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  1. New Horse!

  2. Benefits To Showing Horses

    Sorry for the long wait guys. My internet went down ugh! Anyways, Thanks for the help. I'm currently talking to a new trainer and I am going to ride her daughters horse for a while to "get my feet wet"...see what I think of showing AHA. Maybe I just need to lease until I get my life settled financially and buy a trail riding horse down the road and just relax and enjoy my horse. Like I used to do with my first horse. But like you said I definitely going to think of the direction before I purchase my next horse.
  3. Benefits To Showing Horses

    I didn't know whether this should be in the show forum or this one because its not really a show question...ughhh I don't know.. Anyways. Bare with me this story is a little emotional... [surrender] So, Lately I have been confused and sadden with my show hobby. In 2009, it was my last year of 4-H in which I had many goals to accomplish with my horse. The beginning of this year my trainer and I were going to sell my horse and find a more competitive horse to show at aqha level. At first I was heart broken and I still am so I never really put him up for sale. (more of a lease) I than figured out that if I did show at aqha breed show level that I didn't want to accomplish my new goals with the same trainer because I felt as if her heart was more into the money than seeing her students succeed. So I began to look around for barns near by. I found one. The board was $75 more, which isn't too bad...Than I started to miss my Arabian mare. My first horse was an Arabian. Her death was something not one little girl should remember. So, I began looking at Arabians for sale and shows and boarding. Not one near where I lived. There was a few a hour and half away, which is pretty far to have a horse! And then today, while looking at friends and their horse show pictures. I wondered what am i going to benefit out of these horse shows? My friends that are going to these horse shows are going to become trainers. Not me...I'm going to be a dental hygienist. All you get from a show is a ribbon..right? You spend a ton of money just to receive a ribbon. Now for someone who may be a trainer or somewhere in the horse world may show to show off their experience in showing. I loved horses since I was one years old. I've had a horse since I was 11 years old. I don't know what I would do without a horse. And with a horse I don't know what to do without showing. No goals is something that I've never had before. Let me hear what you guys think? My boyfriend just thinks its a phase I am in because I had one year off from showing. So he just tells me the same thing over again.. "next week you'll be looking for a horse" or "you always have a new plan, just sleep on it" It's like I am running in circles!! It's driving me nuts. So, What are the benefits to showing (breed shows)? Do you get prize money at breed shows? (AHA, AQHA; I live in wisconsin if that makes a difference.) I mean if I didn't show at all and just have a horse to trail ride with I would feel like I am wasting my money because I am not riding/seeing him/ her everyday because when you have a show horse you are seeing/riding him/her everyday to get ready for a show. And I am the biggest money saver! And also, my boyfriend and I are thinking about our future. We want to get married in a few years. We also talked about how many kids we want (3) and estimated that if we still have horses there is a possibility that all 3 kids are going to want horses of their own. And we talked about a private barn for ourselves... how expensive can it get? you know?.. but could I really live without horses. I don't know. And I have a strong feeling that I don't want to try to. Help this poor lady out Please don't bash I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but I don't mean to sound that way. I'm confused! Also, I want to point out that I am selling my horse because we just don't get along anymore. I think my trainer pushed him too far to the point he just wants to be a horse and not be bothered. I feel that part of that is my fault because I could have stopped it. A friend of mine told me to not blame myself because some trainers brain wash you, which I don't know if its true. So, I don't find it fun to go to the barn to a cranky horse, but I do still enjoy riding. Okay, This time i am done. Sorry for the long emotional story! Thanks for the help guys!
  4. How To Trim Underrun Heels- Long Dished Toe

    We do stretching exercises :] And we are going to call the ciro soon to see what she feels about it. Thanks anyway.
  5. "camel Dressage"!

  6. "camel Dressage!"

    http://forums.horsecity.com/index.php?showtopic=47015717 Enjoy!
  7. "camel Dressage"!

    My horse and pony leader sent me this...Its pretty cute and intresting :] Enjoy! Sorry if this has been posted before..
  8. Awesome Video I Just Had To Share!

    haha..that is pretty cool! :]
  9. How To Trim Underrun Heels- Long Dished Toe

    they are...the farrier at the barn i just moved at said that the right is higher than the left? something like that. We're going to go with her say on it to elminate somethings. ALOT of people have reccomended this lady and that is why my trainer wanted to try her with her own horses first. She was pleased with her. After we left my old farrier we noticed that his feet were looking a little "pancakey" lol soo well see how it goes.. He had is first trim 2 weeks ago? maybe less... from her and he is already doing much better! Hes not stiff, but not where we like him. She reccomended a couple things so when she comes back we'll see how everything goes.
  10. Guess Who?!

    Heyy thats what im doing right now! Technical school for 2 years and transfer! It sooo much cheaper and you are 100% going to transfer. Its fun! My first year is half way done ...almost!
  11. New Crosby Pics :)

    I Love the palomino...Crosby? Shes cute :]
  12. What Are You Giving For Christmas?

    Mom and dad: possible a gift certificate (SP?) to a resturant or something things for the house im not sure yet. Sister: I either help my mom buy her something or ill have to figure something out. Neice: Same as above. Boyfriend: possibly a garmin, air force outtfit for his teddy bear i gave him for vday , i want to find a id braclet, still figuring him out. Friends: gift cards to american eagle or hollister or aero. Luke (my horse): Apple treat i make for his birthday/ holidays (HE LOVES EM) and he needs a new lickit. Those things last him about a day :b Everyone else a lovely card :] I Love thanksgiving and Christmas :]
  13. What Do You Want For Christmas?

    agree with above poster... My parents ask every year for a list i feel horriable for giving them something, but they do it to see the smile on my face. Im greatly apperciated and i dont think you can judge somebody on a website whether they are greatful or not. btw..i dont know what i want yet. :]
  14. Christmas Presents For The Boyfriends...

    I was going to get him an ID braclet with my name on it and one with his name on it. And he would wear mine and id wear his but i dont know where to find them..ughh I agree garmins are the best...and the cheapest ive seen are like 130 i dont know yet i think we are going to go shopping one of these days. I've seen a tom tom today for 100, but i dont know the features are. I told him that i wanted to spilt it so we both would share, but what he doesnt know is that im actually going to buy it for christmas and not spilt it :] im soo tricky haha kidding but it soo hard to keep a secret for him ughh he always guesses and you know i suck at lieing... He already knows the surprise i was going to give him before he leaves for the air force and that was a going away party...darn! now what to do... Also two years ago i bought him a teddy bear from build a bear that says i love you and i dressed it up as a fire fighter for valentines day because he wanted to be one back when but now that he wants to be in the air force im going to buy it a air force or military outtfit lol Theres an idea?!
  15. Drawing

    [shocked] I Like :]