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  1. Horse Charging Me!

    LOL ok. She has always been my girl all my time devoted to her maybe i have spoiled her without knowing it my own falt LOL. But having a SNOTHEAD for a horse i will not have LOL she will be getting that attitude adjustment LOL
  2. Pictures Of Arielle

    georgous mare!!! I hope you have fun with her. I only rode dressage a few times. i was a hunter jumper when i rode english..... [Me Cry] it was fun... BLITZ- i would REALLY REALLY think before i steryotype a breed of horse. i know alot of TBs and they are far from being airheads. i have never been around oldenburgs but i have heard about them and stupid they are not......keep YOUR airhead opinions to yourself please it would benifit you in the long run.
  3. Horse Charging Me!

    Yea its HOT HOT here in the spring and summer then come winter its like bein in alaska!!! She is used to being worked everyday alot. This sounds silly but could it be because i have another horse i have been working with? I have had her (the charger) since she was a weanling and have never really messed with alot of horses for long periods of time but i bought this cutting gelding that i adore and have been working him alot and spending time with him i still spend time with her but the cutting stuff is all new to me and the gelding has taught me ALOT about it (funny how horses can teach us) Do think she could be reacting to me working him? like i said sounds silly BUT.....
  4. Horse Charging Me!

    Understandable. I would have But she was in my yard LOL I didnt want her to get out in the rode either And she didnt have a halter on. Other wise I would have. I have noticed that she has been a little bit more "hateful" these days. She isnt mean she just acts as if she doesnt want anyone around her. She pinns her ears and swings her head away from you. She never offers to bite or kick when doing this it just looks like she is saying get away from me.?????
  5. Horse Charging Me!

    as soon as i got a halter on her head I did work her. I worked her in circles and backing up. She is always being put up but not day and night like she is right now i let her out everyday for a while to stretch or i ride her. Either way she gets some exercise everyday.
  6. Important Question On Poodle

    My mother has a three yr old miniature poodle..She has had a history of seizures. But in all the time we have had her (weanling) she has only had two or three and they have been spaced out months apart. We have had a vet check her out and he can find nothing that would cause them.. Well here recently she has had two within a weeks time. Which isn't normal. I was just wondering if there was anything that a Person could do to her that would cause her to have a seizure? I know it sounds weird but i need to know. The first time that she had one we were playing with her and she was REALLY excited and she just drew up and started shaking. My mother said that today when she got home that she didnt greet her at the door like she normally always has. She didnt bark or jump around NOTHING! If you only knew this dog you would understand that just aint her. Then she fed her and she looked like she was still hungry so she gave her another handful of food and she just drew up and had another seizure. She had one about a week ago also....in her sleep. They get worse every time...But like i said my main question is CAN SOMEONE DO ANYTHING TO HER TO CAUSE THIS?
  7. Important Question On Poodle

    Well my vet and i have ruled out a few things that would or may cause the seizures. Food. She gets no table food and has been on the same dog food for a yr now. Allergic reactions. NONE. The main thing that we are looking at is stress. My house has been a total up-roar for the past month with the holidays and all of us going in and out all the time.
  8. Important Question On Poodle

    Thank you everyone your input has been helpful
  9. Important Question On Poodle

    We have had blood work done for her twice and there is nothing there. He cant explain it. So no she is not on meds for it and the vet we use for our small animals is the best in the county. She acts weird before she has one. She just dont act herself she just walks around like she is lost. She doesnt shake that much she draws up and gets stiff for a minute then goes into shaking. My main worry is that someone is doing this to her. She has spent alot of time alone with this person for the last little while. She never has before.
  10. Rectal Bleeding.....

    ok... The bfs mamaw has an extremeley over weight poodle...thats besides the point,, She has been bleeding from her rectom badly. it also has a bad smell yes its coming from a butt LOL but its not a poop smell..Wat do you guys think this could be? I am trying to talk her into taking her to the vet the woman is 85 yrs old and dont believe it in LOL...The dog herself is 14...ant ideas??
  11. Rectal Bleeding.....

    Money is not the issue here..The dog has been spayed when she was six months actually......I to the dog to the vet. She was ate up with cancer nothing that they could do besides surgery that the dog being that overweight and that much stress on her heart would probably not make it thru! So we decided to put the animal to sleep. We took her home and buried her.
  12. Ok..my BF has a 10 month old son...He is going thru a custody battle this week....But I should give you some background to this situation....My BF is younger than me and had his son at a young age...The mother of the child lived with his mother and he lived with his grandmother like he had his whole life...No one in her family wanted her. She had thier son..she left two weeks later no calling to check on the child nothing until two months later when they decided to give my BFs parents temp custody of the baby until they made some agreement After the papers were signed she never called or came to see the child and my BF stayed home and took care of his son bought all milk diapers everrything he needed....Well about two months ago they were served with papers that she was wanting the child back.....now they are going to court... But my problem is not with the e girlfreind its with my BFs mother..she is calling herself the childs mother and is now refusing to let my BF to take him out to spend time with just me and him and is not letting us do much of anything with the child....We have been together since the child was four months old....Not a long long time but a while and we are planning on getting married...Well my BFs mom is saying that she is raising him and that she is his mother so on and so on...She tries to hide me from everyone and everything she doesnt want anyone to know about me or that he is even seeing anyone!! I have met the whole family and been there But its still strange she doesnt talk to me anymore talks about me behind my back maybe thats just normal mother behavore???? I dont know... But im not concerned about what she is doing to me im worried about my BF and the fact that she is trying to act like his son is her son!!!!! I dont understand....she acts like she has ALL say so over him and to some degree yes her and her husband have temporary custody of him But she wont even let my BF hold , feed, play or anything with HIS son!!!
  13. Is This Right From A Parents Point Of View

    He is going to court wensday and thursday its a two day trial for him to gain custody...his parents are relinquishing thier rights...But his mother seems think that she is going to get to still keep him after court"!!! The mother of the child is not going to get custody for the simple fact that she left her child and didnt call or come by to check on the child she doesnt even get visitation with him....she hasnt seem him.....He has an attorney also CHAR yes it is very confusing!! Its a very very odd situation!!
  14. My 14 yr old Belgian is bein such a pain in my REAR!!!! We cant put him in the pasture...He bulldozes fences...we cant leave him up in the barn without another pasture buddy or he bulldozes thru stall doors and gets in the hay barn and makes a HUGE mess and is making HUGE hoof holes in my yard along with supersized manure piles....At least he aint hard to catch he wont run from you and he wont go anywhere but my front yard..I just hate having to get up at all hours of the night to put him back where he just got out of..I have had to rigg his stall door so he cant open it but that dont mean he wont get out oh no not Clyde..He is a freakin Hudeni!!!!
  15. Gentle Giant Is Being A Mennas (sp)

    I just might try that..I cant leave him up all the time cause he was over worked as a youngster and his knees are all knotted up he has to be out for so many hours a day cause of his knees...
  16. Is This Right From A Parents Point Of View

    We have moved out into my mothers guest house...We tried about a month ago to take him and raise him on our own BUT she wouldnt let us she said that if he left the property then she would call the law...They gave temp custody because they were young..Bf has been there for his son.she has custody of the child to keep anything from happening he has bought everything for him as his father and his responsibility....Its really really hard to explain!!! He has told her numerous times to stop calling her his sons mother....BF has taken care of him all the time but when he started working full time she was taking care of the child during day and she started doing more and more and more he asked her not to but she wouldnt listen she is a control freak!!! i wish that there was an easier way to explain all this really...
  17. Is This Right From A Parents Point Of View

    Not hardly.....
  18. Gentle Giant Is Being A Mennas (sp)

    Thanx everyone!!! I get so discouraged with my big guy sometimes!!! I know he doesnt mean any harm But it gets old out there fixing fences in 20 degree weather and out at night catching up draftie from the front yard LOL
  19. Gentle Giant Is Being A Mennas (sp)

    Sadly enough i have put electricity on every fence i have and it dont seem to faze him!!!!
  20. Rectal Bleeding.....

    Thats true..She was so pitiful on the phone...you know how the old mamaw can make you just spew tears for hours.....
  21. Rectal Bleeding.....

    BLUE...I understand that about the dog being in pain...I talked to her this morning and she wants me to come get the dog and take her to be put down...The dog is VERY old and is OVERWEIGHT for a poodle....She weighs twenty pounds and is a miniature poodle...But....I hope that im doing the right thing which im sure is... for this animal...I cant believe that it has took her this long to get the conseot that the job should be euthed.
  22. OK....some may know that my BF is going thru a custody battle and the whole family is under ALOT of stress...But today some things happened... a little background we have been staying with him grandmother she is sick and she lives right beside the BF's mother..... Today my bf takes his son to meet the baby momma for her visit today. she says to him "i heard you got married" He says " its not your buisness but no im not married" His father who goes with him to every drop off and pick up butts in and says "hes not even seeing anyone!" I over heard this when i was doin laundry when he got back....I was angry but said nothing. Well that evening when it was time to go back and pick the little one up my bfs mom asks him to take her car and put gas in it cause it wont have enough to get there and back...(he takes his mothers car beacuse his truck is loud and doesnt feel confortable having his son in it) He says "Ill just take her car" (mine) his mother gets angry and says "no your not she dont need to see her car or know anything about her, you need to keep her in the dark she dont need to even know about her" At this point im angry!!!!! i walk out of the house and go outside.....He follows me ...i say" im gettin sick of this really quick im sick of being the one stuck in a dark corner....Your mom and dad dont want anyone knowing that im stayin with you at your grandmothers and dont want my car sittin the drive way dont even want anyone to know that your with me all because of a custody battle....we have been together for a while and im in your sons life and i have been nothing but good to you and him and your crazy mother (few choice words) Was i right to say all that and my few choice words or should i just have kept my mouth shut? and stayed back in the dark corner??? When he got back from picking his son up he packed our things and we moved back into my mothers apartment next to her house....He said he done it for me cause i wasnt happy sweet as that was i feel bad....
  23. Need Some Freindly Advice On Inlaws

    HEIDI About his mother!! he has talked to her many times about her calling herself grandmother....she stopped for a while when we were living in my mothers apartment before...But when his grandmother called and said she needed some help we started staying with her thats when she started calling herself mommy again....I just dont understand it... No i will not be treated like a doormat BUT i dont want to cause any conflicts between me and his family...its kind of a rock and a hard place its a really confusing situation....I mean my BF loves his son takes care of him But we dont get to spend much time with him at all....She wont let us she threatened to call the law....See his parents live right on the NC state line and My parents live in TN...she told us that if we took him over the state line then she would have us arrested for kidnapping!!!! Its his child yes she has temp custody but that is just CRAZY!!!!!
  24. Rectal Bleeding.....

    The dog is doing fine as far as we know today...i called her and she said she took her out of the kennel and let her roam the house the best she can the dog is so overweight....I think that she has dcecided to just take her and her euthed......
  25. Need Some Freindly Advice On Inlaws

    Its a hard situation......BBLUE his parents have temperary custody of his son...He is going to court this week to gain custody of him and his parents are relinquishing thier rights.....I understand the part about me being hidden to a point such as me not being in the court room and not going with him to drop offs and pick ups.....BUT his family was taking it to an extreme....His mother calls herself his sons mom....she sometimes wont let him take him out with just me and him My bf has bought and paid for everthing for his son even tho his parents have temp custody.....its really just a crazy situation Heidi....thank you for your input you make alot of sense....I DO appreciate him for what he done....He was extremely unhappy thier himself but he thought i was....so there for he stayed...I kept my mouth shut about his families treatment for the entire time we have been together and i guess i did ever react and blow a fuse....I didnt throw a temper tantrum or anything i just let him know that i wasnt happy and i was no longer gonna be treated that way