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    Barrel racing and breeding barrel prospects.
  1. Hey From Okhorselover

    Hi There. Been a long time. Was thinking about my old HC friends & decided to come say hi. Hope all is well with you & your horses. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful with your family & friends. This year for me has been happy & hard. I lost Stewart this year. He was 27. Arthritis was very bad. But he is with God now & I know I will see him again someday. Sandi is pregnant :) She is bred to Slick By Design who will be running at the NFR again this year. Can't wait to meet the baby. Shasta is also pregnant with a first ever track running horse. He " Jess Being Valliant" has won almost $300,000 on the track. We are excited to meet the baby. Some will remember Shasta & Sandi being the glue twins. Well they will foal together next year so their baby's will be glue twins :) Snickers is fine. Home from Ga from another year of competing. Mariah is still babysitting & doing the best job. Baby's this year & last year are doing great. Hope all is wonderful for your all. Have a wonderful holiday season. Many Blessings to you all.
  2. Just Saying Hi

    Hi :) Think about you all often. Hope all is well with those who remember me & those who don't :) All is great with us. Mariah is still eating twinkees & being a serigant mom to the weanlings. Snickers is still a blond snob. Sandi is doing ranch sorting. A fun sport I have just picked up.Still breeding those barrel / roping prospects. Bred a barrel prospect last year we have decided to keep. Yes she is a blond :) Her name is Nugget. Have high hopes for her. No Snickers is not impressed with her :) Nugget will be our next futurity hopeful. Haven't had one since Snickers & that was in 2005. Been a while. Shasta is due to foal in 30 days. Can't wait for her baby. Her last baby is a team roping horse & doing very well. We are very proud of Willow. Been busy with all the horses. Life is good. Hope you all are healthy & well. Just wanted to stop in & say Hey.
  3. Merry Christmas

    Hi All. Just wanted to stop by & wish you all a Very Merry Christmas & a wonderful new year full of God's love. Hope you all are well & happy. Yes these are two of our baby's. Blessings M Mary & Lee Ranch
  4. Opinions On German Martingales

    I am going to run the mare in my avatar with a g. martingale this year. She futuritied in a tie down & ran for a few years with one, but she is much more collected & feels better with the g.m. If she likes it & she works well in it, then that's what she gets. I am all into happy horses & I look for what they like & do well in. I run her in an Ed Wright 3 piece med shank "no gag" & the g.m. works well with the bit. Marlene McRae ran Fols Classy Snazzy with a g.m. She won $45,000 on him at the nfr.He prefered a g.m. If that's what your horse likes & works well in, then use it.
  5. Bob Marshall Saddle(Cross Post From Gen. Horse)

    I would suggest the 5 star pad. They are 100% wool. That's all I use. The conform to fit the horse's back also.
  6. Hi Strangers :)

    This is one of our baby's. Her name is Dolly. Her mom's name is Sassy. Sassy was bred when we bought her from Potter Ranch in Arizona.We sure love this mare & her baby is wonderful. Her reg. name will be LR Dolly Wood.
  7. Hi Strangers :)

    Hey WR, No Snickers isn't 18, Mariah is. Snickers is 13 though Mariah is sizing up brooms for the baby's :) She will never change :)
  8. Hi Strangers :)

    Just wanted to stop by & say hi. I know, it's been forever. Hope you are all well & your horse's are well to. Think about you all from time to time.All is great with us. Had 3 new baby's born this year. Very excited about them.Snickers is doing great. Am running her this year, along with Sandi & my 6 yr. old Heidi. Mariah is still brooming She is still the main babysitter for the baby's. She is 18 this year. Can you believe it. Stewart is 25 this year. He is doing well. Bought a new mom mare this year. Her name is Sassy. She is a beautiful buckskin mare. She was bred & raised on the Potter Ranch & was roped on & won money. We were very blessed to get her. She had a beautiful buckskin filly "Dolly" We just love her. Been busy with horse's & life. Have no complaints though. I'm healthy & alive, so that is good. Well need to get dinner going. Hugs to you all & hug all your horse's for me. Mary
  9. Sorry but I can't stand her & wouldn't give her my hard earned money.I live not far where she grew up & no one in Checotah wants to admit they know her.She has bashed rodeo, is a supporter of Peta, bashes cattle breeders & owners but yet she grew up in one of the biggest cow area besides Tx.She is 2 faced.I don't know anyone is horse's or cattle that would pay to see her much less what to see her. She is an embarrasment to the state of Okla.
  10. Snickers Kid

    Your welcome Horse-Les. I know time flies. I remember finding him in the dirt. I was like, SNICKERS !!!! Couldn't you have waited to go into a freshly laid bed of straw ?? Diesel is doing great & the trainer loves him.He is a cute little guy. Hope all is well with you girl
  11. Show Me Your Dogs!

    This is my dalmatian Getter. He will be 13 in Nov.Hubby is a firefighter, so after we got Getter, we took him to the station for a photo shoot.he is a true representation of his breed.He is the best. There is no one who doesn't love getter.
  12. Snickers Kid

    Diesel is now a 2 year old. How time flies. He is at school now. These pic's were taken of him. He is a nice colt.Snickers did good.Anyway for those who know "The Blond" this is her kid at school.
  13. Hey !

    Hi, Just wanted to stop by & say hey.Hope everyone is fine & your horse's are healthy & well.All is good here. Finally starting to ride after 2 1/2 months of nasty heat. I don't do heat & neither do the horses. Miss Snickers is doing well.Going to run her in fall shows.Miss Sandi is well to. Miss Heidi "5 yr.old" is going to start going to some small jackpots.Bred 2 mares this year & am very excited about the baby's. Haven't had baby's in 4 years. Very excited about these two. Stallions are top producers.For those who know Mariah, she is well & still brooming.Anyway take care all & I would love to visit if things permit me to.Hugs to you all.
  14. Rip Scamper: A Legend

    It is sad Thoughts & prayers to Charmayne & her family. Scamper is a legend & will always be remembered as the greatest barrel horse that ever ran.To bad not every horse has the love & care that Charmayne gave Scamper. Every horse owner owes it to their horse to give them the same love & respect that Charmayne gave Scamper
  15. Gun Laws . Questions

    Ok, my thoughts. First off, a unloaded gun is worthless.If you need to protect yourself, an unloaded gun won't help you.You need to have it loaded period. You need to ask yourself, can I really shoot someone who is going to hurt me ? If you say, I don't know, you don't need to carry a gun.Someone who is going to hurt you will laugh at you & rape & kill you once they find out the gun is not loaded & trust me, they will find it out.I know you said you will load your gun if you break down, but there are circumstances that you may not have time to load your gun.You need to go take a gun coarse through the sheriffs dept.Do both the written & shooting test. They won't pass you if they don't think you should carry a gun & honestly, if you don't pass the coarse, you shouldn't carry a gun.A gun can be your friend or it can be your enemy.You better know how to use it & be willing to use it if needed. Unfortunatly this world is full of sick human beings & it has become a, I need to take care of myself world.I can honestly say I can & will shoot someone who I feel will hurt me.No I am not a mean person, but I will protect myself & my husband & my animals.I will not be a victum. I don't care to die in the hands of some wacko who will toture me untill I die.