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  1. Tadpole Dressage Test?

    ha ha lovely, thanks!
  2. Tadpole Dressage Test?

    Okay so I've been trying to find the dressage test for tadpole level 3 phase, I found a few places that say it is Intro C and I found a few places that say it is Beg Novice A can anyone tell me which is right???
  3. Roaching A Mane

    not gonna lie I was a complete cheater when I wanted my mare to have that sort of a trojan horse mane. I just shaved it all off, waited a couple months and wolla, I had a cool mane on her. ha ha
  4. Beginner Horse Question

    I think SR put it just about perfectly. ha ha I have absolutely no clue how AKC stuff works. I tried learning that all at one time because I was wanting a registered dog but then I think I got distracted. ha ha But most of the time a grade horse would be a mutt, yes. Good luck in the horse world!
  5. Spring Clippings?

    wow thanks! I might have to save that to my computer. aha!
  6. Spring Clippings?

    Sweet! Thank you!!
  7. Spring Clippings?

    So I wasn't completely sure where to post this so I guessed that the General Board would be best. I did my first clip ever on my horse, it looks pretty bad, not going to lie there. So first off, any tips on how to get a better clip? Second, any tips on how to manage a horse that has a small fear of clippers? Thirdly, a buddy of mine mentioned that if you do a winter clip you have to do a full clip about March or so or else your horse's summer coat will be uneven. True or false? Thanks!
  8. How Do I Train?

    Really? I could see this guy making it barefoot! I'm doing my best to get videos I promise I kinda sorta lost my camera though....
  9. Zenyatta

    I thought that this was going to be her last year to run it. Darn.
  10. Helmet Cam - World Equestrian Games Cross Country

    I'm a huge Henny fan! He's a great horse and Peter is a pretty great rider.
  11. Zenyatta

    If I remember right Man O' War had 21 straight wins, I could be wrong though. I really wish they would enter Zenyatta in the Triple Crown Races I think that she could make it in them.
  12. How Do I Train?

    Well sweet then! lol I'll do my best to get a video of him soon.
  13. Pedigree Critique - Tb

    hey hey she's related to Secretariat. =) I like her. I think you found yourself a good deal. Can't wait to see the confo pictures.
  14. Can't Catch The Horse(s)

    How big of a field do you have? I have to tease my mare and get her jealous to catch her. Like I'll go out with a bucket of feed and completely ignore her and then she thinks, "Hey, I want some of that food and loving." and she will come up and I can catch her. Of course, this will only work sometimes. For her it's just a game really though, so the trick is to not play her game. Sometimes I will take all the other horses out of the pasture and just leave her in there if she is being a real pain. That helps usually it take away her audience and ruins her game.
  15. Favorite Brand Of Field Boots..

    I've got my Devon Aires that I completely and utterly love.