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  1. Why Is My Horse Shedding?

    One of my horses done that when she was two...when she shed off her spots were darker than before....Some ppl said that she was shedding her baby hair...wether it was true or not i have no idea...
  2. Ground Work Problems

    I guess that the only thing that i have left to choose from is apply MORE presure to her.
  3. Update On Miracle

    Im glad that she is doing better! What angers me is the state says ok we will make it harder for the ppl that want to abuse animals but when they are accused..they are givin the choice to give up the animals and it will all be over! I dont care if they give up everything they should still have to pay for the crime they committ. I dont know if it happens around where you guys are but it does her....
  4. Mudding

    MUDDIN IS GREAT! Just about every family or person that i know has a special truck for muddin! We go several times a week during the summer. Not so much in the winter cause of ice but we still go now and then... If ya dont get it i would dare say you will never get it LOL. Its just a redneck thing i guess i dont know...We do always have its kinda like a family affair to us But were blessed that we dont have to pay to go muddin we just go on sides of roads and on our own land LOL There are severeal large pieces of land all around our town that no one uses and the pwners say have at it we make our own mud holes by raising he** in them till we dig holes LOL
  5. Swelled Br Cannon Bone Area

    I have noticed that with horses that stay up in stalls or small spaces for long periods of time (over-night even) they will swell. I know my mare does. I dont know if your keeping him up a whole lot or what But that can cause it but it seems to me he is getting alot of exercise to so im not sure it was just a thought. Cause i know that after i take my mare out of her stall and she walks around for a few minutes swelling is gone.
  6. Ground Work Problems

    OK EVERYONE if you will read my OP you will find that the mare no longer does all them things she done them when i first got her. The reason that she is that way about an arena is because she was kept in one all the time she is a retired reigning horse. The man that had her kept her in a stall and arena she never had any pasture time what so ever. I am not having trouble with her throwing her at all none of those things she done that when i got her. She is just not responding to my cues to make her move away such like when i want to lunge her or back her something like that. No this is not the same horse that was charging. And by the way she doesnt do that anymore either thanks to some good advice she has quit being such a brat LOL Her training is not done at grooming time. I groom all my horses in the evening..
  7. Shock Collar On Horses?

    ITS ALL IN TRAINING. I had a stud a few yrs bag around five yrs old. When i got im he would run thru fences, bust stalls down, jerk a kead rope from you when leading, anything to get to a mare. After months of training i tought him not to be that way. The only time that he acted studdy was when he has his stud chain on over his nose and that was when he was being bred! I could look from my house and see him in the paddock mares all around him in other pastures and he never paid no mind to them not once. He ate his grass, played alone. I ended up having to get him a goat for company cause he started to crib, and show signs of being lonely....Him and his goat were sold together and they are still together to this day is still go and see him now and then. I just thought that story was cute about him and his goat LOL But like i said and so many others its all in training and i totally agree with ANN WHEELER!
  8. Pastern Injury, Opinions?

    Oh ok...My mare has some SERIOUS scaring on both back legs she will never look the same. I honestly dont think your girl will either. But if she shows no lameness or no favortism to it i really wouldnt worry about to much. And given the vet says she is fine to. Yes scaring and calcium like this doesnt look the greatest in the world but as long as they are fine dont worry yourself.
  9. Pica Anyone?

    LOL it will get better...Your lucky that you can control your cravings...These poor MR patients cant! We had to lock cabinets, refrigerators. I had one that tried to eat the coach i mean honestly tear into it like a young pup!
  10. Pica Anyone?

    I have been around alot of ppl with PICA its hard difficult thing to deal with..I work with mentally retarded ppl so it was worse they would eat plastic, cardboard, feces!!!, anything they could get thier hands on. Im sure your case is not this extreme! But with iron it does get better!
  11. Ground Work Problems

    I understand what you are saying about not focussing on the "abused" part But that is why i had to do so much ground work. She didnt trust a human what so ever! She would run from you when it came time to catch her, she would throw her head anytime you went near it, she flinched and jumped everytime you brushed her or put tack on her. There is no riding her if you cant touch her without her going bonkars! and to the question of me not riding her- I will ocasionally take her out on a trail but she hates to be rode in the arena. Not just mine any. I think she is just burnt out but who am i right..... I do think she is bored. I have tried doing other exercises but she doesnt respond to the pressure that i am giving her...I have tapped the ground or whacked it whatever, then she still dont respond i whack her....she dont care!
  12. Ground Work Problems

    I never said that i done it like he does i only use a WHIP like he does re-read it.....I dont use his techniques..... I dont want to hurt the horse thats her problem now...she is a retired and also abused reigning horse..She has done everything i have ever asked of her before never has gave me any trouble AT ALL. The horse has had great training but she was abused and caused her to be head shy and shaky. I do not baby her i know what it will only make her worse she just seems bored with it...
  13. Pastern Injury, Opinions?

    This happened when she was a weanling at it still looks that swollen? is it inflamation or what? I myself dont think that if it hasnt changed any it the past 2 1/2 yrs then it not going to.....I may be wrong..Did you have her when the injury happened? if so what did the vet say about it then? did he say that it would look normal in five yrs? It just doesnt sound right to me.....
  14. Shock Collar On Horses?

    That is what im saying!! That situation could have been completly avoided with proper training. Yes horses are all different BUT i would have never let someone else care for my stud when i knew he was going to act like that i wouldnt have even took him from home
  15. Need Help And Advice!

    I have a blue eyed paint also her whole face is white to. My mares eyes started out the same way as your horses...I put a fly mask on her and washed them out hoping that was going to take care of it. I came home and her EYES were yellow and pouring puss. I called my vet he cleaned them gave me two medicines to put in her lower eye twice a day for a week. Then he said that blue eyed horses that have also a prodomidatley white face, have this problem the sun and mixed with heat and flies will do this. I have to keep my mare UP in the barn during summer with a fly mask on, and turn her out at night. That was his advice to keep this from coming up again. I would take Furnams eye wash and wash them out GOOD and keep a fly mask on him. If there is any sign that your horses EYE is turning another color you need to call your vet
  16. Ok...Im super super excited about this weekend...My Best Friends husband has his own Racnh show grounds and he is hosting a Timed event show this weekend (saturday, sunday). This will be my APHA mares first true competision since her injury last fall. We have been practicing at home. I did have some trouble a couple weeks ago about her wanting to veer off to the left when approching the second barrel. I THOUGHT that my mare was super comfortable with the patter but once i slowed it down for a few days and went at it at just a jog and lope she straightened up and have had no problems since. There are going to be (from the enterys so far) about 15 contenders in Barrels and Keyhole thats what im going to do Im not going to run poles cause she hasnt been worked on them that much and i dont want to push her to do something she isnt comfortable doing yet so...Im hoping to at least place in 2D and at least top three in keyhole (SHE LOVES IT) Thats really the only reason that i do keyhole cause she just loves it so freakin much! LOL . But if we dont place in anything then hey thats fine to its all about the experience anyways i guess LOL i would rather place wouldnt everyone?
  17. Shock Collar On Horses?

    Thank you someone agrees!!!
  18. Shock Collar On Horses?

    honestly if it were a serious problem i would seek professional help FIRST. thats just me tho.
  19. Shock Collar On Horses?

    You guess make great points all of you BUT in my opinion i wont use one. I have seen dogs have them i didnt agree with them then . Because most everytime i have seen them being used they are abusing the tool. I know everything has its own place what not. GUY WITH SHIRE- The horse should have never been out around other horses and ppl. The horse should be controlled by training thats all that was is lack of respect and training!
  20. Horse Charging Me!

    OK.....last saturday my normally sweet and kind and may i say OBEDIANT barrel mare charged at me!!!!! I have to keep her up in her stall most of the time but more than usual right now because our pastures are nothing but SLOP. We have been getting non-stop rain for a few weeks now. Anyways, I turned her out into the riding ring to stretch while i cleaned her stall out. Well it was so nice the other day that i decided to just leave her out for the rest of the day. There is a little bit of grass in there but not a whole lot so i scattered her some hay out around. That evening i went out to bring her back in she NORMALLY just walks right to the barn and into her stall. She has always done that since she was a yearling. So i turned her out of the riding ring but instead of going to the barn she veered off to the back yard which is fine i turn them out in it now and then. But when i went to get her she CHARGED at me! Rearing and pawing bucking. I couldnt get five foot near her and she would charge at me ears pinned!! I had no idea what had crawled up her and died that afternoon but she was a hellian!!!! A feed bucket shake didnt even coax her! Nothing. So i let her be for a few minutes and i went and nelt about ten foot from her she slowly made her way to me. And no more MEAN PAINT!!! Im not sure if i dont the right thing but thats all i knew to do she was acting like a wild woman!!!! Does anyone know why she done this and how can i disipline her from this if it happens again??
  21. Horse Charging Me!

    PCS- im afraid not...Im not going to use a "shock-collar" on my horse actuall training has fixed our little problem?
  22. Horse Conformation Discussion

    PERFORMANCE PAINTS- i totaly agree the only thing that most newer breeders are wanting and looking for is color and pattern thats the bad part! i hate it its thier color its thiere brains and body
  23. Horse Charging Me!

    I tend to go one handed alot But sometimes when the ground is sloppy or she is acting a little "high" then i go with two hands dont know why just a natural reaction i guess. Ill try and get you guys a video its kind of hard to be runnin right now period cause of all the rain
  24. Horse Cut His Tongue

    Yea accidents happen BUT no horse should be tied while bitted...Thats just crazy its common sense i think the trainer should be held responsible for the vet bills and i would pull the horse from his facility....This was lack of sense not an accident
  25. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    This idea just came to me. Im planning on breeding my barrel mare this spring but i dont want to quit my barrel racing activities plus im wanting to get back in the circut.... How hard to you guys think it would be to convert my cutting horse to a barrel horse?? any suggestions or should i just hang that idea up?