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  1. Does Ne One Know About Guinea Pigs?

    I have a long haired guinea pig i call twig and we have spoiled him ROTTEN every morning when he hears the bed sqeak he knows were getting up and starts sqealing wanting his breakfast. Well this morning he didnt so first thing i did was check on him and he was laying on his side which he has never done since i have had him. It looked from the bedding that he was having some struggle he wants to get up i think but cant either that or he is just twictching really bad....He wont eat i already tried. We havent gave him anything but cabagge and cucumbers and of course his water and i keep it full all the time he drinks alot. Does anyone think they may know whats wrong with my twig?
  2. Bumper? Confo Critique And Confo ? About My New Filly!

    I love your little mare tho! she is so cute im not a critiquer LOL she is very fine boned tho like my barrel mare.
  3. Bumper? Confo Critique And Confo ? About My New Filly!

    My mare has that same thing...it does look like a raised vertebra....wat is it really tho?
  4. Hey guys i aint been on here in forever been so so busy...But i have a ?.....My little paint mare has gotten a strange rash if thats what ya wanna call it on her shoulders...It first started on the right i put medicine on it and it hasnt helped well its started to the other shoulder...thats the only places she has it.. DESCRIPTION: its making her shoulders looked wrinkled. On the right shoulder it raw and the hair is starting fall out its really rough to small little scabs but not like rain rot.....and on the other shoulder there are larger scabs which is how the other started out. Its hot to the touch and it hurts her. You cant touch it without her leaning away from it. I am taking pics of it today to take to my vet for him to see incase he can tell what it is by the pics if not then some skin scrapings will be necessary.... Do any of you have an idea what this is?? i really dont know what it is havent ever seen it before! i just took some pics of it before and after washing it with cool water... i havent been on here in so long i forgot how to put them on here so go to my myspace and look under the album called angels rash PLEASE www.myspace.com/thaweaver
  5. 5 Yr Old Grade Qh

    I like him!!! He has a nice build to him... seems to be well porportioned.....great hip....nice back and shoulder to
  6. Dangerous Horse?

    I just now got reading this post..... The first thing i dont understand is why on earth a MOTHER would by her 13 yr old daughter a horse that has a history of bucking and the owner at that time says that he is unrideable.....the horse went through three trainers and they all seemed to have the same thought of the horse. It is seeming that the horse only does this at high speeds i would have the vet out to look at him ASAP to see if there IS anything physically wrong with him. If not then this horse is just down right dangerous. I totally agree with what someone said i cant remember who is was but they said you have an abusive realationship whith your horse. You may love him to pieces but a horse that is hurting you to this degree is not good for you its not good for him either. Ya know the first time you got hurt yea that could have been a fluke just simply an accident but for it to continue to happen....theres certainley something going on. I dont think its saddle fit problems the horse would have showed more concern other than twice and like BUMPER said it should not result in this violent behavior
  7. Mysterious Rash/somethin On Shoulders?

    well my vet looked at the pics of her shoulders and said right now try some MTG on it spray her once a day not washing off between treatments and to keep her out of the sun and flys which we have to any ways cause of her sensitive blue eyes. It seems to be getting a little better i mean it hasnt spread like it was and its not swollen looking or hot. But the hair is still coming off and she is still having some BAD scaling!!!
  8. Got Some Great News!

    Hey guys..I havent been on in FOREVER but i have been super busy....I found out about two months ago that im PREGNANT with my first!!! Im so so excited! I am four months and four days...I Go back on the thirtieth to see if its a boy!!! LOL [Question] were really hoping LOL.... The only downside is i cant ride i had so many complications at the begining that my OB says not to ride i cant even handle a horse alone!!! I hate it so so much. I hired a younger boy that rides in the Jr USA Rodeo to ride her for me. He takes her to all his rodeos and seems to be doing well he is first in the circut on poles and barrels and roping with her!! im glad i will have a fit and even better mare to ride after i have the baby
  9. Got Some Great News!

    Thanks everybody!!!! ill have to let you guys know what it is when i find out
  10. Critique My Run?

    I think you guys look great.... I would work on straightening up the 2nd and 3rd you would shave a little time off with doing that....
  11. Leftover Pics

    I love the pics looks like you guys had a ton of fun that day but i have a ? how tall is the appy in the last picture on the first post?? he looks so so little in that pic!!!! he is pretty tho!
  12. Mysterious Rash/somethin On Shoulders?

    No she stays in the barn during the day with fans on her because she has blue eyes and has a tendancy to have them infected and turn yellow....She does get hosed down after a hard ride. That sound wierd tho i havent seen that before either
  13. When Your Horse Nickers .................

    Oh im definaltey trained. im a seasoned when it comes to that!!!! And another thing...dont ya hate it after you give them a treat they still stand there so honorable and look at you with those sad eyes when you walk away. and it makes you turn back around and give more loves!!!! im a sucker for a set of horse eyes cant say brown cause my mare has blue eyes LOL
  14. Shock Collar On Horses?

    I had posted on training a few weeks ago about my mare charging me. Well since then have we fixed the problem But, a member not to name names suggested that i use a Shock Collar on my mare?? I personaly dont like the mere thought of one on my animal, But what do you guys think? I think its cruel they are smart animals and simple training will help them. There is no use in taking the lazymans way out (thats how i see it) I may be totally wrong in this but.....
  15. Loss Of Belgian!

    i had to euth my belgian a week or so ago. I been so busy i havent been on here....The vet said it was a cross between being old, arthritic, and heart failure. Me and the Bf came home one night and there he was laying down and couldnt get up. I called the vet instantly and he came out. The best thing to do for him was to put him to sleep. As much as i miss him im glad i did it wasnt fair to let him suffer any longer
  16. Trading Forum Is Locked?

    i havent been on in a while....i was just lookin around to see what everone has been up to and the trading post is locked or protected? Why is that??
  17. Trading Forum Is Locked?

    Oh ok...I had no idea i havent really been on here in FOREVER lol. I know the last time i was here they were having some trouble with confo numbers and that sorta thing...PPL i swear
  18. 10 Year Old Apha Mare

    Im not nearly qualified enough for this but ill give ya what i got LOL I love her Chest nice thick broad chest. Her back looks to be in porportion. Her neck ties in great, and that hip!!! WOW i likie!!! She has a nice head. thick jaw line soft eye everything ties in great. Thats about all my info. But take it with a grain of salt cause i could very well be wrong!
  19. Loss Of Belgian!

    Thanx everyone! Yes is was the hardest thing to decide cause i wanted to keep him with me having fun pulling wagons and messin with the mares but i didnt want him to be in any kind of pain or whatever so.....
  20. Geldings Cut

    Most deff call a vet. And clean that thing!!! The lower extemedies are known for proud flesh! better start now!
  21. Ground Work Problems

    I have been working with my mothers mare for about two months getting her to calm down some. She had no idea of personal space. But now when i go to work with her she doesnt respond PERIOD AT ALL. I use a stick like Clinton Andersons and when doing desensitizing i have a platic bag on the end of it. But today i didnt have it on there i was just working on backing up but she isnt scared or responsive to it at all!!! I have used it a whip a lead rope i also put the bag on the stick and it doesnt work nothing does. I will use the lead rope and jerk it slightly to get her attention and NOTHING. I feel like i have done to much desensitizing now!!!Is there anything i can do or anything else i can use to try and get her to move? if you guys need any more info or anything just ask its hard to think of everything right off LOL
  22. Ground Work Problems

    BUMPER i no it may have soundedlike i wante her to scared but i didnt i worded it wrong...my fault
  23. Shock Collar On Horses?

    COOPERSMOM- its all about training....i have never owned or handled a stud that just went compltly bonkars came by.Its dangerous for one...i dont think that studs should be allowed to act like that just because they have BALLS. Those balls only come out when i say so.! Thats the way it should be. no you cant control a stud on thier own time but if you train them well those training habits will turn over into his "alone" time and he wont act like that. have seen it done myself
  24. Ground Work Problems

    Ok i went out yesterday (despite it being 25 degrees lol) and worked with her. She did do some better i did like you said i changed MY body language. She moved off but not as i thought but i still released the pressure and patted her and then went at it again. i will keep you guys posted on the progress
  25. Ground Work Problems

    I understand what ALL of you are saying and i do agree with you guys...I think that my timingthethat hte longer that i get aggravated with her thethat hte longer that i get aggravated with her the more she ignores me because she knows she is pushing my buttons and i may be showing that in my body language. But i realize that i need to change my body language. for lack of words "more threatening" to her. I dont know how to word it. But i am going to try what some of you have suggested when i get home. I have just tried to get as many suggestions as i can from everyone. I hope to report back with some better news...