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    I am studying Equine Production and Management. My interests are horses, FFA, fourwheelers, hunting, and fishing.
  1. Does Anyone Want To Be Friends On Facebook?

    Anyone can add me! Only reason I keep a FB is because of horse people!! I'm Kelly Lambert.
  2. Taking A Huge Leap! Moving To Ky!

    I live in West Virginia but I live in the eastern panhandle. If you want a great horse friend, my friend lives in Wyoming County, West Virginia, in Oceana. Her name is Randi Kenneda. She does boarding, training and hosts shows at her house. She's a great person. I'm pretty sure she's near Pikeville. She's on Facebook.
  3. Pastern Cut

    I would like to stop wrapping it but with our weather and the mud, there is no way I can let it go unwrapped. We've had so much rain even the stalls are flooded. I can't risk getting mud and debri getting down into the wound. I was unwrapping it and letting her graze in the yard on the lead while I was out there with her for a couple hours, but now even the yard is a mud hole.
  4. Pastern Cut

  5. Pastern Cut

    I'm not a total newbie at things, I may only be 23 but I have a degree in Equine Production and Management and Ive had horses my entire life bringing worse cuts then this back, I just have never dealt with a pastern cut, the cuts I've experienced have been shoulders/upper legs etc. I am keeping in contact with my vet, but she isn't always available (weekends, nights etc) so it's nice to have a second opinion on things. Thank you to everyone who has commented. I also don't feel comfortable using bute for long periods of time, I discussed this with my vet and we decided to only give bute on a as needed basis instead of every day and to give 1g in the am and 1 in the pm if I feel she needs it, and to give it after she eats instead of before and if she shows any more signs of stomach discomfort we'll give ulcerguard or something else she named. Fancys tetanus shot WAS up to date, but I gave her a tetanus antitoxin and then the vet gave a tetanus toxoid because we do have tetanus in our soil and take all precautions against it. We also did a injectable antibiotic (I forget what its called) and I went ahead and did all her shots. We're using iodine to clean it every day, and then using granulex and keeping it wrapped. I'll post updated pictures as soon as I can get them on here.
  6. Pastern Cut

    Has anyone ever had a horse not want to eat it's grain after getting bute paste?
  7. Pastern Cut

    Vet said that everything looked good, nothing major was damaged and I was doing everything right. All we changed was wonderdust to a granulated spray (I think thats what it says) We may do regional limb perfusion if it isn't healing like we like it to by Monday or Tuesday. She also believes she'll make a 100% recovery with minimal scarring and no lameness. Thanks everyone!
  8. Pastern Cut

    I have already talked to the vet several times, they are supposed to come tomorrow, which is by THEIR doing, not mine I called the day after it happened. I have no way to get Uniprim. I've been cold hosing it every day as well as cleaning it with iodine. Then I put Wonder Dust on it and wrap it. I take the wrap off and lock her in a clean stall for 2-3 hours every day so the wound can get air. I would put her in the stall more but all she does is pace 24/7 so I feel its best to leave her out where she basically just stands around all day. It's not even half an acre so it isn't like she's in a huge pasture. Vet is supposed to be here around 1 tomorrow, it's a new vet at the clinic. I'll update then
  9. Pastern Cut

    I went out to ride my mare Sunday evening and instead found her holding her hind leg up with a pretty good gash on the pastern. At first she wouldnt put any weight on it at all but by the next day she was walking just fine, now today she's walking on it OK but when she stands she only allows her toe to touch the ground. Sunday evening I cold hosed it cleaned it the best I could put blue lotion on it and wrapped it. Yesterday I unwrapped it and left her in the stall for a few hours to let it have some air, I then cold hosed it put wonder dust on it and wrapped it up again. She can't stay in the stall for to long because she freaks out and will end up just making every thing worse for everyone. Yestarday when cleaning it she set her foot flat down for the first time and I realized it was much worse than I had originally thought and ALOT deeper. It went from something I thought I could easily handle to something I thought the vet should look at. I called him and he thinks it's something I can handle myself, but he's going to call back later because he lost cell service. I also gave her penicillin and a tetanus shot. The cut goes from the front around to the back then down into the frog. where she keeps it bent is the worst part of the cut, so its hard to tell just how deep it really is. Anyone have any experience? Anything else I can do for her? Or should I be using/doing something else? Day 1 Day 2
  10. What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I got engaged!!! It was actually on Christmas Eve. He knows Christmas is my favorite time of year. It was a surprise and he did it outside at the barn with my horses and my dog watching us, even though it was only about 10 degrees and windy. I'm so excited!!!! I got him a montana silversmith belt buckle. I doubt we'll be able to top this christmas and it was our first one together!!! I also got clothes, some horse knick knack things, stuffed animals, a calendar, a pink rifle case, a pink bow case, and some other small things. It was by far the best Christmas ever for me!
  11. Calling On The Power Of Horsecity!

  12. Talk To Me About 4 Wheelers

    I can't drive a manual vehicle but my manual 4wheeler is a piece of cake! You just shift with your foot whenever your ready. My boyfriends has a clutch and a shifter and I cant do it, but mines easy! I'm only 5ft tall and weigh 100lbs and I can shift it with ease. My brothers automatic is TERRIBLE about shifting at the wrong times.
  13. Talk To Me About 4 Wheelers

    We have a Honda Rancher and I LOVE that 4wheeler. It is very sturdy and has always done anything we wanted it to do. It's been wrecked a few times and still keeps puttering along, we've never replaced anything on it except maybe spark plugs and oil. It's 4x4 all the time and I like that because around here it's steep. My brother has a Yamaha something I dont know. I can't stand that 4wheeler. I feel like it's going to tip over on me all the time, it won't run inless we keep HONDA spark plugs in it. My brother has wrecked it a few times to and but it is constantly needing something replaced on it. It doesn't run 90% of the time. My boyfriend also has Yamaha and it's the same way, always needing something worked on.
  14. Someone Vandalized My Car!

    I want to say I've heard that WD 40 will take it off? Not sure if that's true or not, maybe someone else here knows for sure.
  15. How Has It Been 5 Years!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I love corgis!! I always wanted one and jumped at the chance when someone offered me a Corgi/JRT. George is adorable! Happy Birthday to him!