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  1. Obama "care"

    I've heard it said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result. The GOP tried to repeal the ACA 41 times and failed, they appealed it all the way to the Supreme Court and failed and now they have resorted to extortion to get their way and they will still fail. Seems they meet the definition of insanity.
  2. "child Exchange"

    Has she gone back to DHS and asked for the adoption to be set aside? If she does that then child support can stop. She is probably drawing a subsidy from those adoptions or the children are getting SSI or both. If that is the case we do ask for the amount of the subsidy to be paid back to the state as child support, the same for SSI. The state is not going to give you money to take care of kids that you don't have, especially when they are back in state custody and the state is paying for them. Blondy, I am amazed by your psychic abilities. In addition to knowing when a child will be born severly disabled do you also pick lottery numbers? You do know, don't you, that most mental disabilities and illnesses don't show up in utero? What are people supposed to do when the child they dreamed of turns out not to be perfect? Honestly, the things you say.
  3. Putting Special Needs Kids In Main Stream School

    And you know this how? Actually there are a number of options for disabled children/adults. There are assisted living type situations where the individuals live in apartments with a minimum supervision, there are group homes, there are specialized foster homes that will continue to take care of them even when they are adults, there are programs to help their families take care of them. Very few wind up in state facilities, usually them most severly handicapped which require care similar to a nursing home.
  4. Poland Wants To Outlaw *kosher* Slaughter

    I believe the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the surrounding Muslim nations has more to do with property than with religious differences. The Muslim nations and the Palestinian people resent Israel because they see them as usurpers. Not to mention the Israelis treatment of the Palestinians is pretty heinous seeing as how the Palestinians have as much right, historically, to that part of the world. If the Israelis would agree to share Israel with the Palestinians or work out some way to give the Palestinians there own country, then things might work out. But I don't think the Israelis know the meaning of the word compromise.
  5. "child Exchange"

    This is true. There are often legitimate reasons to give someone the authority to take care of your kids while you are incapacitated. You can get a legal guardianship but those are somewhat complicated. I have seen these DIY custody agreements fairly often. We (my agency) take the position that such agreements aren't legal unless they have been issued by the courts. That's not exactly true. In Arkansas, you can set aside an adoption with no repercussions on an adoptive parent if they have "exhausted all necessary means to preserve the parent/child relationship". So you can give up an adoptive child if you have done counseling, residential treatment, etc. and nothing has worked. It seems that most of this "rehoming" involves foreign adoptions. I don't have a great deal of experience in foreign adoptions. I know that in adoptions done through my agency (Ark. Dept. of Human Services) the adoptive parents must go through a home study that includes state and federal background checks and about 6 weeks of classes. The adoption consultant tries to match a child with parents who are capable of meeting the child's needs. We are required to disclose all medical, mental and behavioral problems that we are aware the child may have. Then the child has to be in the home for 6 months before the adoption is final. For special needs children there are subsidies designed to help adoptive parents to meet the child's needs. These can be things like financial assistance, tax breaks, Medicare, etc. People who do private or foreign adoptions do not have this kind of disclosure or support system. The article also talked about ICPC and how it was supposed to prevent those kinds of custody transfers. That isn't true. ICPC only applies when an agency sends a child across state lines for purposes of treatment, adoption or foster care. It doesn't apply to parents sending their child across state lines.
  6. Pj In Public?

    My dad is 85, wears Depends pull ups and has limited mobility. Getting "regular" clothes on him is a real pain. So I bought him some nice pajama pants and matching tee shirts. He wears those to Dr. appointments and when we go out to eat at a local casual restaurant. I've looked for men's casual pants with elastic waistbands and can't find any. He does have some jeans and shirts for dressier occasions but mostly just wears the pajama pants and tees. Like someone else said,they look like plaid pants.
  7. George Zimmerman Not Guilty

    Yes, but then again Token, you believe that Michael Jackson isn't dead too.
  8. Not Every Thing Can Be "trained"

    I disagree. I think you can judge temperment and determine which horses have the potential to make good kid horses and which are hotter, more reactive and so are doubtful as kid horse prospects. For example, I recently sold two POAs, a green broke gelding and a 2 year old filly. I think both of them have the potential to make great kid horses with proper training. Both were quiet, calm, friendly, non reactive ponies. Yes, they did need further training but they had the right temperment for a child/beginner pony. No horse is born a kid horse, its a combination of temperment and training. I currently have a 2 year old POA x haflinger that I think will also make a great kid horse as she also has a calm, quiet, non reactive temperment and is pretty much unflappable. She just needs the proper training.
  9. Personally, I think there are two things you shouldn't spend a ton of money on, weddings and funerals. I just don't see the point. I occasionally catch a little of the Platinum Weddings show and I just can't believe what these people are spending on weddings. I mean, you could buy a very nice house for what these folks are spending on essentially a party. I believe weddings should be for close friends and family, not an occasion to invite everyone and their dog in the hopes of getting lots of presents. You're married whether you go to the JP at the courthouse or have a multimillion dollar extravaganza.
  10. Are you talking about a program like Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) or a genuine guardian ad litem program? We have CASA in our area. The volunteers sort of act like the eyes and ears of the court. They attend staffings, visit the kids in their foster care placements and sometimes visit with the parents. They then report back to the court at hearings and are occasionally called upon to testify. Some really get into it, others spend a minimal amount of time. Guardian ad litems, as I understand it, have more responsibility than CASAs. They actually represent the child in court, can call and question witnesses. In my area, we have attorney ad litems that are licensed attorneys who are appointed to represent children.
  11. So they are getting rid of the kitties because they are acting like kitties but they are replacing them with a puppy? I've had kittens and I've had puppies and believe me a puppy's behavior is 10x harder to deal with than a kittens. Don't get me wrong I love both my dogs and my cats and have dealt with all of their growing pains. Its just what you do when you have kids and/or pets. Are they going to rehome daughter when she gets to be a teen and has teenage PITA behavior? Not to mention why do they have to get rid of the kittens because they are getting a puppy. I have 5 indoor cats and 4 indoor dogs and everybody gets along reasonably will with a reasonable amount of management.
  12. Those Of You Who Know Orlie

    If he does have dementia, then its doubtful that he will cooperate with home health or that they will provide enough services to really help him. IME, they only come in a few hours a day, provide light house keeping, bathing, etc. The nurse comes a couple of times a week for vital signs, etc. Even though you are working with the VA, I'd still call the hotline or your local DHS office and talk to your APS consultant. They can help you walk through medicaid and all the other bureaucracy.
  13. Those Of You Who Know Orlie

    Oz, you're in Arkansas, right? The Adult Protective Services' hotline number is 1-800-482-8049. Call a report in unless the hospital has done it already.
  14. Actually we have had investigations on morbidly obese kids who had medical issues like diabetes whose parents refused or were incapable of following the doctor's orders regarding diet and medical care. It's called medical neglect.
  15. Well Im In A Pickle

    If you weren't married at the time the child was concieved or born, the BF is only a putative father, unless he signed an affidavit of paternity at the hospital. A name on a birth certificate doesn't mean anything. In order to be considered a legal father, BF either has to have been married to you, have a DNA test done to determine paternity or signed an affidavit of paternity after the child was born, usually at the hospital at the time of birth. If he has done none of those things and has not established a bond with the child or paid any support, then he probably doesn't have any legal rights to the child therefore his parents have no rights to the child. Check your state's laws to make sure. For child support, if you get any assistance from the state to help take care of your child such as food stamps or medicaid, then the state will go after BF for child support. It doesn't matter whether he is working or not, they will impute his income as 40 hours/week at minimum wage. If you do not cooperate with the state to help get a child support proceeding started, they will cut off your state benefits.