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  1. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    Roo, you're my hero :) Lucky for me, I've never had to take action on anything like this...all the horses I interact with/see are fat, happy, and sassy. I hope (blindly and naively) that I never have to, but if the day comes to pitch in, I'll be there. Amanda
  2. Were Do We Get The Kicks

    You know, I decided to come back to HC today to check in, see if some old friends were still doing okay, and see if things were any different. I guess that was a bit too optimistic. Don't feed the trolls, guys. Amanda
  3. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    Jesus Christ. This board is officially full of bullsh.it. I'm out. Amanda
  4. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    What we had before wasn't perfect. What it is now isn't perfect. Nothing's perfect. I never said "crap" anywhere. I said boring. And it is boring, unless you like this kind of community. Most people don't, and they're going to find new sandboxes to play in. HC IS falling. The boards are dead. I understand periods of quiet on a forum, but I've participated in many over the years...and once it starts getting this quiet? Well, it's just the beginning of the end. Amanda
  5. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    The people who were banned/left of their own accord were funny, smart, creative people who brought life and color to every conversation they participated in. They had topics that were worth discussing and points to make that made you think. There are a few left now. But for the most part? It's a bunch of people wanting nothing but pats on the head and to be validated. It's not worth coming here because there is very little intellectual conversation going on. I used to come to learn and laugh. Now there's no color to the boards (no pun intended, hah), just terribly petty, dramatic, and closeminded people who only want get one answer. Not every post is like that, but I find the majority to be not worth my time. Occasionally a good post comes up or someone who is legitimately in trouble/has had a tragedy occur, and I'll respond to those...but other than that? Meh. *shrugs* Just my two cents. Amanda
  6. I'm Being Stalked

    First of all, go edit your privacy settings and make sure everything is set to friends only on FB. It obviously isn't, so fixing that will make it so she can't find you at all. If she can even find you on FB it means you haven't truly blocked her. Let me know if you want me to email/call to walk you through any of that because this is scary. SEcond of all, HUGS. Deep breath. She's the nutcase here. I'm not sure because I have no legal experience, but I can't see how they'll make him pay child support if he isn't the biological father. Third, please keep in touch so we know you're okay! Amanda
  7. Look What Was Dropped This Time

    Definitely a Cattle Dog with his full tail. Absolutely adorable dog. Love me a Heeler! Do a search for Cattle Dog rescues in your area that might be able to help you out, either with finding his owner or taking him in as a foster if you decide not to keep him. He's a beautiful dog! Amanda
  8. The Things We Do To Our Horse

    Ah, okay, they look really similar. Always like to hear opinions on the Rider's to stick in the back of my head which is why I asked. Wicked nice sale on all the Rider's blankets at Dover right now, especially the Supreme line! Amanda, Workin' on the Weekend ;D PS: I'm a Dover cust. service rep if you weren't aware, haha!
  9. The Things We Do To Our Horse

    Are those the Rider's International Northwinds? Amanda
  10. New Zodiac Signs

    http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/13/no-yo...-hasnt-changed/ I'm a textbook Scorpio. :) Amanda
  11. Crying Over Tv Shows

    That show, as much as I love it, is evil. It makes me cry far too often! Same thing with Private Practice! Amanda
  12. My Spirits Are On The Up And Up =]

    re: charging. Simple - don't. Sounds nice, but don't. You said yourself you're not a trainer and it's too much of a risk for things to go wrong to be taking someone's money. I do things like this regularly because I like the experience and I like the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. Heck, I had a similar situation for today as well - an ad on the local horse website caught my eye for a guy looking for someone to ride his MFT a couple times each week. I jumped on that, gave him a call, and halfway through the conversation he offered to pay me. I immediately refused. I want the horse time. Getting paid is pressure to do something right, and should you overestimate yourself, you could very well get into a big mess that you probably don't want to deal with. The payment is the saddle time, the pony time, and the knowledge. Amanda
  13. My Loki was a reject pup - beautiful parents, AKC registered, brothers and sisters going for 800-1000 bucks...he was 200 because of his mismark (not enough black around his left eye). That being said, I bought from a slightly less reputable breeder and she neglected to tell me that his father's lines produce fear aggressive dogs. Hence the trouble I'm running into with him. Sigh. go for the higher quality puppy. Amanda
  14. Alabama Buds?

    ...95KSJ. Is that a super popular station? Like, Country 102.5 here in MA is the main country station. MA is much smaller, though. I shall explain once I get an answer... Amanda
  15. Does Anyone Use A Heated Hose?

    Agreed with draining the hose and lying it out, but we ("we" meaning Dover Saddlery) sell a hose heater shoulder the hose itself freeze: http://www.doversaddlery.com/product.asp?p...p;ids=301378396 Not sure how long your hose is, but that 20' foot one is quite a bit cheaper. 60' foot one is a bit more expensive but longer. If you're interest, pop me a PM and I can give you my contact info to give me a call during the week to chat more about them! I lvoe being a Dover customer service rep Amanda