English breeches and 1/2 chaps most of the time anyway. Much more comfortable.
  12. Ticks! Help!

    If you look at the ingredients in Equi-Spot fly control (for flies, Gnats, mosquitos and ticks) the active ingredient is Permethrin at 45% strength. It's 11.99 for 3 tubes. Repel-X is Pyrethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide & Permethrin for active ingredients. 9.99 for 32 oz. These are pretty much the same active ingredients for all fly and tick fluids with verying strenths between products. I save a bunch of $ every year by getting a quart of the Country Vet Permethrin 13.3% concentrate from Stateline Tack or Country Supply. 17.99 for the quart and with 2 horses it will usually last me the whole summer. I spray 2-3 times per week. For ticks I use a sponge or paper towel and apply product straight from the bottle (no dilution) in lines all over their belly and really well between the hind legs. A few other places like along their back and on the rump is also a good idea. I try not to put it where they could normally reach while they're scratching. I have very few ticks when using this method. For flies I have one of those quart pump sprayers from the garden section. I put about 1-2 oz in, fill-er up with water and spray on everywhere. Those sprayers are so nice, no more tired trigger fingers! If I have a brush handy I'll brush it in so it's not just laying on top of their coats. It seems to work about as well as any other product out there as far as I can tell.
  13. Question About Saddle Care

    I wouldn't. I'd grab something from the tack store specifically made for saddles. That said, for quick touchups I've been known to use the leather wipes from the auto aisle, they're way cheaper than the ones sold for saddles. That's basically just getting the dust off my western saddle though, not a deep cleaning or conditioning.
  14. Swayback?

    LOL - don't blame you! What about crossties and a couple of long sticks? Or just shoot her in the butt with the cold water.
  15. No Show No Call Vet, Incorrect Paperwork

    Smoke, you're completely right in asking for advice on here. You have no control over how people answer your question. I'm sure vets could tell us some stories to make our jaws drop about aweful clients they've had too! My 2 cents.... like a couple others have said I would address the situation directly with him. If you're uncomfortable doing it face-to-face, write or email him expressing that you're appreciative of your good relationship/care in the past but you're concerned about the service you've been given this year. Explain that your time is valuable too, and it's unprofessional on his part to not return calls in a timely manner, especially without a reasonable explanation. Of course, he could've just told you he forgot because the reason was personal and he didn't want to discuss his personal business with you. I would specifically state that you hope to continue using his services but if you have this lack of communication in the future you'll be moving your business elsewhere. Then do that if he's a no call/no show again. I'd give him one more chance after you communicate with him, then dump him if he's still not reliable.