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  1. So. Cal Earthquake 5.8 Today

    I was on the phone with my sons teacher in Santa Ana CA when the quake hit. I could hear things falling off the walls and people screaming. She got on the phone and asked if I was ok. I told her I was in Michigan and she laughed at me. She said it was a very long earthquake.
  2. I posted a while back that I thought I was Pregnant. It was under my correct user name "this one is being used until my other one works again". It turns out that I was and I had been for a while. The a little over two weeks ago I miscarried. This has happend twice. The first was a blighted ovum and now this spontanious m/c. I am starting to fear that I might not be able to have children:( The doctor said that two M/C's does not mean that I can not have children. So we want to try again, but my husbands mother keeps telling me to get on B/C. She does not think I should be having a child at all. I try to be polite and just move on to another subject, but she is very vocal. It is all very stressful and I feel like I am going to explode and the Mother-in-law is going to feel the brunt of it all. She keeps sticking her nose in my buisness. I just found out the other day she has been telling her brother "a doctor, but not my doctor" things that she knows about my medical situation This is mostly a vent, but any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.
  3. Any Vet Techs On Horsecity

    Thanks lots for the input. Pay is not that big of a deal to me. I would like to get paid, but I would also like to show up to work happy that I showed up. I want a job I love to do.
  4. Any Vet Techs On Horsecity

    I am looking for a vet tech to tell me how much they love their job. I had just switched my major to get my degree as a vet tech. I really want to work mostly with horses, but I am sure It will be mixed. I would like to know more about the work. Thanks.
  5. Ovarian Cysts

    Thank you CVM.
  6. Did any of you have issues with your old ID and password after the BB changed. I had to make a whole new one:( Now I am a nwebie again.
  7. Ovarian Cysts

    I recall reading a post a year ago and remember a member saying that mares do not get Ovarian Cysts. Is this true? I also recall a name given to a sprcific ovarian issue that might act as an ovarian cyst. What is tha name? Thanks in advance