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  1. Barrel Run Critique.

    Look everyone, I took the criticism until most of you started going overboard. I said it wasn't our day. I did take some of the things that I have to work on, like getting up and out of the saddle (mine is a little too big so I fly around), and supposedly "pushing him more". I'm also running this friday without the whip. Although somethings we normally do, but we just weren't as clicky in that run as we normally are. This horse can move off my leg, side pass, and arc his ribcage fine. Like my reins for example, they were really short, and I could have lengthened them, but it didn't cross my mind to check if they were right as I washed them the night before and changed the spacing (No clue why). I know that I have problems with taking criticism and when I read this, I wasn't in the perfect mood. But, I've read everything you all said, and I'm going to work on it. No more posts, please.
  2. Barrel Run Critique.

    I have the tack. My other saddle pad, ripped. This was the only one that fit him good, it's just that he's a small horse, and it made the saddle seem higher up.
  3. Barrel Run Critique.

    He was checked by a vet a week before. He lost the shoe THAT day. If you're such a good rider, post your own videos. Don't go critiquing everything just because a horse is running 1D!
  4. Barrel Run Critique.

    Well, the reins, I know they need to be lengthened. I didn't know they were so short until I got on, and had to go in. As far as running in, the timer is close to the chute, and with him, he'll flip if you hold him back. As far as moving around in the saddle so much, it's about a 15 1/2 when I need to be in a 14 1/2. And you NEED a whip on him. 2nd-3rd, he'll shut down on you. And the saddle pad I had that day didn't work well with my saddle, so I couldn't get up and out of the saddle to push him that hard. But he isn't a long strided horse, and it's his and my first year, so I'm going to take SOME of the criticism.
  5. Barrel Run Critique.

    We had a vet check him and said he fine to run, and we duct taped his foot.
  6. I Need Help...

    Maybe try getting her a goat or miniature pony to stay with her to keep her company? If she'll come out of it being able to walk, and won't be in any pain, don't put her down, but if it's going to stick with her, then think about it.
  7. Barrel Run Critique.

    The first has always been our problem barrel. He runs into it so hard it's like he just doesn't want to shut down. We do need to work on that. I do kiss to him and I'm pushing him all the way. The more you talk to him, he really becomes un-focused. And I look up right after we complete the turn lol. So I don't know what you mean by working on that. Thanks for the criticism though!
  8. Barrel Run Critique.

    So Ice is back from the two weeks off that the vet ordered after he fell in quads at the last Gymkhana, and messed up his back. BUT, that day he also got 2nd in the 1D for barrels. So I was wondering if you guys could critique it (And be nice, he was sore that day from the Colonial Nationals (Jumped out of a stall))!
  9. Need Help Buying A Saddle.

    My saddle has little space by his withers. He fell and injured his back, so now I have to use a thicker pad to help him out. With the thinner pads, the space doesn't show as much on the back, but when I use my classic equine esp pad, it does. There aren't any western tack shops out here, but I am thinking about finding one, calling them up, and asking them if I could bring Ice there to try the saddle on, since we just bought a horse trailer. I have a saddle by American Saddlery, and it works, but its' just cheaply made. Tomorrow, I'll try that, RFL. I just need to find the powder first. I went to the SaddleShop's website and printed out a few forms. I know the charmayne james saddle was HUGE on him, as there was little space, and there were no sweat marks near the top of the pad after riding.
  10. Need Help Buying A Saddle.

    Here's a few pictures of him, if it helps at all. There's definitely nothing huge about him, but for a normal strided horse, his speed is the "hugest" thing about him lol. So from anyones view point, does he look to have a "semi qh" back?
  11. Need Help Buying A Saddle.

    Here's a few pictures of him, if it helps at all. There's definitely nothing huge about him, but for a normal strided horse, his speed is the "hugest" thing about him lol. So from anyones view point, does he look to have a "semi qh" back?
  12. Need Help Buying A Saddle.

    Well my saddle always shows space underneath it when it's on him, and I've tried many different saddle pads. How can I find the gullet width or his bar angles? My saddle has regular bars, and it just doesn't feel right at all.
  13. Need Help Buying A Saddle.

    Well most saddles under that price are. I said Triple Creeks are nice. Don't change my words around, tyvm.
  14. Need Help Buying A Saddle.

    I've recently discovered that my saddle fits my horse Ice very very badly. My saddle is a cheap one from American Saddlery, but it fit my mare great, but not Ice. I don't really have a limit on it as far as I can spend, as he is my #1 Barrel horse, and he needs to have a saddle that fits him, so I'm looking for a NICE saddle and by nice I mean Stingray or Gator seat, lots of tooling, nice saddle, etc. I tried out a Charmayne James saddle on him, and that must have been the worst thing for ME since I fell in love with it, but it didn't fit him, at all. I'm getting the forms from triple creek, but I'd love to hear suggestions on brands that make semi qh bar saddles! Thanks
  15. A Day At The Fair...not Good

    My mare has done the same thing. She's had killer runs at home, and then at shows, she'll pull stuff like trying to "run into" the second barrel, because she's more focused on things outside the arena. If I had my own trailer, I'd get there an hour earlier than needed, and just walk her around on the ground, and on top of her, letting her see the whole area. Plus, make sure you get a bunch of warm up runs, even if you just walk them, and let her see the arena!