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  1. Colorado

    Right now we're looking at the southeastern area. Without going into too much detail we want to be about halfway between where we're at now and our grandkids in Arizona. Another reason we're looking at this area is we don't like large cities. The smaller the better. Anyway the reason for the tax and ag question is based on what I've read so far we won't qualify for an ag exemption like what we have now. As we'll be going on a semi fixed income due to retirement I want to be able to make our money go as far as possible. Thanks for the info on the property.
  2. Colorado

    We're contiplating moving to Colorado in the forseeable future and looking at about 35 to 70 acres. What I'd like to know is how are property taxes (may depend on area)? Do you receive an agricultural exemption and if so for what operation (hay production, livestock etc)? And if you were to do it all over, would you have moved there? And also if you don't mind can you give a general geographical area where you're at. Currently we're in Texas and looking for a place where we can retire to. We've got 6 horses (2 mini's and 4 QH). I appreciate the info.
  3. Round Bales

    That's all we ever use. If we put one out then it will last for a week with 10 horses (2 mini's). If we pull hay off then it will last for about 2 to 3 weeks. We do have 50 acres so that helps. We set on end and then peel off the hay.
  4. Questions About Mini Care

    Mini's are great horses. Easy keepers and a hoot to watch in the pasture. Plus there's no reason why you can't train them to pull a small buggy. There's no reason you can't keep them with a full size horse or pony. You use the same guidelines for introduction etc. As far as feeding they do quite will on grass alone. We do feed ours "some" grain but not a whole lot. When we got ours they were both tubbies. Now they have slimmed down to a more appropriate weight. They have had minimal requirements to see a vet or farrier and I've been able to do the majority of trimming myself. You do need to watch how much grain and what type of hay or grass you feed them but it's not that critical IMO. I wouldn't feed them alfalfa only because it's to rich for their system. When we feed we use coastal/bermuda mix and they do very well on that. It's also important that they get plenty of exercise so if you only have a small paddock or only a couple of acres then ponying them along when you ride is a good way to keep them in fit. We have 50 acres so they get plenty of exercise. As far a electric tape I'm not a big believer in it. You will need to have fencing apropriate to there size. We use a standard 4 wire fence. Hope that answers most of your questions. Good Luck.
  5. Islam

    Tell our troops that are getting killed everyday that their peaceful. Studing other religions in school is a great way to "start" to understand who they are. Next go live it. You might be changing your mind very quickly. When it comes to Muslim's / islamic culture they have been fighting for thousand of years. Niether you or anybody else is going to change that in the next 1 - 5 - 10 - 100 or more years. When it comes to their religion is is the "only" religion and anybody who believes otherwise is subject to be exterminated plain and simple. Am I biased "yes". I've talked, seen and lived with seeing our troops and civilians KILLED for religious reasons. Is Christianity any different? Not much as what did we do during the crusades. The major difference is that we as Christians don't believe in exterminating a race for their religion (noteable exception was WWII and Germany). You may not like what I've said and you can call me whatever you want "but" at least you have the "priviledge" to express yourself. Studying for studying sake is one thing but real life is another.
  6. Riding the horse to the bar

    I've ridden to the bar a number of times. From the ranch to the nearest watering hole is about 8 miles. When we do in town in conjunction with going on a ride it's about 2 miles. There are still laws on the books here that says if a patron patronizes an establishment more than 3 times on horseback they are "required" to provide a hitching post. DUI? well around here the police "can not force you off your horse" so it's pretty tough to get a DUI "but" if you voluntarily step down they can get you for a PI. Best advise is to not get that polluted. Some of the other best laws are things like if a car is parked in a parking spot and that's the only place to tie up then the owner of the car "must" move so you can use the spot. Another one that cracks me up is one that's still on the books and that is if you spend any time in the county lockup then when you are release the couty is required to provide you with a gun and a horse.
  7. diesel prices?

    The $75 dollar cap may in part be from the fuel stops but what I've found is it's more to do with the credit card companies and it has to do with fraudulent activity. With a stolen credit card fuel is one of the few places where no one sees the card and there isn't any signature required. That's why it's important that you notify your credit card company immediately about a lost card. BTW: there has been some scams/fradulent activity in our area from restraunts (sp) where you give the waitress/waiter your credit card to pay for a meal and what happens is they return a phony/stolen card from the same company so you might not notice the swap. A lot of people don't even think to look at there card when given back to them to see if it's the same card. Be aware.
  8. Simple horse trailer wiring question!???

    Also check to make sure you have the correct light bulbs in your trailer. Most use an 1157 which is a dual filimant bulb. Somebody could have put an 1156 which is a single filiment bulb. Good luck.
  9. Never fails(vent)PICS

    God doesn't hate you he just figured the ground need moisture more than you needed to fix the fence. Besides that now you can spend the day with hubby. Yea I know it bites. I've got a ton of work to do to get ready for spring/summer (fix tractor, clean this and that) and what happens? I go riding (first of February) and fall off my horse at a full gallop and break 4 ribs and a collar bone. Now I can't do anything really strenuous for a couple of months. Go figure. Good Luck.
  10. Military Son (UPDATE pg 2)

    Best advice I can give you (I did 20years and have been retired for 15) is that during boot camp soldiers are being trained to work as a team. They will depend on each other during the rest of his career. The other thing is during boot camp *most* of what goes on is a mental thing. That's the toughest part to get through anybodies head. Boot camp isn't all that hard unless you make it hard (that's the mental thing). As far as things to send/do is write letters with plenty of support. Refrain from anything negative in your letters if at all possible as he will be having a hard enough time as it is. Once he finishes boot camp it gets easier. Above all he is there to defend what we as Americans believe in. And he deserves all the support we can give him. Good luck and be proud.
  11. Vehicle people, come hither please!

    Can you take the vehicle to "your" mechanic to have inspected "before" purchase.
  12. Question about horse liability

    It really depends on you state. IMO I wouldn't give a horse to a minor I'd do the transaction with the parents.
  13. Mustangs

    Also read carfully the requirements for pens etc. If the auction is within a month and you don't have the facilities setup already you would be better to skip adopting this time (still go to get an idea of what you will be getting into) and get your property setup to accept the mustang. Good luck.
  14. what kind of truck for this trailer?

    I agree with draft or draft crosses I'd personally not pull with anything less than a 3/4 ton PU. When you look at specifications you need to concider two things pulling and stopping. To be on the safe side you need more truck than you think you need. Another concideration is with your drafts I'd also go with a GN over a BP. The main reason is stability in various conditions. Now the other thing is how often you will be pulling. If it's only occasional then I'd look at a good used 1 ton. I'm bumping this figure up with an older truck as the capacity model for model is less with an older truck. My wifes brand new 1/2 ton has about the same capibilities as my 4 year old 3/4 ton. Then you could have a run around vehicle for gas savings and only use the truck when you pull your horses. Also depending on where you live and if you have your own property you might be able to register the truck as a farm vehicle which will save you a ton of money in vehicle registration etc. If you will be pulling often or you are competitor in some disipline then your money would be better spent on a new heavy duty type truck. Hope this helps.
  15. Question about Boarding horses.

    Sorry I didn't mean to sound nasty. I guess I didn't express myself very well and really didn't understand the question. It happens to us that have some-timers-desease .