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  1. Stalled 24/7

    thank you spotted and duns, those are helpfull for me :)!
  2. Stalled 24/7

    thanks guys for the input, for my equine class i was asigned to do that topic...and im forced to do pro side. I do believe that stalling horses is fine to as long as the horse gets exercise, good care, and enough attention...just like stated before. I also believe turn out is good also, only because it is natural. hopefully i can convince my class that stalling horses is the way to go lol:) I just got to look up more info i guess to support facts
  3. Stalled 24/7

    Show horses stalled 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Owners and trainers feel there are benefits that range mentally and physically to justify keeping their horses off pastures and in a stall. So the question is...Can horses be kept healthy, happy, and fit if they are kept in stalls 24/7?
  4. Florida State Fair Anyone?

    hah oh thats cool, i didnt get to see the driving horses. Ya it was wayy to windy lol!!
  5. Is This A Good Conformation Photo?

    best conformation out there! and you did a splendid job at taking a great conformation photo! [ROTFL] lol!!
  6. Florida State Fair Anyone?

    Is this the Tampa fl state fair? cause i went all day saturday :) I went to compete in a horse judging competition. The fair food did look good. ohh and i gotta also pet the kangaroo and baby goats...and fed the huge giraffe lol =] was a fun and COLD day lol.
  7. Free Horse Anyone?

    Hey Jumbletwist....im guessing is allison? This is Heather, T's Friend. Never knew you went on horse city. Funny cause i was bored scrolling through and i saw the picture and i was like wait i know him! lol. Sucks yall have to get rid of your horses =[ Just wanted to say to others, that these horses are great. Hope some one on here can find a home for them!
  8. Llama Fails To Be Shocked...

    maybe he has grown out more furr...and the wire only hits the furr and not his skin?
  9. Amazing Dressage Freestyle

    that was....amazing! he rides so well...and that horse !!!
  10. Any Ffa Members/ Former Ffa Members Out There?

    im a current member and officer (reporter) of the senior chapter :) i love ffa been in it for 5 years!! i love going to state conventions to, they are a blast!!! "bright futures, blue jackets!" hahah. and this year is also my 2nd year doing horse judging, last year was my first year and i got 43rd place out of 300, i love it! Its nice to know theres a lot of others out there that is in it to!
  11. Horses Stripping Bark Off Trees

    i doubt you will have problems with bark chewing if you hay them 24/7, only reason why mine do it, is because they only get hay in morning and night, so they get bored. Or like stated above, it could be loss of minerals. I dont know of any methods to stop it though, mine ate every tree in our pasture:P
  12. Md Ima Spotless Socket

    GORGEOUS !!!! sooo cute, very lovely face expression:)
  13. Some Pictures From The Keuring Last Week

    haha thats cool:D yay i finnaly know someone that lives near me on here! lol. Yea we have probably passed eachother somewere or another lol!
  14. Some Pictures From The Keuring Last Week

    just curious jacks do you live in FL? cause it really looks like wear i live lol!! i live in Ocala fl.
  15. In A Little Pickle

    Go to your local feedstore dealer and ask the manager or owner if they might know anyone that has a specialty with the feed industry. They might know a lot of contacts that could be helpful! :) good luck!