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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    you don't have to necessarily BE confident, just be a good actor ;) haha
  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    ^Just don't sound too scripted! haha, make it sound comfortable, not forced but not like you rehearsed the whole interview. Really though in all my interview experience it's best to just be yourself, focus on what you're good at. and put a positive spin on everything. smile, be friendly, and confident. offer to shake their hand, don't wait for them to come to you (and other little things like that) think pro-active instead of re-active. :)
  3. So Hello

    Haha, really? So random!! I miss reading all the boy drama. I need to go get caught up on the circle of trust, lol x)
  4. So Hello

    I used to lurk here every once in a while like 2-3 years ago but I spent most of my time on the RP board... which I notice is kind of dead (lol no surprise.) Annnyhow, I randomly popped on HC today (snow day from work!) and I got all nostalgic reading old posts and figured I might as well come back on here and say hello again. For those that don't remember (probably most of you) and for new people, name is Elyse. I used to own a mare named Lacey (show name Ms. Macho , hence the username) and a pony named Ben, but as I live an hour away from my parents house now horses aren't really much of my life anymore. Just thought i'd reintroduce myself here though! i miss these boards. how are you all doing?
  5. The Invitation

    OOC: I think I'm going to drop this... I really don't want to but I'm going to be ridiculously busy the next few weeks and I don't think I'll be able to focus enough on this. sorry! =/
  6. The Invitation

    Angela's bright green eyes scanned the crowd excitedly, watching for the girls -- and their guy friends. She loved Sean, but they had a whole summer to explore their options. And while she would never intentionally get with one of the guys if they were together with her friends, she knew most of them were not in a relationship, so most were fair game. Again, not intentionally. But with the large amount of gorgeous people in their group, anything really could happen. As her eyes landed on Sean sitting easily next to her, though, she realized nothing she had seen yet compared with his amazing personality. Angela hadn't had anything to drink yet that night; in fact she'd never gotten legitimately drunk. With the amount of alcoholism prevalent in her family, she was scared she would become one of them, and she never found it worth it to risk that. She didn't want to become what they were, she didn't want to put people she loved through that. But she pushed those thoughts away from her mind as she glanced towards the dance floor. She was content with just sitting there watching everyone's antics, at least until something better came up. Dancing wasn't exactly her idea of insane fun. She found it much more exciting to watch everyone. Her eyes landed on Shawnie. The girl didn't look like she was enjoying herself too much, and Angela was about to go to her when she began moving towards the crowd. In the general direction of Tristan. Angela didn't want to pry, but she didn't like the looks of Tristan, and she didn't at all stand for what he'd done to Shawnie. He disgusted her, to put it simply, and she couldn't get why the other girl kept wanting to talk to him. Right then and there wasn't the place to talk about anything though, so she leaned back against the bar and sighed. If anything, this was going to be one crazy summer. [i'll post for Sean later]
  7. The Invitation

    "Um heck yes I'm excited! Spending a summer on the beach sounds amazing! And you all seem like great girls, at least from what I've heard from Ang anyways. I'm excited to put faces to names finally." Sean grinned at Storm, then let his gaze wander around the room. No one could deny these girls were gorgeous. All of them. Sean watched as Shawnie left the room. He was expecting the first greetings to go over smoothly; everyone saying hi and hugging and introducing each other. It was the first time they'd seen each other in so long, and it was naturally assumed that there would be no drama. And here it was. They could say they started the summer with a bang anyways...
  8. The Invitation

    "Gah I'm sorry! You know how planes are, geesh. Trust me, I got here as fast as I could!" Angela wasn't sure if it was possible, but she felt her smile grew wider as she looked around the group at all of her best friends. Seeing them all again for the first time in months brought back an onslaught of memories, the good and bad alike. It washed away any bad thoughts she had about slowly losing their friendship -- the distance hadn't affected them at all. They were still best friends and that was all that mattered. She laughed at Nova's entrance, but her laugh quickly silenced as she noticed the tension that immediately fell over the room when Shawnie eyed Tristan. And for the first time since she'd walked in the room, she noticed Shawnie's sad attempt to cover up the black eye. She wasn't sure what exactly had gone down between them; last she had heard from Shawnie, the two were very in love with each other, but from the looks of it, Tristan was the last person Shawnie wanted to see and most likely the cause of her black eye. She wasn't about to ask though; that was how she was. If someone wanted to tell her their problem, she would listen but until they were ready, she never pried. This looked serious though, and Angela was worried. --- ooc: General, I'm assuming Storm is talking to Sean? lol BIC: Sean was content with watching the scene from a distance. It made him happy to see Angela laughing and smiling so much, seemingly perfectly content. He glanced around at each of the other girls, trying to figure out which was which from what Angela had shown him from facebook pictures. It was much harder than he thought it would be, but he figured in a couple days he would know everyone pretty well. They would all be living in the same house. His observations were interrupted by one of the girls suddenly popping into his line of vision. Storm.. one of the more talkative in the group. According to Angela.. He smiled as he held his hand out in greeting. "hey! I'm Sean. Angela's.. friend" He smiled down at the other girl, trying to piece what Angela had told him about her in his mind. It was a matter of moments before he gave up, and decided to talk to her like he hadn't been told anything. He was about to say something when Tristan's entrance cut off their conversation. Confused, he looked to Storm. "..What's the deal with them?"
  9. The Invitation

    [[i'm FFing my character just because the flight or whatever is pointless, haha..]] Angela looked around anxiously for Sean. She knew his flight had come in a bit before hers did, and he was most likely bored out of his mind waiting for her somewhere. Unwilling to drop one of her bags to pull out her phone, she wandered around looking everywhere, and it wasn't until she decided to walk outside that she saw him on one of the benches. "I should have known.." She smiled as she let her bags fall to the ground and threw her arms around his neck, planting a quick kiss on his cheek in greeting. "It feels kind of like forever since I saw you.." "It was two weeks you goose.. but I missed you too," he hugged her warmly in return. "I suppose you're ready to head to the house?" his blue eyes sparkled with his smile as he looked her over quickly, making sure nothing had happened to her in the quick time they were gone. He had always been that way with her - protective and unwilling to trust her around anyone else. She had become his best friend, and he wasn't sure what he would do without her around. "Heck yes!" Angela skipped eagerly to the car. The driver had already put most of their bags in, and Sean helped him with the last couple before they headed off. They filled the short drive with small talk about readjusting to life back at home mostly, but Angela had a hard time focusing on any of it. She was beyond excited to finally be together with her girls again. Her petite body was out of the car before the driver had a chance to stop fully, and she bounded toward the group of her best friends, squealing uncontrollably. She was excitable enough as it was already, and this was extreme excitement. "HIII EVERYONE!! Kaylee, Lindsey, Peyton.." She began hugging each and every one of them, totally forgetting about Sean for the time being. -- Sean merely laughed at her excitement as she leaped out of the car, expecting this reaction from her. Deciding it wasn't much use to follow her to the group, as she was much too happy to even think about introducing him, he instead brought the bags inside before finally going down and standing somewhat to the side. He was good with people once he was introduced, but walking up to a group of total strangers without some immediate form of conversation was not in his comfort zone, so he decided to wait until one of the guys came up to him, or Angela decided to introduce him.
  10. The Invitation

    Angela's leg flinched a little bit as her phone vibrated on her lap. No doubt one of the girls wanting to meet up; she had been about to text them to ask where she could find them. A grin quickly lit up her face as her brother pulled into the airport parking lot, and she glanced at her phone to check the text. It was Nova, asking where they should meet up. She slid her phone open, and her fingers glided over the keys easily in reply. Aidan's dropping me off at the front entrance.. that work for you? There was no reason why it shouldn't; the front entrance was a fairly safe place to pick to meet. She pushed her phone back in the small pocket of her shorts, and quickly jumped out of the car as Aidan pulled up to the sidewalk. It only took her a couple minutes to get the few bags she had out of the trunk, then she gave a small wave to her brother. "All set? I'm off then.." "Yeah. See ya.." She grinned as she closed the passenger side door, and watched him drive away before turning to move her bags out of the middle of the sidewalk. Hopefully the rest would be there soon. She hated being alone in a public place for longer than a few minutes. Sighing contentedly, she found a chair to sit on as she waited. Her inner excitement began building again as she glanced around. This summer was going to be incredible, and she couldn't wait for the girls to be all together again. Going away to college had been amazing, but she missed the closeness they had, she missed being able to go to them at any given moment in time and knowing that they were right there.
  11. The Invitation

    Angela's slender fingers quickly moved through the clothes she'd stuffed in her bags, making sure she had at least packed the essentials. True to her natural self, organization hadn't played a key part in her packing, and instead she had just put whatever had fit and hoped for the best. What she didn't bring she could borrow or buy; the girls were used to her haphazard packing habits by now and it wouldn't be too much a surprise. Without a second thought, she pushed on the last bag, forcing the zipper to close. "Done.." she muttered, standing up and looking at the pile of luggage around her. A sudden rush of excitement washed over her as she did so, and it was all she could do to keep her small screech from becoming a legitimate scream. This summer was promising to be the best yet. How could one not be excited at the prospect of spending a whole summer in a beach house with her best friends... and a guy who she might or might not be romantically involved with? The last thought lingered in her mind as she lugged the bags downstairs and out to the car. Sean had become a good friend throughout her first year at UHartford. They had always kept up the appearance of good friends, and that was all she had told the other girls they were. Who knew what else could be there though - and she would find that out this summer. For sure. "Aidan! I'm all set, can we go now?" She called up the stairs to her younger brother as she took one last glance in the mirror, adjusting the headband over her short, dark brown hair. She had said the goodbyes to her parents already, and she was ready to go. Her younger brother would drop her off at the airport, then she was away from any contact with her family for the next three months. And it was one of the greatest feelings ever. --- Sean stared out the window of the plane, smiling to himself. This summer was going to be incredible. Months spent on the beach with one of his favorite people, and her extremely good looking group of friends. And their guy friends... he wasn't quite sure the story with all of them, but all he knew was he was happy he was going. A slight frown crossed his eyes as the elderly man beside him began snoring, but nothing could fully mar the smile spread across his face. Light freckles and his extremely light blond hair added a slight boyish-ness to his face as he walked into the sunlight, glad to be off of the plane. A quick check of the time told him that the girls' plane would be in in the matter of a half hour. He couldn't wait to see Angela again. It had only been a couple of weeks since the final week at the college, but they had grown close over the course of the year, and so used to living in the same vicinity as the other, that any small bit of time spent apart from each other felt wrong. After dropping his bags into one of the cars for the group, he chose to sit a small bench outside the entrance of the airport to sit on as he waited for them. There was no point wasting time inside when the day was beautiful enough to be fully enjoyed. And as much as he couldn't wait for the girls to get there, he felt pretty sure that he wouldn't mind just sitting there all day. Glancing around at what little bit of the island he could see, he could tell he was in heaven on earth. [[i literally have not written anything in the past few months so I'm extremely rusty!]]
  12. The Invitation

    Angela Wilkinson 18 University of Hartford Sean Adams 20 U Hartford I'll do these tonight, I have to work.
  13. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    Heeeeyyy! Yeah, I think that sounds best! and definitely beach. Or a lake house somewhere, like owned by one of the girl's families? So that way it could be a summer long vacation or something on that idea anyways. Anything warm works though, I'll be living vicariously through my character for sure, lol xD And as far as age, 18-21 sounds good to me. :)
  14. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    I'm definitely up for the Sisterhood deal! I saw that a while ago and thought it'd be fun to do something like that haha :) I like RPs when everyone's already friends, much more fun, in my opinion.
  15. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    It's been months since I've been on here, holy crap! Haha, I want to join some RPs. but I'm not sure if I'll have the time coming up to stay active... I'd definitely try though. :)