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  1. 1 Killed At Seaworld

    hey BRoo, why not me also? I've only responded to shelley's threads too. So I'm starting to think, that you have something out for glass. What's up with that?
  2. 1 Killed At Seaworld

    i agree glass. I commend the debate forum, reading some posts enlightens me to look at both sides of the story. And while I may not post alot, I do read alot. But shelley, you seem to debate to the point that its exhausting to read your posts. I understand your point, but do you see the other points? You seem to want to put your opinion of what is right above everyone else's.
  3. 1 Killed At Seaworld

    it's simple. All animals are wild. no matter how "domesticated" they are. Many have strong "fight or flight" responses, some have less, some have more. Anyone working with animals takes a risk. Dog owners, horse owners, cat owners, zoo workers, need me to continue? You also have to look at the size of the animal. Had the trainer been working with a monkey that attacked her, would she have more of a chance of surviving? probably, due to the smaller size of the monkey.
  4. Are Small Towns Killing Themself Off

    I believe they're called property maps. Your "small town" should have them on file. If they put a fence on your land, they'd have to take it down since its on YOUR property.
  5. Some Of My Photography

    more photos...
  6. Some Of My Photography

    thank you very much for the constructive criticism! I'll be sure to keep all that in mind for my next photo opportunity!!
  7. Here are some photos I took back in May 09....
  8. Latest Artwork

    those are fantastic! the first one is so detailed with the horse and the rider - good job!
  9. Looking For Shows In The Southern Tier Ny Area

    Thanks guys for all the help!!!!
  10. does anyone know of any shows in the Southern Tier NY (around Binghamton/Ithaca/Elmira/Syracuse) area? I'm looking to photograph some shows and wanted to test out some new photo equipment. It can be anything from a schooling show to a larger show. Thanks!
  11. Sla Photography.

    yeah i dont use glossy either, for myself or my clients. they catch glares too easily... its amazing when you see a photo in colour, then the same photo inb&w...
  12. Sla Photography.

    they still came out nice! i'm a sucker for a nice b&w photo!
  13. Sla Photography.

    those are nice... some would be better if you were able to tweak the colouring of the b&w a add more contrast...
  14. Finally...

    congrats! he sure is a looker!!!!