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  1. Very nice. I love the shape of the skirt. I like the look of the Corriente too.
  2. Video of the new horse

    Very cute! Does he have any white on his face? I had a mustang that was sensitive to things touching his legs & belly. I'd flick the end of the lead rope (or lunge line) around his legs & tap his belly with it, while letting him graze. He eventually got used to it & was much less reactive to bugs, people, etc, touching him there. Best of luck with him!
  3. Synergist Saddles

    I know this post is a few years old, but I thought I'd give my review in case anyone else is looking for information on Synergist saddles. I bought a used Synergist on eBay about 2 years ago. My horse & I love it. Super supple, high quality leather. Pre-turned fenders. Trail stirrups. Suede seat. Best of all...light weight. It only weighs about 21 lbs. Even though it's a western trail model, the bars are more english style (see picture). The serial # on this saddle is for a wide/extra wide built on a wide tree. The company can (for a fee) adjust the width of this particular saddle to either wide or extra wide. So, the saddle can be adjusted to fit a horse if it gains or loses weight...or adjusted (within reason) to fit another horse. My only complaint about the saddle, is that on long rides (over 2 - 2 1/2 hours), the super cushy, padded seat (which others might love) causes numbness in parts I'd rather not be numb in. (Too much information, I know.) I'm used to riding more on my pockets, where this saddle puts you in more of an equitation seat. This saddle was not custom made for me, but was made for someone with the same height, weight and inseam measurements. The company keeps the original owner's custom order info. They are super nice & very helpful answering questions. The serial # for these saddles is located on the under side of the pommel (under the horn area).
  4. Pics from our ride today

    Beautiful pictures! Love the architecture...and the landscape...and Coblet!
  5. Horses kicking off their shoes.

    Boots sound like a great option. If he has soft (tender) feet from being shod, walking him barefoot on asphalt or concrete will help to toughen up his feet. I've transitioned 3 horses from shoes to barefoot very successfully. Initially, it took lots of hand walking on hard surfaces, hoof supplement, and frequent trims (removing very little at a time until the feet are shaped). I used Easy Boots with gaiters for my riding horses. They stayed on very well & caused minimal rubbing. Without the gaiters, the sand & dirt would rub the pastern, mostly if we were riding through water & dirt (causing a build up on the back of the pastern). My ancient Tennessee Walker used Cavallo boots. He wasn't ridden hard, so they were the better option for him. They were much easier to put on & take off to clean out the dirt. The boots you have pictured look like they're pretty rugged. My only suggestion would be to watch the 'pillow' part for dirt build up in the creases and any cracking of that material that might cause rubs.
  6. Horse doesn't like men

    We still have some issues to overcome, but overall, he's much better. Thank you (sincerely) for asking.
  7. Horse doesn't like men

    Tiger Lily ~ I absolutely believe that horses can have a preference for men or women. I believe that they do have memories and can associate past negative experiences with the gender of the person that treated them negatively. I had a horse that definitely preferred men and one that preferred women. And I agree with Jubal on the theory of having men give your mare treats to help win her over. It might show her that kindness can come from anyone.
  8. A Little Help.

    Were you able to have Oak tested for ulcers yet? If he's reactive to pressure points, it might be worth it to have the vet do a fecal test to see if there's blood in his manure. I've seen some devil horses turn into angels after ulcer treatment. (Although it sounds like Oak's been a bully his whole life.) It might not cure his issue completely, but it might make him a little less grumpy. Good luck!
  9. Abused horse

    I've had my gelding for 10 months now. He went through at least 1 auction...possibly 2, back to back, then was bounced from owner to owner (a month or so with each person) until I bought him. He had lice, snots, was quite underweight & had severe trust issues when I got him. He's now fat & healthy, but the trust issues remain. I can handle his ears now...if I move slowly. Moving too fast or having an object (like a brush) in my hand causes panic. (Pulling his head away & rolling his eye protectively.) He pulled back and broke a breakaway halter once when I reached up & grabbed the halter too fast. He will relax when I pet his ears, but the second I move my hand too fast or there's some noise around us that brings him out of the 'I like this' daze, the eye rolling & protecting happens again. I've worked with him every day for 10 months. He still flinches the first time I touch him anywhere on his body, he still protects his face or scrambles away if I lift my hand too fast. Wiping sweat off my face or getting the hair out of my eyes seems to be the end of the world for him. Every single time. I've done some desensitizing with him, but he always acts like it's the first time. It's like the movie Groundhog Day. I know every horse is an individual, but I'm wondering if we'll ever have a break through. I have never mistreated him & have actually let him get away with a few little things I wouldn't let any of my other horses get away with because I'm afraid of losing what little ground I've gained. I know that's not good, which is why I'm seeking advice. Any tips? Success stories?
  10. Abused horse

    Thank you! Maybe there is hope. The odd part is that he isn't spooky about 'things'. I have an obstacle course set up here & he took every obstacle with grace the first time we rode it. IF he spooks under saddle, it's just a brace (thankfully) and nothing crazy. I've been thinking about boarding him so he can be with other horses, but there isn't anywhere nearby that I can afford...or that accepts western riders...the other places are over an hour each way. My barn & pasture are really only set up for 1 horse at home. I agree with you about rather having a horse to teach...but having my arm stay in the socket when the vet gives him shots would be nice! Lol!
  11. Abused horse

    No, I haven't. Good thought. I will bring it up to the vet the next time he comes out. I worked him on the ground some more today and he did great. He doesn't react negatively to the training stick at all. He even picked it up & played with it when I set it down. He responded to every 'ask' the first time, except once, and he didn't bug out when I asked a little firmer that time. He went back to 'protect mode' when I brushed his mane. After lots of 'head down' work, I was able to brush his forelock. These are the kind of days we have, then tomorrow will be like starting all over again.
  12. Abused horse

    I do feel bad that he thinks it's the end of the world all the time, but I don't tippy toe around him. I go about my business as usual. I've had other horses in the past, but he's my only one right now. I know about pressure and release and am always aware of timing. He's not scared of farm machinery or loud noises, he'll stand and watch as a pack of snowmobiles go by, but if you reach up to fix your ponytail the 'protecting' starts. We do have progress during a training session, but the next time I approach him, it's square one all over again. He's also super sensitive when lunging. If I ask him for something and have to go to phase 2 or 'telling' him to do it, he goes into panic mode. He's super broke under saddle. It's just the human contact on the ground that's an issue.
  13. Odd size saddle help

    I've tried 7" FQHB saddles & 6 1/2" SQHB saddles. After downloading templates, my horse seems to take a SQHB, but is a 7" gullet. Does anyone know of any companies that make this odd combination?
  14. Odd size saddle help

    Thank you, Southern Trails! Yes, the templates were from the Horse Saddle Shop. The SQHB template fits nicely, the FQHB is too wide at the bottom. I tried a Fabtron synthetic trail saddle (6 1/2" SQHB) on him with just a thin saddle blanket under it. The angle seemed OK, but the gullet was so tight I could barely squeeze my hand under it. The FQHB/7" gullet I have seems to rest on his spine. My 'go to' saddle is a medium/wide Synergist with a 7" gullet. I love the saddle & it fits him great, but it makes my, um, 'lady parts' go numb. He's supposedly a 13 yr old QH. He's approx 14.3 hh & weighs about 953lbs per weight tape. I don't have many good current body pics of him, these are from Aug/Sept. Someone had recommended an Arab saddle on one of the other horse forums. Not sure what angle those bars are though. Thanks for any help you can give! EDITED TO ADD: Since I posted this, I re-measured him. I made a template of the FQHB saddle (near the center of the saddle). It seems to fit much better now that he's gained weight. (He was perfect weight in the Aug. pictures, but has gained a little weight since then.) The angle at the gullet is right on the medium-wide to wide borderline according to the Wintec gullet measurer I have. I'm thinking I might be able to get away with a 7" FQHB with the right pad. I really like the Fabtron Lady Flex Saddle. Would the flex tree adjust enough for some seasonal weight gain & loss?
  15. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    My horse has a brand on his left shoulder. I don't have any info on him, other than he's around 12 yrs old. I've been searching brand books online, but not all states have online books. Not knowing where he came from is making it more difficult. Just wondering if anyone recognizes this brand. I'd love to find out more info on him.
  16. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    Wow! My Mexican gelding's name was Pazo! (Close to Paco!) There's a place in northern NJ that gets loads of Mexicans in from Missouri every spring. Echo Lake Stables in Newfoundland, NJ. Not sure if that's too far for you, but they do have excellent horses. I checked the Cranbury Horse Auction sale site from NJ to see if there were any pictures of my current horse on there. No luck so far. The people I bought him from are being very secretive about where he came from. He had lice, snots, thrush, was underweight & skittish when I got him. He has a few pretty bad scars on his hind legs too. I know he's had it rough. I'll keep checking other auction sites. Thank you!
  17. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    So, one of the ladies in New York that I bought Pie from said they got him from a lady in Connecticut, and they're pretty sure she got him at an auction. No idea what auction though. Dead end again.
  18. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    I had a 'Mexican' years ago. That one came from Mexico, through auction in El Paso, TX, then to Missouri, then to New Jersey. Best darn little (14.1 hh) horse/pony I ever had. He was alllllll heart. Double branded. I spent years looking for them too. Took me almost a year of working with him to get him on a trailer (consistently). We did everything from cowboy obstacle challenges to hunter paces (once he'd get on the trailer!). Life got in the way & I had to give him up. I still cry when I think about him. Thankfully, I know where he is now. The owner won't sell him back to me....but I know he's being well cared for. I can only hope this guy has some of the same genes!
  19. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    Here's a link to my gallery on HorseCity. It has before & after pictures of him. He's gained a little more weight since the 'after' picture. Not quite so ribby now! I think he may be considered a sooty buckskin with dapples. I'll post more photos later of him from today.
  20. I looked at a mini donkey today. She's (possibly) going to be a companion for my 12 yr old QH. My gelding sniffed me all over when I came home. Eyes & nostrils wide. Very alert. He paced the pasture for the next hour. Head bobbing high & low, smelling the air. He wouldn't come in for dinner, until I went out to get him. He nickered when he saw me, but was very reluctant to come back to the barn with me. Later, I got the once over again. He'd take a bite of hay, sniff my shirt where the donkey had her head on me, chew & grab another mouthful of hay. Eyes wide & alert again. He's been alone for the 5 months I've had him. He was a nervous pacer at first, but calmed down quite a bit in the past few months. I'm not sure if his actions are saying "Where is she? I want to meet her!!!" or "OK, who's invading my territory?" Any opinions? I'm setting up a separate area for the mini donk, but I don't want to stress my boy out. I've always thought horses needed companions, but his actions have me wondering if the solo life makes him happier.
  21. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    I have ridden him. He did well in the riding ring when I test rode him and he does good in the pasture at home...outside, in 'the real world', he's nervous & unsure. He seems very well broke. Neck reins, rides off your seat, moves beautifully. Definitely has talent, just needs courage! (We're working on that!) I don't know why, but I'm not able to load photos. I'll try to upload a full body shot of him later. He's gorgeous.
  22. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    I bought him in the Catskill area of New York. I don't have any idea where he was before that.
  23. We just cleared a smallish area (approx. 75x100) for a riding area. I've done a lot of research on footing & am more confused now than before. We have nasty clay here. The kind that is either icy slick, or boot sucking when wet, depending on the amount of rain we get. Most of the riding area is clay. For some reason, a small part of it is nice, fine gravel with sand. I don't have a lot of money to spend on it, so coated sand and other high priced options are out. One article I read, the person had used stone dust in their arena, but they were in an area that had limestone stone dust. I'm in the blue stone quarry capital of the world, so that's basically what I'd have access to. Not sure if it's the same quality as limestone dust. Would bluestone stone dust work as footing if harrowed/dragged to keep it loose? Would a regular coarse sand be a better option? Can the 2 be mixed? HELP!!!!! My brain hurts from thinking about it so much! lol Any suggestions would be great!
  24. What Length Webbers?

    So, until I hit the lottery & can afford the western saddle that will fit my horse (TWH), I've decided to go with a Wintec 2000. I think it will do the job while he's filling out & gaining muscle. (I had one years ago for my mustang & loved it.) My question: If I'm 5'3", what size webbers will I need? I have a 28" inseam (if that helps at all). Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!
  25. What Length Webbers?

    I'm usually a 3 or 4 (ladies) Levi's & most other brands. (28x30 are the most comfortable when buying by waist & length size)