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  1. 3yr old mare names brakes with it, would she make a nice barrel horese? http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/brakes+with+it
  2. Would You Buy This Baby?

    Why is he such a huge no no tho?
  3. Would You Buy This Baby?

    Would you buy this baby and in the future have trained as a barrel horse if these are her parents? Mom: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/freedoms+class+act Dad: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/captain+dry+doc Any input would be great! Thanks
  4. Training A Young Horse.

    I was wondering what the list of how to train a horse would go, like ground work the lunging and then what all the way to how you teach them the pattern
  5. Which Saddle Is Better?

    I am looking for a new saddle and I found two I like but I don't know which is better, either Val du Bois Close Contact Saddle or Mondega 'Calisto' Close Contact Saddle? Some help would be great.
  6. Barn Names

    I like those, thanks so much.
  7. Barn Names

    I am trying to think of a name for my farm. & I need help, so I was thinking I would ask on here. Some things I would like it to have are: greek (god/ goddess) sounding, I want all my horses to have greek gods and goddess names so I thought a barn name to go with it would be great end in stable (doesnt have to) unique not hard to say
  8. Getting A Mare Ready For Breeding.

    First thing I hae talking to family members and they all say her baby would be a great baby. She has great/ smart/ and proven bloodlines. Now The mare her self has been know to take home checks from shows. & she does have some flaws because at some point we think she was treated to harsh for her personality, she is a sensitive, loving just pet me and spend time with me horse. One thing I know I would look for in a stud would be "toughness"(body & mind) but at the same time calm when it comes to his "job"(barrel racing) as the mare can work her self up very easily and I believe that is all "taught" to her. Also she is 15 years old and from what I've been told from past owners she has never been bred, but I've had people look at her and say she has had a baby and looking at you would think the same thing so at this point I'm going to go with no she has never been bred and no major health issues.
  9. Foal Colour

    If a bay mare was bred to a grey stud what colours could the foal be?
  10. Getting A Mare Ready For Breeding.

    I want to breed my mare, but I need to get all the info before I even ask my parents. So to start of my research, what is everything I should know about getting my mare ready, what am I getting the vet involved with rough prices, how I should choose a stud & anything else I need to know, I'm not planning on doing this right away, I'm going to take my time and get everything right.
  11. Si68? What Does It Mean?

    So from seeing that do you think this horse would be a fast barrel horse?
  12. Si68? What Does It Mean?

    I was reading a description for a horse that said "Barrel racing prospect, race as a two year old race $$ earner, and SI68 with problems every run." What does the SI68 mean??
  13. Thats crazy, exactly 1 month! & i just seen your member title: im not short im fun sized, that is my favourite considering everyone bugs me about my height

  14. Thats crazy, exactly 1 month! & i just seen your member title: im not short im fun sized, that is my favourite considering everyone bugs me about my height

  15. What Is This Colour Called?

    thank so much, i couldnt figure it out and it was driving me nuts, bell boots are my new obsession!