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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! =]
  2. Is there a certain amount of time I should wait between oiling it? I guess I am just wondering if it will hurt it to put too much on all at once or if I need to let each layer soak in. I am sort of impatient, so figured I would check before giving it a try. =]
  3. Treating A Gelding With A Yeast Infection

    He has an extremely strong smell coming from his sheath area- as in I noticed it just bending down to brush his legs. I also noticed a build up of a yellow gluey like substance on the inside of his back legs. At first I didn't make the connection, but later realized that his sheath had the same yellowy build up and that he was not dropping to pee. At this point the vet came out and we treated him with antibiotics for an infection but there was no improvement. He started to get a build up of hardened "gunk" around the opening to his sheath, I would assume from not dropping to pee. I also have found that when he does drop, he lifts his leg as if to try and scratch- this causing the "gunk" to get all over his legs. When I clean his sheath (just with warm water, I don't want to irritate it any further) he stretches his head down like he's itchy. To me, those symptoms seem like they could point to a yeast infection. What do you think?
  4. Treating A Gelding With A Yeast Infection

    I have called my vet, and I am bringing in a urine sample to the office tomorrow to see if there isnt more going on. She has been out to see him once and had me treat him for an infection, but the issue didn't clear up. My vet has given me the go-ahead to treat him for a yeast infection in the mean time to see if it helps. When I asked, she said to try something like monistat, I was just wondering if anyone had had any luck with this method, or if anyone has ever experienced this issue before.
  5. Has anyone treated a gelding for a yeast infection in the sheath? I believe my gelding has a yeast infection, so I am looking for some advice. If so, what product/s would you recommend and how long would you continue treatment? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I was wondering if I could get some advice on darkening my saddle. I just bought a used Dover Circuit Elite Eq saddle that is in great condition, but if I can I would like it a shade or two darker if possible. The leather is already really soft and supple, I am just not a huge fan of the reddish color. I have heard pros and cons to using neats foot oil to darken leather, is there anything else I could use that will do the job without damaging the leather or stitching? Or is neats foot oil safe? Any recommendations would be great. Also- any suggestions for good leather cleaners would be appreciated. I want to keep my saddle looking great for as long as possible. I included a picture for reference Thanks in advance!
  7. Dropping In With An Update

    Thanks Nick. No my trainer doesnt ask me to ride that way, probably another one of my bad habits. I tend to be stiff when I ride anyway, so I am sure it results from that. I need to remember to breathe when riding
  8. Dropping In With An Update

    Haha well Tres isnt always that dirty, I took that right after he rolled so all the dirt was caked on him. He is usually an odd grey color though from the dirt =]
  9. Dropping In With An Update

    Oh believe me, he is not as clean as the pictures make him look! My trainer said it best when she said he has taken on a "dirty sock color". =] Most of the time he is clean in pictures over the summer because he gets hosed off after almost every ride. For baths I use cowboy magic purple shampoo and for spots I use green spot remover. Other than that, he is usually pretty dirty! Dirt is his favorite
  10. Dropping In With An Update

    Awhh thanks! I think my stirrups have stretched out. I punched more holes in them and put them up to the highest hole last year and they are long this rate I am going to need kid leathers! haha. I see what you mean though. I think I would be more comfortable with them shorter. I will have to get the hole punch out.
  11. Dropping In With An Update

    Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I have posted, but I wanted to drop back in with an update and ask for a critique. I'm not sure if anyone will remember us but my horses are Tres and Odie. I am in my Junior year of college now and am finding that riding while in school is definitely a challenge. I usually only ride one to two times a week, and have been taking lessons almost every week since summer at a new barn. We have worked a lot on Tres' flat work, and I think this new trainer has found some things that really work for both of us. After taking time off from riding regularly last year due to school, some of my confidence issues with jumping have creeped back up, so we have mainly been keeping fences low working on balancing in the corners and getting me to remember to breathe Just wanted to say Hi! I'll post some pictures, and any critique you have for us would be greatly appreciated! My equitation is not what I would like it to be lately, so advice or exercises to work on would be great! Tres..running to his new pasture =] Little Odie Some riding pictures from over the summer In a lesson Some from the past few weeks 3ft- from this past weekend Thanks for looking! =]
  12. Sore Horse After Removing Shoes

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I really wanted to believe that he was right I guess, he has done a great job with one of my other horses in the past who had a fractured coffin bone, so I really was hoping I could rely on his word..guess not as much as I thought. I will continue padding his feet. I asked my boyfriends mom who owns racehorses and she suggested padding them with a 1/2" to and 1" of cotton with icthamol and dmso to help take the soreness out of his feet...this was without having her look at them and before I knew what was really wrong with them. Is that still okay to do? I have his feet wrapped and padded right now. He also has bell boots on so he doesnt catch himself and pull a shoe. I have him on the dry lot right now, so I will keep him there. I'm sort of torn as to what to do over his feed. I have stopped giving him sweet feed and have him eating his hay out of the slow feeder, but should he still get his other feed? Its Triumph Complete. I will also look into the supplement. It sounds like it would be a good idea for him. As for him being barefoot, it was only supposed to be a temporary thing in the first place. I think it would be great if he could be barefoot, but its not something I am as concerned with. Its obviously a long process, and I'm not sure if I would have to switch farriers or not...I think the farrier I use would work with me to make my horse barefoot, its just not something I guess I ever considered for the long term. Storey- your pictures are great. I am glad that your guy is doing so well without shoes, he looks very happy. My pony is actually barefoot too and is perfectly happy. I guess it is something to consider for my other horse as well.
  13. Sore Horse After Removing Shoes

    He's a breeding stock paint actually =] Is he really that overweight that he cant have grain ever again? He has been overweight before, and been fine once he has been in regular work again. Also, the farrier put his shoes back on and didnt seem to think there was anything to worry about other than his feet being a little out of wack from not being trimmed. He seemed to think that he was just sore and not used to being without shoes after having them for so long. I asked him about the lines in his hooves and he said that it had to do with his conformation and the way weight was being distributed on them because of the way that had been growing. He seems to be alright with his shoes on, a little sore, but no worse than he was after having the pads on for a few days. I guess I am sort of unsure where to go from here. I will still keep him off the grass, as he could stand to lose some weight anyway, but now I dont know what to think =/
  14. Sore Horse After Removing Shoes

    Thanks! I decided to put the grazing muzzle on him instead today, and he was much happier. He went out and played with the pony. He is much less sore today too which I was glad to see. =]
  15. Sore Horse After Removing Shoes

    Thank you for the reply! I just went out and made a slow feeder. He figured it out after a little while. haha. I will also stop giving him sweet feed. He may have needed it when he was being worked every day, but he obviously doesnt need it now. As for turnout, we do have a dry lot, so I will keep him there for now. Thanks again! eta: I made an appointment for the farrier to come out and take a look at him on Monday to see what he thinks as well.