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  1. Flex At The Poll...or Just Drop His Head!

    Hey thanks so much for a little more clarification and guidleines! He is pretty good at moving off the leg to the sides like getting on or off the rail, I just have a hard time knowing if I really AM making him walk in a frame at the walk. I think I am sometimes when I see his head drop a little and he is moving forward from my legs and I have the reins at good contact. So, I THINK that is the frame, but of course Im not really sure yet. So, I can do it at the walk I think, but I dont know anything beyond that for the trot or canter. Thanks for suggesting leg work though, its always a good thing to practice!
  2. Hello, I Just Joined Too!

    Thanks so much for being so helpful already! I have already posted some questions in certain other forums related to the topic. So, I like it so far!!
  3. Flex At The Poll...or Just Drop His Head!

    Yes, its definitely true that he was never taught to ride in a frame! He was a Western trail horse for years for a ton of different people and then I plunge him into English riding! So, this definitely sounds like something I need to do with a trainer, and I am not really taking lessons right now because of money, but once we make the move to Ky, I am hoping to pick up regular lessons eventually. So, thanks for at least explaining it that a lot of work goes into it and its not just a cue! Thanks so much. This is something I need to wait for training with although I think I can work on impulsion at the walk, I think I get what that means as far as me just squeezing him into a faster walk and yet maintaining contact on his mouth right? So, there is some collection? I know its hard to explain this kind of stuff without actually being in person and without a trainer, but if thats what collection at the walk is, I think I can handle at least that gait. Thanks so much for helping though and more will come when I get into regular lessons down the road!
  4. Hey, when I bought my horse he was a Western trail horse for many years and then I switched him over to English. He is better with having contact on the reins all the time now. But, he always walks trots and canters, everything, with this long neck sticking up and out. I dont know the cue to get him to drop his head, and he doesnt know how to do it in the first place. I tried sawing the reins back and forth a little one time and he did drop his head, but is there anything I can do that will help him learn it? Like is there a word or something I can use while doing it so he associates the sawing? I just need help because he looks so weird when hes walking around with his long neck and he doesnt know flexing! Thanks for any help if you can! Monica
  5. Hello, I Just Joined Too!

    Yep! I just went and made it smaller right before you posted that. I hope its okay now. If not, I can resize it even more I guess!
  6. Bots

    Yeah, actually I agree with using a razor. I just had to do this last week and it worked pretty fast to get them off, however, Roman only had a small patch on his knee. For the mane though, I really dont know what works best, but just wanted to let you know that I think using the razor was pretty quick and worked well!
  7. Hello, I Just Joined Too!

    Oh yes I am looking forward to moving! I cant wait to get to Kentucky! But of course selling the house and all that up here is taking a long time, and the job I applied for isnt for SURE yet... although part of it is... its all a huge up in the air thing... But yes, I cant wait to be there, and we will be SOME time!
  8. Hello, I Just Joined Too!

    Hi, I just wanted to say 'hi' to you all because I just joined today! I am 25 and I live in Minnesota and we are trying to move to Kentucky right now! I had the interview last week and we will see what happens...also it is hard to sell our current house here! I am a sign language interpreter and I love it! I just got my first horse in November and his name is Roman Whisper. He is a Belgian/Quarter 15.2hh 16 years old and just a sweetheart! It has been so much fun having my own horse already for just these 8 months! He is a lot of fun! He was an old trail horse before I bought him and I switched him over to English riding because I really like riding English, although, I want to get him Western stuff again too just so I have both! I like trailing better in Western. So, that is a bit about me and my horse! I hope to meet lots of you!! Love, Monica