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  1. Wat To Do About Jealous Mil

    LOL EQUICRZY- your answer made me LOL really....I like that one! I try to do that sort of thing but it makes me laugh and then she looks at me like im on drugs LOL....Its not that i dont like her cause i do i just cant stand to be in a room with her for any amount of time without trying or wanting to beat her brains out jsut cause of the things she says...
  2. Wat To Do About Jealous Mil

    BUDDYROO- i totally agree with you. The thing is the town we live in is small...everyone knows everyone blah blah blah same ole small town story. BUT he has told her several times to quit with her smart alik comments to us. We dont go to his parents house but once a week now and thats to see his grandmother. His whole family is freaking paranoid about everything. OMG you just drank a beer your going to **** or prison or something. They think that because i barrel race that makes me a completely brain dead HICK. Yea i may spell some stuff wrong and i sometimes have to use my fingers but that dont mean im not good enough for her son. We dont let her know that she is bothering us anymore i dont want her to get the satisfaction of konwing that she is bothering me would you?
  3. Wat To Do About Jealous Mil

    Yea we have talked about it a million freakin times...we even talked to his dad...his dad understands but when he tries to talk to her she goes off the deep end on him. i dont want to cause a problem between them cause she is jealous that her son is getting out on his own and dont need her anymore. The only time that we fight is when we are talking about her. I sometimes say things about her i know i shouldnt but i say it before i think. He dont get mad but it upsets him that she annoys me that much. He has told her many times to stop but it dont seem to matter to her what he wants or what he asks her to do its all about her all the freaking time. I refuse to let it ruin mine and his realatioship BUT it does hurt sometimes.
  4. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    I totally agree with you ozland thats why from time to time i take and chip some off and cruch it up in her feed or something
  5. Slowing Mare Down When Longing

    I dont ride this mare right now...The last time she was rode she threw my mother off and took off up the road. She is very head shy...I have been working with her lately she is getting better. She will face you when you go in to the barn to feed she just has a bad habit of running full out when lunging. She hasnt had a saddle on her back in a month. I may not be the brightest bulb in the box but i still work. I know a horse should not be lunged to get to ride it. Im doind this for respect and to get the horse more used to being handled
  6. To Register Or Not To Register My New Paint?

    I would register him..Increase his value...But you have to think on the other hand tho...Right now the horse market is so down that even registered , good bred horses are going for nothing... But i would still register him you may keep him then it will work in your advantage
  7. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    OMG!! Im glad everything is better for ya! Well the reason i think that is cause last winter she became very sick...Colic and large intestine comapation! She was rushed to the vets clinic cause she could not pass it on her own they were fixing to prep her for sergury and she passed it ALL OVER the vet LOL He told me that she would be a little easier to colic again
  8. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    My mother brought that to my attention about her not moving around a whole lot. I may start turning her out before i leave for work then put her up at night....Im just glad she is ok now. Milk of magnesia???? hhmmppp never heard that one i dont recall....
  9. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    I have a salt block in all my pastures..she gets salt..she is drinking her water thats why im so freakin confused!!!! She was eating and drinking normally until that morning!!!
  10. Colic...where Did This Come From?

    She gets about two hours a day turn-out and a light work three times a week. She gets two pats of grass hay twice a day, she gets her bucket filled twice a day which is a five gallon bucket. She gets her turn out or workout in afternoon. To me it was in impaction...because when she finally did poo it was dry and HARD. I havent done anything different with her for the past three months....same ole same ole routine with me and her
  11. Getting Back In The Circut?

    For the past few yrs i have just been doing local shows i have been wanting to get back in the circut But there are very few barrel racers where i live its all gaited horses...I was just wanting to know what i need to do to get back in the game. I lived in a different state before when i was in it. So any TN barrel racers have any sugestions or info
  12. Getting Back In The Circut?

    Im in the process now of paying my dues with NBHA. I would really like to get into Rodeos to...Since i have several horses that do several events also. I cant remember but does NBHA have jackpots also? I really just wanna get back into it all....
  13. Horse Charging Me!

    I have been runnin her on the pattern for three yrs she will be eight in may. But..she is not hurting i had a chiro out the other day she had a few vertabras out of place around her mid back. i at first thought it was by body language or hands BUT i have made sure that i sit her the right way and she still veers off...I have to jerk her pretty hard to get her back on track and she finishes her run great. I have slowed our runs down to a lope to make sure she does know the pattern good. When i lope her she does it a little bit but at a slower speed i can catch it faster and correct her As far as her charging. I have almost fixed her little attitude in the past few days she still pins at me but when she does i instantly make her move her feet.
  14. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    SPOTTEDTAPPS- im breeding her for my own personal reasons which i may change my mind on breeding her cause i have been working her and she is doing well except for a few things.. RUNNRATE- CONFISION!! [bang Head] Sounds like me sometimes. doing all that LOL
  15. Horse Charging Me!

    Thanx HISTORYRIDER. she has never offered to kick or turn her butt to me she just pinns her ears and turns her head. But i understand what i have to do. Now from a barrel horse point of view. For some reason the past few times that i have ran her she anticipates the second barrel BADLY and wants to go the wrong way around the barrel. but im also have a hard time getting her to just take off. I have to take her in a circle and then she goes but hte anitcipation on the barrel i dont understand?
  16. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    Thanx everyone!! Im still debating on weather to breed my barrel mare i have now. If the horse market doesnt pick up then im going to continue to race her BUT If it does then im going to breed her and take my cutter and see if he can cut the mustard. If not ill just continue to to citt with him. Im not big into it he was a seasoned horse great to handle and nice lines so i bought him.
  17. Barrel Pattern Distances

    what is the average distances for barrels in a small pattern??
  18. Horse Charging Me!

    Thank you Mudder and Historyrider. Since its warmer today im going to go home and work with her some. So historyrider...When she pinns her ears and me and turns away what should i do then? make her move her feet? Im going to turn her out into the riding ring today and approach her and if she tries her same little stunts she has been pulling i will make her move. like mudder said, respect and change change and change. diferent dirrections and work. I Love my mare and she is a great horse but like you both have said she is testing me. and she is losing respect for me and i will not have that with a horse i own or ride.
  19. Horse Charging Me!

    I understand that! I do think i have spoiled her. Thats my falt and i need to fix it. But How do i go about it? Just working her hard everytime she makes those advances to me? I have tried putting her in the riding ring and turning her lose and walking to her sometimes she doesnt care one bit and other times she charges at me. It dont matter if i have a longe whip she still comes at me.
  20. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    I was wanting to try it out with him and if he turns out to be anything with it then i was going to contiue it with him and put the cutting on hold for a while.
  21. Who Wants To See Splendor Pictures?

    Now thats the class clown And when my little tovero paint lays in a mud puddle like that is when i have a freakin STROKE!!! LOL he is adorable i know what ya mean about the dinner time gate stare!!! Its horrifying!
  22. Cutting Horse To Barrel Horse?

    Im new to the whole cutting deal. He is a seasoned cutting horse. He has taught me ALOT!! I have not rode cutting horses that much i showed it a little yrs back my mom has a retired cutting mare also. But this horse has taught me everything i know about it. You dont have to do anything but sit and hold on with him. He does all the work. It was just an idea. He has speed tho and lots of it!! He of course turns on a dime. I just had a light bulb but i think i need to put it back out LOL
  23. Horse Charging Me!

    Ya know i cant believe i let that completly slip my mind! I think i will do that....Thanx
  24. Getting Back In The Circut?

    I live in TN i was just wondering if any of you barrel racers have any info on what i need to do to get back into the barrel racing circut. any info or suggestions. I was living in NC before when i was running at bigger shows. Im just doing local stuff now here and there i really really miss it
  25. Getting Back In The Circut?

    thanx...Its hard to get things going these days LOL