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  1. Yes, she has her rabies and its UTD. She isn't messing with her mouth like something is stuck or poking her, and not acting like something is lodged in her throat. Ill check better when I get home from work though to be sure. Didn't think to check her ears, but I will now that you said something! Really interesting stuff you posted, if she's still drooling today ill take her to the vet. Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it!
  2. I know if horses eat some types of clover they drool excessively, does the same happen to dogs? I ask because my dog is drooling a lot, it's not normal for her to unless there is food around. She is eating and drinking normally, teeth don't seem to be bugging her, so clover is the only thing I can think of. We have clover in our yard I just don't know what type. She seems a little tired. Thanks for any help!!
  3. Honor Flight

    This is just great! I'm so glad your grandpa got to go and be a part of it! I've heard about these before and I so wish my grandpa could have done it also! Sadly he passed in January, but I loved hearing his stories and such (when he did talk about it). This is a great generation and I wish more younger people cared (I know there are people who do, but not nearly as many that I think should) about them, the generation is going fast. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Youtube Video That I Stumbled Upon.

    Seen this before, very scary! Now I dont know if this is true or not, but I remember i looked up some videos before of witnesses talking about this. I remember someone saying there were bees in the arena, and I think one stung the horse.. Like i said I dont know if this is true, but it could of started because of that. The lady that got knocked out of her cart from the horse hitting hers, acually physically cannot walk (that is why she drives), i remember that for sure.
  5. Getting A Horse Used To Having Ears Touched

    Thanks everyone! I will be sure to try al of your suggestions! @Serah Rose I haven’t seen anything in his ears, but I'll try and get a better look next time. I know a horse at the old barn I rode at had that problem and she didn’t like anyone getting close to her ears, she would throw a fit! The owner and my trainer of the horse I’m leasing out thinks he had a bad experience with clippers at his old home. I'll be sure to look for what you said though just in case!
  6. Getting A Horse Used To Having Ears Touched

    Okay, thank you! I thought that was the right idea, but i wanted to make sure. I was doing it the first time, and i didnt stop until he was calm, which really didnt take long for him too so i was happy about that. So i guess baby steps when i see him =) this was actually before my lesson, figured my trainer wasnt ready so i would mess with him, lol! Thank you for the help and reply!
  7. I am leasing out a horse this year who hates having his ears touched. We think his old owners (not the man im leasing him from) did something to make him this way. I had a lesson today, and i was with him in his stall so i put my hand on the top part of his halter, he pulled away but, i kept at it (he wasnt freaking out or anything so thats why i did) and he stopped pulling away. I told him he was a good boy and did it again. This wasnt his actual ear but my hand was by it and he didnt like it there at first. Is this how i would go about touching his actual ear or is there another way i should do it? I want him to be okay with it and have him see noones going to hurt his cute little ears! Haha! Thank you for help! Sorry if there are spelling errors, im on my phone! =\
  8. Free Horse Book

    Has good reviews! Sure ill download it! Thanks for sharing =)
  9. Dog With Half Tore Toenail *pics Added

    This happened to my dog a few years ago, and we took her to the vet. I cant remember exactly what they did since it was a few years ago, but they did give her something to calm her and make her sleepy so they could clean it up and take care of it. I remember hers was pretty painful. They gave her a cone for a few days and we kept it wrapped. Healed fast though!! Good luck!
  10. Question About Leasing A Horse! First Timer

    Post is fixed.... Sorry about that, I didnt catch it before! Hope it is easier to read now! Thank you for the replys so far. You all have a point about the workout fee, I will be sure to ask about that tomorrow. He lives further away from me, so he may have to work him out for me sometime so maybe that is why... I'll be sure to ask!
  11. Sorry the font was so tiny! lol I have been riding since I was 10, I am 23 now and thinking about leasing my first horse for a show season. I've never leased a horse before so, I'm hoping someone can help me out and answer my questions. The man I am leasing from I've known a while now, but like I said I never haven’t done this before so I have nothing to compare too. I asked him if the price he gave me was for a full or half lease but, I haven’t heard back yet **If you need to know that ill update later when I hear back** He told me that was for a full lease. Here are my questions: In the prices he gave me I would pay boarding, shoes, and a workout fee when he works out the horse for me. He does allow people to work off the workout fee though, so thats nice! Now all the prices he gave me are totally reasonable, so that’s not the issue. My question is, is that what a person leasing normally pays? I'm sure it is different with different people, but I’m just wondering if that’s normal for me to pay the stuff he listed? Thank you so much if you help!
  12. Ladies, Important Question.

    How long have you been on the brand of BC your on? I used to get basically a period every two weeks on my old one, found out I was just on the brand for to long and needed to switch. Also to a higher hormones one. Might be the same thing I went through, but better get it checked out because that's no fun!
  13. Meet "curly" New Pictures Added!

    Aww, cute! Congrats!! He already looks pretty fond of you =)
  14. Problems Training My Dog..

    Be careful with the whole sitting and waiting thing when another dog is around. I tried that with my dog, that is like yours, and it made things worse. She would get more worked up and it was hard to get her to focus back on me. Your dog might be different, but keep it in mind! I notiest with dogs like this its better to keep their feet moving and their mind on something else.
  15. Problems Training My Dog..

    Have you ever tried a haltie( I know I'm probably spelling that wrong, but a head harness) my dog is completely different with that thing on. She does have some issues with other dogs, and behaves like yours on walks. What I did it when she would start staring down a dog, i stay calm and I try not talking to her if I can. If she starts to growl ill tell her to " shh!" And I will give her alittle pop on the leash to kinda snap her out of it. This usually does the trick, she will still stare but she is minding herself which is what I want. I don't walk side by side any dogs I come across on walks knowing how she is, so I will cross the street, or if I cant do that I will go on the grass or up a drive way and let the other dog pass. I'm not going to fight with her if I can do what I said above and avoid the dog. When shes calm and not growling she gets lots of praise. Its just easier to put some space between her and the dog, have her calm that way, than have her all worked up trying to pass the dog. She is dog aggressive so I don't go out of my way to have her meet other dogs, she plays great with my sisters boxers and that's good enough. Good luck! Cute pictures!