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  1. Music <3

    We haven't had one of these in a while. So what are your favorite songs currently? :) Mine: Cobra Starship "Hot Mess" "The City Is At War" "Guilty Pleasure" All Time Low "Hey, Brooklyn" "Break Your Little Heart" "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" Cash Cash "Sugar Rush" "Breakout" Ke$ha "Tik Tok" "Backstabber" MGMT "Electric Feel" "Kids" And then "Infinity" Guru Josh Project
  2. Show Pictures (and Results, Obvis)

    Thanks Carol Ann <3 Oh PS! Ignore my pony's hideous tail, since it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to show, I didn't get to dye it! At least it's getting longer.
  3. The "i'm Really Annoyed Because" Thread

    Love triangles are lame. Especially when it's not a complete love triangle. Maddy <3 Tyler Tyler <3 Maddy Katie <3 Tyler Tyler </3 Katie Soooo yeah. But Katie thinks Tyler reallyyy likes her, so she's like all overbearing on him and stuff. Everytime I walk up to him, and Katie's there, he gives me a hug, smiles at her, then acts like somebody from another group needs him. It's super frustrating. And I know it's not me, because I have first block with him and he's all like Maddyyyy when he walks in in the morning. Argh.
  4. Some Willy Pictures

    When did my Billiam get so leannnn? His Thoroughbred is coming out! He looks great, Jacquie. :)
  5. Show Pictures (and Results, Obvis)

    Thanks so so much you guys! It means alot. I've learned so much in the past year or so from my two trainers, Jen and Nikki. In such a short amount of time, it's crazy how much I've learned about riding and horses...and my attitude. haha. With Jen, I learned all about showing, having fun, being happy, taking criticism, and being fearless. With Nikki, I've learned how to really ride a horse and take the good with the bad. I've had Logan for about two and half years, and although there are days where I would love to sell him and buy a big flashy show horse, I know that he has taught me so much and we have a bond that can't be broken. He's like my brother - he drives me crazy about 90% of the time but I'd die if I lost him. Some people may think he's cute, some people may think he's just an old nag. But to me, he's my very best friend that I couldn't live without. And of course, there's you guys. I've been posting on here since I was like eleven. I'm about to turn fifteen in a couple months. When I first started posting, I could NOT take criticism. I'm sure allll of you remember that. I'm pretty sure you could have published a book with all of my excuses. But growing up on these boards has taught me so much. I've figured out that just because you guys think I need to fix something doesn't mean you're calling me a crappy rider. I've also figured out that me being upset doesn't affect you guys at all - I'm just some girl with a screenname and a horse. Now that I'm over my childish freaking out phase, I've been able to listen to your critiques and improve a ton in my riding. So thank you guys so much. [Huggy] I really didn't mean for that to turn into a little love fest, but I just couldn't resist!
  6. Show Pictures (and Results, Obvis)

    So we went to a show yesterday. I'm not much for writing tonight, so I'll get straight to the point. We decided to do just the equitation division because Logan had a bad cut in his man area, and although it wasn't bothering him, I wanted to take it easy. And also because I hadn't ridden him since Wednesday and this was a spur-of-the-moment show. We placed third on the flat, which I was suprised about. Firstly, I'm not a flat rider. I hate flatting with a passion. Secondly, the other riders that I beat are usually the ones who kick my butt. So I was pretty happy. :) Over fences, we got sixth. I was soooo annoyed. We were having a flawless course. He got his changes and all the distances, our rollbacks were lovely...we weren't just rockin' it. Then, three strides from the final fence, my leg slipped and Logan broke to a trot. I was like noooooooooooooo. It was heartbreaking. So yeah, we got sixth out of like eight or nine or so. Not too bad. Pony got tons of compliments on how cute he jumps and flats, which meant a lot to me. The trainer at that barn had called me a few months ago, out of the blue, and asked if I would be willing to sell Logan to her. At the show, she came up and gave him some pets and told me he was her favorite horse in the area. *warm fuzzies* It means alot to me that people like him so much, because I know that sometimes, I don't. haha. But I do love my boy, he would do anything for me. As a final note, I feel I should add that the judge was partial to big chestnuts. Whenever a chestnut didn't win a class (which was VERY rare), a paint did. So I was very proud of my little black beast for doing so well and being a shining star. :) Now, photo time. The action shots of me and Lo are video stills, so sorry about the far awayness of the jumping shot and the lack of clarity. Hanging out, waiting for the 12 & under to finish flatting. IDK what I'm doing... Standing in the line-up for flat. As a side note, I have my reins this long because I don't, Logan will shred my hands. It's sort of his reward for being good. Canter on course...lovelovelove my equitation. Idk why. Jump. Right before he broke. Sadface. And here are a couple of my trainer and her quirky large pony, Leyna. Allll done. :)
  7. Introducing My Mule Babies

    Thanks guys!!
  8. Introducing My Mule Babies

    Hey guys. I just thought I'd show you guys the newest additions at my barn - Moonpie and Pepper. They are both mules, offspring of our champion jack. Both are mollies and super-duper adorable! Moonpie was born on September 2nd. She's expected to mature at least 16.1hh, she's growing like a weed! Moonie is a spitfire...she likes to buck and be silly. Pepper was born on September 14th. She's a lot smaller than Moonpie, expected to mature about 15.1hh or 15.2hh. Thankfully, she's the polar opposite of Moonie as far as personality. She's docile as can be - she let me go in a brush her whole body at only two days old. She'll let me snuggle her and play with her, too. So here are some pictures of my girls! The ones of Moonpie were taken when she was 4 days old. Pepper's were taken at 2 days. Moonpie: Pepper: ^love that one! hehe. Thanks for looking. :)
  9. Mule Pictures :)

    Howdy guys. :) I took these pictures a few days ago, but I've been too lazy to put them up. Haha. I took these on the 16th, the day Moonpie turned two weeks old. She's huge. Joe estimates she'll be at least 16.2 when she matures. Pepper is two days old in these pictures. She's pretty small, Joe thinks she'll be about 15.1-15.2. Moonpie hadn't gone out that day, so she was being a complete nut in her stall. Everytime a fly would land on her, she'd get into a bucking fit. She heard me coming down the aisle and go "Hey Moonie!" and she jumped up and bucked. For no reason. Pepper, on the other hand, is very very docile. She let me snuggle her and pick up her legs and roll her over. She's like a puppy. When I took a brush in for Lightening, Pepper came up and let me brush her whole body. :) So here are the pictures I took. Sorry they aren't very good, it was partly cloudy out so the lighting inside was not very good. Pepper: ^hahaha. I love that one! ^she loves me Moonpie: ^next to her mommy, who is 16hh. moonie's a biggin. ^about to throw a fit.
  10. Baby Mule Updates

    I know, Courtney! I was only 11 when I first started coming on here! I was super nice about it, asked if we could go back to being best friends because I'm not into the whole boyfriend deal. He said yeah that was cool, I think he was mad all ysterday, but he was talking to me today so yeah, I think we're good. :)
  11. Baby Mule Updates

    I'm about to turn 15, actually. I'm growing up. But the general plan is to break it off tomorrow morning. I just don't like him the way I thought I did. I mistook bestfriend for boyfriend, and I'm dealing with the consequences. So yeah. Hopefully he won't hate me. And yes, both Moonpie and RC are doing well. I have to go to the barn tomorrow so I can school Logie before our show, so I promise to have pictures of them both!
  12. Baby Mule Updates

    I come with two things: mule updates and boy question. However, I wish to ask the boy question first haha. SO: I am dating Cody. He was my very best friend, and now we're going out. Well, he's completely changed and to be honest, I'm not a fan. He's SUPER clingy. Like, he won't even hang out with his friends anymore. It's driving me crazy! And he's just no fun anymore. It's beyond me talking about fixing it, because I've decided that I don't like him as a boyfriend. So obviously, I have to break up with him. As always, this is easier said than done. I had the perfect opportunity today, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I feel so bad! His ex did the same thing. So basically, how can I do this and not feel so horrible about it? How should I word it? Nowwww mule updates. As you guys know, Moonpie is the cutest thing on the planet. She is almost two weeks old now and is learning how to lead. She's very mature for her age! Well this morning around six, Moonpie's 'cousin' was born! So we have another baby! She, too, is a mule but she's painted sort of. She is black (or dark dark bay, can't tell yet) with three socks and a stocking. Her tail is black with a white "band" around it. She's very cute! Since her cousin's name is Moonpie and she is so dark, her name is RC Cola! Maybe if you're not from the south, you might not get that, I'm not sure. Haha. Unfortunately for me, "my" mule, Moonpie, is a heck of alot fiestier than RC as far as we can tell. Moonie is a little spitfire, and RC is very laid back. I'm in charge of Moonpie, and I'm not sure if Joe will put me in charge of RC too. But I've already bonded with my Moonie, so there's no going back now. Haha. We have one more mule due, but not until March, thank goodness! At least by then, Moonpie and RC Cola will be growing up and not needing 24/7 attention. So new pictures of Moonpie and first ever pictures of RC will be up hopefully tomorrow. :) Take it from me, RC is just as cute as Moonie. Be excited.
  13. Went Schooling Today...

    Thanks guys. I can't believe you don't like ramps, Chris! I loooove them. Anything solid I enjoy. I'm a weirdo like that. I had a fleece half pad, Tiffany, if that's what you mean. I don't use it unless I am using a baby pad now, since I bought a cool neoprene pad to help with Logie's aging back. haha.
  14. Logan Riding Pictures :)

    His color is turquoise, but now that I'm not riding Stormy anymore, he'll probably be wearing more pink that usual. haha.
  15. Went Schooling Today...

    I said in my last thread that I was going to Nikki's to school today (Sunday). Well, Nikki had to cancel, but my old trainer, Jennifer, was super glad to let Logie and I come play in her arena for the day! We had so much fun, and it was great to see her again! I miss being out at the farm soooo much. Well Logan was a superstar today. Jen has a lot of interesting jumps, so it gave him something to be excited about. Also, they finished that arena right after we moved barns, so he's never been in it before. He was a good boy and I had a good time. His left hind ankle was a little swollen because of a cut but it wasn't hot and he wasn't favoring it. We took it easy anyway. :) So here are the pictures. Yayy. Rolltop. About to do a tight rollback. Cute little crossrail. Ramp. We got in deep and it sort of unseated me, but I just love his knees! He's gorrrgeous. Hehe. I untacked him and let him play while I went up in the judges tower thingy and talked to my mom and Jen. And of course, Moonpie!!! All done. :)