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  1. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    I totally understand what you guys are saying BUT......
  2. What Do You Think Of Him

    I like him. I love his head....They are kinda hard to judge them at this age, but he has a nice frame none the less...hopefully Bumper will come along and give you a REAL critique...
  3. Feeling Better About It All!

    I recently broke up with my BF and was feedling so down about it....But realized that it wasnt anyones fault but our own. We let our family come between us and ruin our realsionship. But now that i have been alone for a week or so and have spent some time on ME, i have realized that it was for the best and that i am too young to worry about a man. I let him come between the things that i love. My family and my horses. I have decided to just go out have a good time not worry about having a steady BF , spend time with my family and work with my horses and continue to show and rodeo. Ya only live once right. So why worry about being tied down at twenty??!!!
  4. Im So Proud....

    I ran my mare yesterday at an arena on barrels. It was just exbidition but we had the best time 2D. I was so so proud cause that was the first time that i had run her besides at my home just working out since she was injured last fall.....Im so so excited i cant wait till spring to see how she is gonna do in my district. Sorry i just had to brag for a minute on her i couldnt contain myself any longer LOL
  5. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    if i have money for both and im keeping the foal then.........
  6. Slowing Mare Down When Longing

    This mare thinks she has to go as fast as she can when she is being longed....i change directions constantly stop her she always faces me...she wont walk to me i have to pull her to me and she favors going to the right. i have to really work hard to get her to go to the left But thats fine she does it in the long run. She is a very skittish mare. She is my mothers im trying to work with her some to keep my mother from selling her. she is a great horse just spooky VERY spooky. I try desensitizing with her but she breaks halters and cross ties LOL nothing funny but i need some help on this one i have made some progress with her she doesnt run from me anymore....and allows me to touch her face and body
  7. Ok some of you may know that i have had some problems with my BF's mother. Well it has finally taken a tole on our realationship...We split up yesterday. I couldnt take the remarks she was making anymore. And he for some reason started taking up for her and he had never done that before. I tried everything to make it work But it just wouldnt nothing would. Im glad in one way that all the drama and stress is over BUT i feel really really bad i mean of course everyone does when they go thru a break up. I just need some encouragement i guess, I am not asking for pitty at all just some words of encouragement.
  8. Needing Some Encouragement Right Now

    THANK YOU ALL... im not tottaly heart broken over him im just pissed off about it really....LOL. I know for a fact im to young to be worrying about who im going to be spending the rest of my life with if i do that ill never find that person.....im doing better every minute men r a dime a dozen
  9. Needing Some Encouragement Right Now

    TUCKAWAY- That is the sweetest story....I know im young and have no reason to be thinking about settling down right now but it would be nice to have a man to be with that just maybe one day we might settle down.....
  10. Needing Some Encouragement Right Now

    TUCKAWAY-that is a GREAT idea im going to do that!!! Thanx
  11. Needing Some Encouragement Right Now

    I agree whole heartledly....I also lost his son...I had became very close to him and loved that baby...I guess its just things that come and go in life but it hurts
  12. Slowing Mare Down When Longing

    OK everyone...I am asking how to make her slow down when longing....she does not buck or anything just runs herself to death....I konw that the horse should be respective and not allowed to act out i never said any of that stuff only that MY mare is runnin to fast during a longing workout
  13. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    I have no idea what caused my mare to colic the other day....She has not been eating anything but hay and water since the rain WONT stop and its not cold so im not feeding grain and im not working them hard.... She gets exercise, she gets plenty of water everything she needs but she coliced???
  14. Wat To Do About Jealous Mil

    I have tried my best the whole time me and my man have been together to keep my mouth shut. His mother makes smerky comments about me and him , what we do, where we go, how we spend our money EVERYTHIN N ANYTHING she can pick about she does. I dont know how much longer i can bite my tongue...Im really just wanting some encouragement on this one
  15. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    oh i plan on it...everyone has made good points but im for sure its not her feed...there has to be something else out there like ulcers....i hope not but it could be
  16. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    more hay to me = overweight horse - higher feed bill LOL everyones horses are different and everyone has a different way of feeding and caring for them
  17. Wat To Do About Jealous Mil

    PERFORMANCE HORSE- She loved me in the begining....But when we moved out on our own she started actin crazy and he does know i talk about her he says the same thing!!!! Im not saying anything he wouldnt say that is wrong. She was the greatest mil i met before we moved out away from her.....as long as we were there sucking her butt she was great!!! But now she hates me and thinks that my BF is on a path to destruction!! what the ****...she makes stuff up in her head that just isnt true!
  18. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    im sorry she is 14.3 sorry.... I have had this horse her whole entire life and thats what she has always ate besides when she is being worked harder and needs more calories....Im sorry if your horses are eating WAY more but my little mare doesnt.....
  19. A Horse Worth Keeping?

    i would keep her she has shown me some promise. she just needs some worklike all horses. as for trainers im no help for ya on that one
  20. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    The funny thing is my mare stays up all yr round cause the sun and flies during the summer infects her blue eyes even with a fly mask...She is always up always has been since she was a baby. She is a small mare small build...her average weight is around 1000 pounds...My bales weigh 75 pounds a piece so they are not small a pat can be all different sizes depending on the hay and how big the bale is. She is only 15.3 hands tall...she is a small girl.
  21. Wat To Do About Jealous Mil

    LOL great advise Girls....Im a ctually looking forward to our next visit with MONSTER-MOM
  22. Please Critique My Gelding

    Im not the pro at this BUMPER is im sure she will find you sometime today. But i will give you my ammature input on him.. First off he is very cute...His back looks a little funny to me im not quite sure what it is. Im not sure but it looks like his front legs are a little bowed?
  23. Texting

    GOLDENTOES- LOL thats funny as he** I would have to say thats exactly how it is
  24. Texting

    I text alot mainly to my BF and a few close freinds But what i HATE is the FWD's that are constantly coming in. I get them day and night. I actually made my own forward telling ppl not to send me FWDs anymore and aint got a one since. I am one of the text drivers i try my best not to do that but if im in the car for a long period of time then.....you know i gotta text. I never text when riding my horse. I leave it on silient in my pocket i dont want any distractions.
  25. Chinks

    If i were you i would post that on the trading post board you may get a quicker and better answer