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  1. Some Pictures!

    Haha of course I do! I grew up showing at Las Colinas :) What barn are you at?
  2. Some Pictures!

    Ahhh!! Las Colinas!! Didn't know you lived around here!! Love Todd :)
  3. Soooo.. literally this place is a ghost town!! But I want to know how everyone is doing!! pretty pleaseeee Rex is great.. teaching my mom how to jump around, and still jumps around with me occassionaly.. he is 17 now How is everyone and their equines!? getting jumped out of the tack:
  4. Thanks everyone! Yeah he's doing great for his age..... My mom actually jumped for the first time on Sunday! He was such a saint to her.
  5. So! I haven't really posted an update on the big red horse in a looooong time. Rex will be 17 in May waaaah! I can't believe it has been 7 years since I first started riding him... He's doing great though! Happy as can be.. He bops around the ring with my mom twice a week, and she has even started cantering... he's so good to her.. My course load is pretty light this semester, so I get to ride 4x a week which is aweeessommee... We're back up to schooling 4'+... even get to pop over some 4'6"-4'9" stuff sometimes which obviously scares the poo out of me since I developed a sense of self preservation as soon as I turned ammie hahaha.. But it has been nice to be able to ride enough to get us both in good enough shape to jump some substancial jumps again like the good old days.. The video is from a few weeks ago, just farting around in a gymnastic type thing.. Rex wasn't incredibly impressed... I think the tallest one was 4'6-4'9... I can't rememver Anyway below are some pictures of him, two are stills from the video that I just thought were cool, but excuse the poor quality.. they look better on my phone ha... and one of my dog because he's adorable and I'm obsessed with him aha... Oh and the black horse is doing well.. he's at a barn just a bit away getting ridden over there, so yay for him too! Videooo I thought this was cool.. the video froze like this so I had to screen shot it because his back feet are off the ground Over the plankkk He's such an easy going dude and I luff him My dog pretending he's on a beach somewhere instead of here for the winter brrr... yeah okay I'm cool... and done hahah....bye
  6. This Place Is Dead

    Been riding the red horse bareback everyday.. I actually prefer to hack bareback, it's a hard workout for me and I can get a lot more done with him than with a saddle.. I like having my leg right there and he's just overall easier to ride into a frame and stuff bareback with a dressage whip..
  7. This Place Is Dead

    Chirs! Rex and Gus are doing well.. My mom has actually started riding Rex! ha I'll have to post a video. It's actually quite impressive. This semester needs to be over now... Literally the worst semester of my life in so many ways.
  8. This Place Is Dead

  9. Mentally Handicapped People & Sex

    It's not love or companionship if Kate is being used for sex because of her disability.
  10. Xc Photos Of The Big Fella From Today

    You're lucky I live in America.. I would steal him in a heartbeat...
  11. It Has Been Ages But...

    Very cute! I don't know if you always do this or if it was because you were using the cross rail, but let the longe line out a little but.. she's spinning in a little teeny circle.. I can understand if it was that short because you were jumping her and you wanted for control, but for flatwork it can be longer..
  12. It Has Been Ages But...

    you have the video on private...
  13. 4 Years

    You've got to love those long time trainers. I followed mine 2 times, but sadly could not follow them the third. I just recently stopped training with them after 12 years. It's heartbreaking to move on.. Good luck with your show season!!!
  14. The Official Name My Pony Thread

    Anything Harry Potter related will always win in my book.. Olivander