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  1. Comparing Gaited Breeds.

    If you are looking for a five gaited American Saddlebred, you will want to keep an eye on retired or former show horses. The reason being is that they are not naturally gaited in the same way that TWHs, pasos, rockies, etc are. They are a trotting breed with the natural ability to learn to slowgait and rack. The truly natural gaited ones are rare. Many are born racking, but once they find their trot, they don't usually switch back. If a horse does not look like he will be competitive in the Five Gaited division, or looks like he will be better suited for another division, then the time is not taken to teach him how to perform the other gaits on command. The American Saddlebred, due to the strong Thoroughbred background is primarily a trotting horse. That being said, they are my absolute favorite breed, and I would definitely recommend trying one.
  2. American Saddlebred

    *BOWS TO HARRY CALLAHAN* Temperament varies by horse. Go out and meet him. I have nearly thirty Saddlebreds right now and every one of them has a different personality. Never had a "whacked out" Saddlebred, and I live and breath the breed. Here is a great video
  3. Is This Horse Conformed For Saddleseat

    He looks like he could raise up. I think he's cute, and I don't generally care for "spots". LOL Good luck with him. Once he fills out, he's going to be one handsome horse! If I were you, I would go on to to learn more about Saddleseat.
  4. Manesy!back From Saddlebred Show*videos And Pics*

    Have you tried FB? That is usually where I put my Videos now. :) Just keep trying. LOL
  5. Manesy!back From Saddlebred Show*videos And Pics*

    [shocked] [Not Worthy] [Jump] Shelley, I love you. You definitely know a good Saddlebred. That was the horse I was talking about!!! We used to own him, we have his sire and his full sister. I <3 Annika and Jerry and of course, Sunny! Doug Shiflet has that class listed as the ASB Three Gaited Open Championship. Here are the proofs from Doug. He looks like a freaking Black Dragon. I cannot cannot CANNOT wait to see your video of him!!!!! I cannot wait to show it to my family.
  6. Manesy!back From Saddlebred Show*videos And Pics*

    I ADORE Carson Kressley. At the World Championships, in one of his classes(which he WON) he was the only one in there RIDING! He was not just going through the motions. He flat up won that class, and thank god the judges gave it to him. He's such a sweetheart, and a VERY nice rider. A horse we had who is by our stallion won his class on Saturday. I am so excited! I love his owner, and am so happy he is doing well for her. I wish I could have gone but... you know... that's a LONG way to go for me. Love the announcer. His voice makes me CRAVE a good Show now. ETA: Man, too bad you didn't get the 3 Gaited Open Championship on Saturday.
  7. Oh look at the little baby guppy fry. Aren't they just the cutest?!
  8. Speaking Of Fish....i Have This Betta

    Loaches do really well but they are hard as heck to catch when you need to. Loaches, snails, bamboo shrimp, larger ghost shrimp, and community, short finned fishes do pretty well.
  9. So I Put An Ad Up For Chiko...

    How very... interesting?? Have you gotten any other fun reads in response?
  10. Ok, Someone Help Me Get Pumped Up....

    Roll up them sleeves! Tie up your hair. Blare some heavy metal. Open the doors and windows to the fresh air to keep you energized! (And I agree. Put on a random disney movie. Those chicks can work!)
  11. Spring Is Here! Weight Loss Time!

    *nom*nom*nom* I'll be with you guys in a little bit.... LOL Just kidding. I am so in. I am 5'4" and 146. I have maintained that weight all winter, but now it is time to take me down a bit. I also need to work on my stamina. I get out of breath really easily.
  12. Fugs Site Suspended.

    Probably too many "Ooh, you are mean. I am reporting you!"
  13. Ot We Have Babies

    Aww, I thought there would be pics. Baby chicks are the cutest things ever.
  14. Why Are People So Scared Of Bugs?

    Oh yes, I am not a fearless individual by any means. Mine is worms and all types of maggots, larvae, etc. I don't know if it is just that they gross me out to no end, that they represent decay and filth, or parasites, or what, but I can hardly walk down the sidewalk when it rains. I am all jumpy on tip toe. I can go look at and admire earthworms when they come out from a few feet distance, but just the thought of them sends horrible creepy shivers down my back. *shudder* Even now.... But hard exoskeletoned bugs... they are so... DIVERSE!!! They are so unique, and colorful, and beautiful. Mantis baby. Isn't he cute. Spiders are my favorites though. They are just lovely, and perfect little killers. WARNING! SPIDER PHOTOS! *Nom*Nom*Nom* Hehehe, I love his eyes. Look at this one. So strange. Hehehe, I'll quit. :)
  15. Dog Help Needed

    Make a game of "Catch the Hot Dog!" I love using hot dogs for this purpose. Get a bunch of little pieces and play Russian Roulette. Hide the pill in one and give it to her at random.