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  1. I definately agree with Desert. I would band. Its more acceptable in english than braids are in western.
  2. Adding Weight To An Older Horse

    Yeah, what are you feeding him now? Vegetable oil is pretty efficient in adding fats.
  3. Looking To Get Into Saddleseat

    Well, Im not as concerned about that, as my area is not real big on saddleseat. Ive only ever seen saddleseat classes in my equestrian team shows. Even there, Ive only seen one gaited/show type horse entered. All the other horses are Quarters, Warmbloods, or TBs. I understand that to be competitive in the sport, you must have the suitable breed type, but that is not my main interest right now. If I enjoy it enough, I will certainly look into finding something more suited for the sport, but I am just looking to try it, as of now.
  4. Showing English For The First Time

    Your dress sounds good. You can pull off a short sleeved undershirt. Mine is a tank top, and it lookjs nice. A 4-6 inch long mane is perferable, and looks the best, but I would at least braid your horse's mane. Maybe like a fishtail braid (Ive always wanted to do that, but Howie's mane just isnt long enough.) Fishtails just look so cool.
  5. I am looking to start riding saddleseat. It looks fun. I have a 17 hand Appendix Quarterhorse gelding, and he does both english and western with me. I just really want to try saddleseat too. The only problem is, he has a long, low hunter frame, and Im sure that that is not acceptable in the saddleseat ring. Also, what would I need for saddleseat, clothing wise? Where can I get tack that is not super expensive? What is the saddle seat sizing? I ride in a 16" western, and a 18"-ish english. What would that transfer to in a saddleseat saddle? What differences is there in the riding style between saddleseat and other disciplines? What types of bits are allowed? I know a lot of people ride with double bridles. Are these mandatory, or is a single bit allowed?
  6. So, Howie, my Appendix gelding, has shivers in the hind end. I was told that this will act up with sugars in his diet. He also has a tendancy to get slightly thin. It is difficult to keep weight on him. My questions are: What can I feed Howie that has no sugars, and can put some weight on him? How do I know if there are sugars in feeds? For example, I have a few supplements that I feed my guys like MSM and a selenium supplement. How would I know if there is any sugar in them that would cause his shivers to act up?
  7. Showing A Thoroughbred.

    I guess my case isnt EXACTLY the same, but I ride an Appendix Quarterhorse in western pleasure. We do pretty well. We usually beat out most of the Quarter Horses. We stand out and attract attention. If you can get her to behave and move nicely, I think you/your stepsister will have a good chance of doing well. I love the TB in my Howie because he always has so much energy. He never tires, which is a good thing if you can get the negative energy under control. The bad part is, when I go to a show, I have to lunge Howie for about 20 minutes, then ride him until my western class. We ride both disciplines, though, so Im usually riding all day long anyways. Anyways, I personally love TBs in western, and they can do well if both the horse and rider are willing and work together well. If you dont have a relationship, you wont shine. You wont exhibit that air of confidence that can win you that blue.
  8. Western Pleasure Questions?

    Generally, the lower headset is more desired. In other breeds, such as Morgans and Arabians, the higher headset is accepted, but not with the typical Quarter Horses and other stock breeds. The shorter, pulled manes are more desirable. They are traditional and give a neater appearance. I havent found any real pattern of placings by height. I used to show a 14.1 hand Paint mare before my 17 hand guy, and they were both nice show horses. I have not found any difference in placings. For western pleasure classes, you are normally asked to have a shank bit on horses over 5 years old. Horses under 5 years are allowed to have a snaffle, as they are still considered to be in training. Check the rules of the association that you wish to show in, though, for illegal and allowed bits. Your best bet would be to show locally and in open shows for a while to get a taste of it. Show in green pleasure/equitation classes until you feel that you can move up to the open classes. As Dun said, take lessons on a pleasure horse. People seem to think that riding a pleasure horse is a piece of cake. It, in fact, is not. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Im always willing to help :)
  9. Tank Heater Question

    I also use the heaters that go into the drain plug. Theyre super nice and dont have the cage that rusts.
  10. Slowing Down The Lope.

    I had the same problem with my guy Howie when I bought him. Theres a few things you can do: 1. Circles. When your horse picks up speed at a lope, take it into a circle. Decrease the size of your circle until you achieve the desired speed. Gradually allow a larger circle. 2. Spirals. Fairly self explainitory. Lope in spirals. It increases the comfort zone of small and large circles, slows your horse down with the smaller circles, and gets it to listen to you while changing circle size. 3. Back to Training. My personal favorite is to go back to a snaffle bit. Ride with contact to be able to control speed easier. Gradually decrease the contact until you're on a loose rein again. I actually ride this way every day. About two days before each show, I ride one handed in a shank bit. It seems to work for me. It gets Howie listening to me and keeps his brain in order, as he always has a ton of excess energy which just seems to make his brain turn to mush.
  11. Whitening Tail?

    I have a dark dappled palomino gelding. I love his color, but his tail is a creamy white. I want it to be much whiter. I was wondering if anyone knew of any tricks to whiten his tail, either long term maintanence, or a "day of the show" type thing? Or, of any whitening shampoos that actually work?
  12. Which Show Halter To Use?

    I personally like the darker colored one. The Billy Royal one, I believe. I think the leather color compliments your horse's color very wel. The lighter leather is a little more "blend into your horse".
  13. Show Name: Cowboy Take Me Away (Chief) Age: 10 years Breed: Quarter Horse/Morgan Gender: Gelding Classes: Halter, Green Horse English Equitation, Green Horse Western Horsemanship, Green Horse Trail Picture: http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx323/H...7/Horses017.jpg Show Name: Howdy Do That (Howie) Age: 12 years Breed: Appendix Quarterhorse Gender: Gelding Classes: Western Showmanship, Huntseat Showmanship, Saddleseat Showmanship, Saddleseat Equitation, Saddleseat Pleasure, Saddleseat Bareback, Huntseat Equitation, Huntseat Pleasure, Huntseat Bareback, Hunter over Fences (2'3"-3"), Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Western Bareback, Reining, Trail, Barrels, Poles, Flag Race, Keyhole, and Team Relay. Hopefully dressage also, this year. Picture: Ill edit with some when I get to taking a few
  14. Halter Help

    Since pretty much everything else has been covered, I will comment on banding. Definately band your mare's mane. It gives a much more polished, professional look. I band my gelding's mane the day before and put a sleazy on him. We have ahlter in the mornings, so that works out for me. I leave his mane banded through my english and western saddle classes, also. For riding classes, I only take out the band from his forelock. I just love the look of a properly banded mane. Its much more refined.
  15. Stringhalt... Advice?

    Hmmm... Thats a good possibility. I never had the vet out myself, as Ive only personally had Howie for about two weeks. The owners before me had had the vet out (same vet that I use) and she had diagnosed him for stringhalt. After I read through that article, it sounds more like he has Shivers, though. It describes what he does perfectly. I think Im gonna try to get the vet out soon to check him out.