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  1. I was looking it over and it was just a little personal..I think i put to much trust into it. It really out lined her as just all out bad..and everything said was true there is a lot of good to her to...But that dosn't change how what she does bothers me..And I think she found what I had said.. I am sorry about it. Those that were talking about Brats Vids. I will put them up on another thread if you want them? Other wise you can talk about them here.. Thanks!!
  2. Shocktart-lots Of Pictures

    Thanks guys!! Shock is a pretty cool horse.
  3. The Move Is Complete AMAZING place to ride. I think theres a place at lake summerville to. 7IL Is a bit of a drive for you. But its SOOO worth it!
  4. I Just Ate A Whole Can

    Don't stand to close to a fire... [ROTFL] [ROTFL]
  5. What's Your Favorite Laundry Detergent?

    You couldn't get the apple to smell the bottle? How odd..Most of the time they snif it up like theres no tomarrow. [Crazy] [ROTFL]
  6. Shocktart-lots Of Pictures

    Just for you guys to see. Shock in the roundpen. He was feelin good! And a Picture of how much his mane has grown out. Its so cool to run your hand down it.
  7. Shocktart-lots Of Pictures

    Hehe I know! Im uploading some Vids of him in the round pen. I will ad them in a few!
  8. What's Your Favorite Laundry Detergent?

    Anything but Arm & Hammer breaks me out. The one in the green bottle is better. But plain Arm & Hammer dosn't bother me. and besides. Tide Smells funny. [Crazy]
  9. Making Driving Test Only In English

    Signs in Texas are in english. IDK about out far west along the Rio or anything though. I know in Pasadena if you walk in a store most of the signs are in spanish with english below it..Instead of the other way around.. And I took my DL test last year it was in english.
  10. Ahh Warm, Green, Spring, And Procrastination

    Spring has been good! I have already been sunburnt once. Have a good farmers tan going. Horses are all shedded out well..90% shedded out. Its been good. The Ponys are happy. Living in fly sheets as the flys are bad already. The Garden is growing strong. Im just hoping that as it warms up and starts getting hotter. My truck dosn't freak out and start over heating..I gota get it worked on before it gets any hotter..
  11. Other People Riding Your Horse(s)

    I have only had 2 horses in training. Geepers and Shaker. Geepers was in training for like 4 months as a late 2yr old. And then again as a 4yr old and as a 5yr old. But I was trying to sell him. And I couldn't ride that horse. It just wasn't happening. Everytime I got on him I hit the ground. After 6 of 7 times you just kinda give up on it. When anyone other then you can get on the horse and w/t/c him around and have NO issues. As a 4&5yr old It wasn't so much a trainer as just someone riding him. First the college girl and then The lady at the barn. Shaker fell in so bad that I had Mr.Trainer and his wife ride him. To see if it was me or him. It was him. They had all the same issues that I did. I have had a few horses ridden by the lady at the barn Dillan when I had him. and Shock when he was at the barn. Just to get some trail miles on them. But most of the time I don't like other people on my horse. Other then Dad. There are only 3 people I would let use my horse without me being there or ride them for a length of time. (other the the random friend that comes up to ride with me.) Are Spidey, His Mom and The lady at the barn. I like to do the work on my own horses. If in a lesson I'm having a issue and the trainer gets on to prove a point/see if its rider or horse issue thats fine. But I like to do the work . So I know how the horse is trained and know how the horses mind works, what makes them think and move and such. Edit to add- I have lost a lot of trust in sending my horse off for training. Or having someone train my horse without me being there. Just from watching other peoples horses and how they came back from it and stuff. 1.A lady that took lessons with Mr.trainer bought 2 horses really cheep. And one was really good and the other had some issues. The horse she sent to him was younge healthy and sound and very fat and out of shape. He worked her SO hard that after a week she was dead lame. Brusied all 4 feet from the insanely hard ground in his arena. This came form Owner and Farrier. 2.Moons ago before I bought my Paint mare. Her owner had a "wp trainer" work with the mare. As she was a NICE wp horse but had been off work for around 2 years while she was bred and had a baby. Said "trainer" beat the living snot out of the mare every day and tied her nose to her chest and ran her around the round pen untill she was about to drop dead and THEN rode her for a hour. Owner took her to a hunter pace and didn't longe her before she rode her (couldnt no round pen and he never tought her how to go on a lounge line.) So she got on her. Before her but hit the saddle she was bucking. Bucked owner off and sent her to the ER with a shattered wrist and 2 fingers. Said horse sat out in the pasture for a few more months. Then I talked to the owner and cleaned stalls in the barn to pay for the horse w/ A little help from my dad. I bought her rehabed her mind. It took a loooonnnggg time but she came around. I never had any issues with her. But she was very uneasy with adults riding her. Any kid/teenager could get on her even if they didn't know what on earth they were doing. When I sold her (not my choice) She went to a home with 3 girls 6,8 and 11. She was happy with them to.
  12. Shocktart-lots Of Pictures

    April!!! You came back!!! It was his first time over a jump. He hadn't been over any poles or anything. I am starting him on pole work so he can learn how to pick up his feet. I call him the Moose in a Horse Suit.
  13. Grand Prix: Part I I

    Megg- I thought that the WHOLE first week I was there watching a lot of the upper level riders! #10
  14. Going. To Kill. The Rats!

    Oh Grace..Thats horrid..The thought of that down here in texas with a 100* summer..
  15. Getting Thrown Out

    ^Thats me to. Back when I was with Mr.Trainer.. Mr.Trainer "ok now go around jump this this this and that and then loop around and jump this gate and down to the oxer" Me"the oxer?? really?"-uneasy tone Mr.Trainer" Yes you will do fine. Just sit up and keep your leg on" I jumped it. It was the FIRST time I jumped a oxer without fear.. It was only maybe 2'3 in the back and about a foot wide or so..Nothing big at all.. Where my trainer before would put me on a stoper and point me to a like a 2'9 square oxer at the of a tripple..X-3 stride-2'vert-1 stride-2'9 square oxer...First time Jumping threw a tripple First time jumping a oxer that big. On a horse that kept stoping at the 2nd and 3rd jump..I never did make it threw that tripple on THAT horse..I did on another that jumped EVERYTHING. She got on him and he went threw it. But she was like super woman..