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    Reading HC and IHO. Working. Being crabby.
  1. Dress Opinions

    2. The first one is dated.
  2. Hedge Apple Trees

    Put them around the outside of your house in the winter. Keeps bugs and rodents out. We have them all over the place.
  3. People On Bc Pills.

    I get extreme nausea taking any kind of pill during the day, so I take it at 10pm at night. Also, I was on a generic form Yaz for a few months. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Went back on regular Yaz and all my problems cleared up. I wasn't the only one having problems with the generic form either.
  4. We bought my setting at Jared and my diamond at Jewelry Exchange. The ring is appraised over $7k, but we didn't pay nearly that. Our experience at the Jewelry Exchange was great. They were honest and my rock is incredible. By the way, we aren't using a wedding band, so spending a pretty penny wasn't an issue.
  5. Marriage

    My wedding is in 9 days. Don't let anyone steer you wrong. If you are in a stable, committed relationship with this man, go for it.
  6. Best Breeds Of Dogs To Be Around Young Children?

    I was raised with Shelties (my aunt was a breeder) and absolutely adore them. Now I have a Collie, after long admiring the breed, and love her to pieces. She is SO so good with children. It's all in the bloodlines. If I was going for a very even tempered animal, I'd want to meet both parents and the offspring from a previous litter. You can never be to careful with breeders these days. My Collie was adopted, I have no idea where she came from. There is a great breeder in WI though. I had been doing research on them while looking for a new dog. Then I found my latest Mutt.. My aunt no longer breeds Shelties, but our current Shelties came from a big time breeder in California. Yes, my family flew to Cali to bring home the two best Shelties in the world. They are worth every penny.
  7. People Make Me Angry!

    In the state of Illinois, you have to be separated for a year before being actually divorced. I know plenty of people who started dating others during that grace period. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. Do not let anyone tell you so. Unfortunately, not many people will not view it as being antiquated. Oh well. As for the drama, it will likely never end. I know too many people with insane ex's **** bent on making former spouses new lives a living ****. You either deal with it or you don't. Sorry you are having to deal with it. She sounds like a peach.
  8. Is there a reason she doesn't like you? What happened in the beginning? Or was it instant dislike?
  9. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Bummer on Lizzie Kelly. She will go to a good family. Put her on Midwest Horse Forums. There is always someone on there looking for a steady eddie mare like her. My folks keep teasing me on taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay for my wedding. Well if they didn't have so many darn friends, it wouldn't be so expensive! Haha. Ella is very pretty. Looks like a lady. Any new pictures of Auggie?
  10. I Think I May Have Saved Someone's Life

    Good job! A cat almost killed me last August!
  11. How To Make A Really Good Cup Of Coffee

    Awesome. I love stuff like that. One day, when I live in Oregon, I will open a coffee shop. There is nothing better then a cup of GREAT coffee. None of that Starbucks or Folgers crap.
  12. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Kelly I saw Lizzie on Dreamhorse today! Hope everything is ok.
  13. How Do I Confront Him?

    Get rid of him. Those are HUGE, big, MASSIVE issues that will only get worse. He sounds like a child. If my fiance (who is a year old) started acting like that, I'd drop him like a hot potato. NO EXCUSES!
  14. Updated Dolly Pics

    You live in SUCH a beautiful area. Ugh I can't wait to move west.
  15. May 21, 2011

    Bummer. My wedding dress won't even be made by then. Can't we just have the 2012 End of Times? Lol.