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  1. Jehovahs Witnesses

    Open the door with a cigarette in your mouth, a glass of liquor in your hand and a baby in your arm. (this works especially if you appear underage, and clearly not married) That will scare them off!
  2. Hand Washing After Using The Restroom

    I love washing my hands - I wash at least 3-4 times in the a.m, and again in the pm. I'm not weird about shaking hands with people, the touching doorknobs etc etc. It is what it is, but I definitely make sure I wash my hands frequently. I am also one of those that showers quite frequently. I'm just a very hygenic person in general. The only thing that sucks is how dry my hands get in the winter. Now when I used to work at the barn, I would do chores - much stalls etc, and not think much about picking up something to eat in between. If I was sitting down to eat a meal, I would probably wash my hands, but animal germs really don't freak me out as much as human germs.
  3. Are You A Parent That Snoops?

    My parents used to let me do whatever whenever. They knew they could trust me, and therefore let me have free roam of whatever I did. Did they snoop? maybe mom has I really don't know - I'm sure all parents do on some occassion, but I never got into trouble for something she would have been snooping for. Facebook - texting all that fun "new" stuff wasn't really around yet when I was in highschool...I think it was JUST coming out. I didn't have a cell phone until I was 18 and old enough to pay for it by myself so, no they have never snooped through that sort of stuff. If she had ever gone through my bag and such in highschool I'd probably be mad. I wouldn't go through her purse without asking, so I'd expect the same from her. I don't live at home anymore though so I don't worry about that sort of stuff. Our relationship was pretty rocky at one point WITHOUT the snooping so I doubt it would have ever been better with it.
  4. Ann Coulter

    she's a joke and should be publicly humiliated
  5. Critique?

    becc is just fishing for an argument and feeding off negativety. They clearly enjoy the fact that they are hurting someone's feelings, and therefore should just be ignored. There was no constructive criticism in their critique at all - and was done so in an effort to upset someone. To the OP - it's fun to ride other horses isn't it? I am riding a 15.3 hh jumper for this lady who has a lot of power and scope for a little guy. Last night I got to sit on my old trainers 18h warmblood. It was an insane difference, but so much fun! Keep up the practicing and working on things that need to be worked on. I too have a stiff lower back and a hands that I wish I could replace with buttery soft ones. Alot of these habits I picked up riding different horses in the past. My hands - from my old OTTB hunter who used to go like a freight train....my stiff lower back from years of ballet dancing. I have been working on these things for years. It just takes time. Good luck and thank you for posting your pictures!!
  6. George Bush - Miss Me Yet?

    George Bush writes with crayons, and its not because he`s a great artist
  7. Palin Is Back

    Personally, I think she played a huge role in why the Rebpublicans lost the election. If anything had happened to John McCain, everyone was afraid she would be the one to take over.... From a Canadian perspective, I think she has had a tough time with the media and all. I feel bad for her in some ways, however, I really don't think she could ever run for president. She takes a bad wrap from the media thats for sure, though I did find it quite funny when she got all defensive when katie couric asked her SUCH a hard question, such as "what do you read?" ...If this woman is going to crack under pressure regarding an interview where she couldn't answer a simple question, and then got caught lying, I really don't think she has the brains to be the president, or the vice president for that matter. And who ever said earlier that your country was in SO much debt now because of Obama, I'd take a look back at the other smarty pants you had running your country. You guys have been in debt for a looonnnngggg time. You have to give props to Obama and McCain...it wasn't going to be an easy job to pick up.
  8. The times have changed. Sure kids are growing up faster in some senses - and in other ways, not at ALL what our parents and the generations before us had to do. My mom was out of the house at 18. It's different for our generation. First of all, alot of us have to PAY for our own eduation (myself included) I know for a fact that I couldn't pay off my loan and afford a house or apartment with other people. I am 22, and am living with my boyfriend at his house. He has gone through 4 years of school and is about to go to teacher's college after. We both know it will be another year before we can move out together. First of all I can't pay for it all by myself (I work fulltime and am saving and paying off college loans) and he won't be able to work as much whilst being in teacher's college) We rely more on our parents to provide shelter for us while we save up. Because this generation is going to college and university more so than the generations before us, it is taking us longer to get out of the house.
  9. A Spinoff- Spanking

    My boyfriend's mom said the other day that she only spanked her boys when they were young a couple of times. My BF (the oldest) got the point right away she said, but the youngest one, apparently gave her a huge bratty face and said "Can't you hit harder than that???" she said she stopped right then and there - it clearly wasn't doing any good, and the child seemed to get brattier the more she spanked him. I found that kind of funny...a 3 year old calling his mommy out on not spanking him hard enough.
  10. Email I Recieved

    "Want to see the video that goes along with that? " ahaha yah it was a pretty sweet commercial in it's day!
  11. Email I Recieved

    I want to see this Canadian one.... If its the one I'm thinking of, its comical in the sense that we eat whale blubber and have dog sledding races. I don't think it goes into anal ranting and offensive statements such as "speak english while serving my big mac yo" I like this one: Hey, I'm not a lumberjack, or a Furtrader, and I don't live in an igloo, or eat blubber or own a dogsled. And I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I'm certain they're really, really nice. I have a prime minister... not a president, I speak English and French, not American and I pronounce it About, not A-boot. I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack, I believe in peacekeeping, not policing, diversity not assimilation, and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal. A toque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch, and it IS pronounced Zed, not Zee... ZED!! Canada is the 2nd largest land mass, the 1st nation of hockey, and the best part of North America. My name is Joe... and...I......AM......CANADIAN! Thank you. See...funny? not offensive
  12. Helping Out Your Parents

    Okay, I will first start off by saying that I love my parents. They have done a ton for me - brought me into this world, raised me, put clothes on my back etc, etc. I commend them for not spoiling me growing up - I will admit, I haven't had an easy go (but who hasn't?) I won't go into great detail from my childhood...but there was rarely ever money, and my parents definitely taught me that if I wanted something, I had to work hard for it. I have paid for everthing I have ever wanted (clothes, riding lessons, shows, leasing, nick nacks, you name it)...everything except my own groceries, since I was 14 years old. I worked at the stable everynight after school and on weekends to pay for riding lessons. I have never complained. My parents were very supportive of my hobby - dad always drove me to the barn and picked me up, even in awful weather. He even got up at the crack of dawn to help me get ready for horse shows. For this, I will always be eternally greatful. When I was 19 I went to college and graduated with a diploma the following year. Mom and dad said they were going to help me pay for it - They had paid for my brothers schooling (and he never finished.) This past year Mom explained to me that she couldn't help me pay for school. By this point, they were charging me rent to live there, and I had to pay for my own groceries, all the while asking me for random cash every now and then. (I had been working as a graphic designer since graduation) I would help them out whenever I could...I didn't make alot of money, not nearly as much as them, and yet I was still giving them 20 bucks here and there, a few times a week (for gas, my dad's cigarettes, sometimes groceries) and rent on top of that. Please understand that I was trying to save up to get out of there. I was getting a little frustrated that they were always asking me for money, on top of charging me for rent and paying for my own groceries...then they sprung the "You have to start paying the student loan off yourself because we can't" I just about nearly freaked out. I got over it, told myself I was a big girl and arranged to have the loan sent over in my name. I started making payments, paying rent, buying groceries, etc. etc. Mom and dad would ask for extra money every now and then. I finally got pissed one day and said no, I had nothing to give them. Then dad's job went into a freeze - no one got paid that day conveniently on the same day the mortgage and the car payment was coming out. Dad took me over to the bank and made me take out 1500 in cash. I started crying right there in the bank. That had taken me forever to save up. Things got touchy at home...I tried not to be upet with them. They were never good with their money, I had been helping them out since I was 14 years old, and I just knew I was probably never going to get paid back what I had just given them. Mom kicked me out in the summer finally...I have been living with my boyfriend since. Things are better now that I don't live at home. Mom and dad are nicer to me (since they miss me)...I visit usually once a week. Every now and then we have an argument. Usually she tells me that I am selfish...which really hurts considering what I have done for them. I'm not asking for thanks but, it would be nice not to be called selfish from my own mother. Anyways thats the frustrating tale from my end. I think helping other people out particularly your parents is a great thing. I'd do it again because I love them. It's sad because I am their youngest child, and yet they have had to rely on me so much. I feel more like the parent sometimes which can be exhausting. One thing they have instilled in me is that nothing is free in this world, and that you have to work extremely hard to get to it. Cookies for whoever reads this...I'm glad I was able to spark interest regarding a topic
  13. Email I Recieved

    Not to sound rude... I KNOW there are smart americans who live. There is a stereotype however, that claims americans are some of the dumbest creatures on earth. I'm Canadian, and I have met many smart americans, so I know it's just a stereotype, but this email SOUNDS like it was written by one of those dumb americans that are typically made fun of day to day. Just my opinion though
  14. Email I Recieved

    ppfttt ahahah that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever read
  15. How Much Should You Help Your Adult Child?

    I am about to turn 22 (In 2 days)...I am my parent's youngest child. I moved out in september due to an enormous argument with my mother (from my side, she is very hard to get along with...with bud heads constantly) I had to pay the mortgage and the car insurance for them in the summer when my dad got laid off. They have yet to pay me back (they owe me almost 2 grand) I know how frustrating it is to await payments from someone you love. funny how our stories are opposites. I think you should tell her that the horse goes back or she pays up, simple as that. She might argue or get upset, but tough. The horse costs money to feed. She should be old enough to understand that.