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    take a guess..........
  1. Event! With Pics.

    anyone else?
  2. Event! With Pics.

    We went to Erie Hunt and Saddle Club HT. he was a good boy.... critique if you wish!
  3. Xc Schooling - Vids & Pics

    wow you guys look great!
  4. Dressage

    TOTALLY OFF TOPIC!!! hey mars, do you know someone named Allison Park by any chance?
  5. Dressage

    hey i made muffins!!!!! i wouldn't mind sharing!!!
  6. Dressage

    haha no kidding!!!
  7. Lesson Pictures!

    i will take a look! plus congrats on the trainer!!!! thats great!!!
  8. Dressage

    hunter princess [Not Worthy]
  9. since when did you change diexie's name?

  10. A Situation.....

    thanks guys..... As for selling her.... I dont want to but we cant pay that kind of money for 3 horses at our barn. she will be such a great little kids pony once she bombproof lol
  11. Dressage

    ok well generally people walk their course 3x EVERY TIME you go do cross country. Heck some people even run it after the 3x of walking it.... My trainer encourages that kind of behavior. you should be able to ride that course with your eyes closed and backwards!!! The one fence you let her go long on will be the one you guys will flip or crash on and no1 wants that for you and your mare. The whole release thing.... there is a difference between giving up control and allowing their horse to use themselves properly. You might think that some riders aren't releasing but they are! they just dont let the horse control everything but allow enough rein so the horse can stretch over the fence. Granted there are some people who do catch their horse's mouth.... and could you do me 1 thing.... Please sit up....
  12. A Situation.....

    ok so my family has a pony that was to be my little brother's first pony but she turned out to be high strung and needed a consistant workout. Well now i am working with her and she is an AWESOME little jumper, she just takes time to settle down. Well we took her out for the first time to a xc schooling day and she was AMAZING!!!!! (did the water and brush and tiny banks!) The problem is, is that i need to decide if i want to sell her as an event pony or hunter. I am hoping to show her until fall then sell her. She has the class for a hunter but the jump and bravery for an event pony. Any input would be great........ Sierra jumping sierra on the flat
  13. ?

    ok lets try this..... sierra jumping Sierra on the flat SULLY!!!! comments if you wish
  14. ?

    how do you post a pic.?
  15. ?

    Ahhhhh i can't figure this new HC out!! i think it sucks......