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  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Wow I haven't been on this site in a couple years! Last time I posted, Ryder was only a couple of months old... in 11 days we will be celebrating his 2nd birthday! Wow has time flown! If anyone is new here, will read back a little bit and see my name is Jamie. I used to post on here all the time. I got harassed alot on this site and finally had enough and got the FB's from the people I wanted to keep in contact with and left! Anyway, I still am with Brandon, we still live in town and I still have horses. At the moment, I still have my girl... Sheba a 13 year old gray mare that I do everything with. I still own Lady. The other mare I bought when I got Sheba.. she too is 13 years old. She is just ur average mare, broke to ride, not fancy, not registered, but does her job well. She also gave me my girl, Candy! Miss Candy. She is 8 years old this year. Where has time gone? She has been on the back burner for so long but after she has her 2015 colt she is going to be totally broke to ride and not just green broke! She gave me my beautiful filly, Dallie. She is out of the same stallion as my girl Bella :) My filly Dallie. She is out of the same stallion as my girl Bella and out of my mare Candy. I have big plans for this filly and I couldn't be any more happy with this cross. Candy is going back to be bred again to hopefully get me a colt this time! My girl Bella. She is an amazing horse. I have literally fallen in love with this horse! She is one of a kind and can't wait to see what her and her sister become! This is a shot of Bella and her 9 month old sister from today in their winter woolies! Not much else to update on, just keep plugging along at work and watching my son grow! We also lost a baby in June and would of been bringing home a new baby Feb. 25th but it just wasn't meant to be! So we will try again the end of this year :) We are also getting Candy bred to the same stud again this Spring. Otherwise life is pretty boring. Traveling when we can and just enjoying life! Our little family on a lil road trip the other day :) Hope everyone else is doing well! And nice to meet any of you that didn't used to post here!
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey guys if you wanna know what has been going on with me.... check it out: here Hope all is well!
  3. Popping In For A Update!

    The last one of my lil cowboy Promise- Sheba- Bella- Candy- my lil family on my 22nd bday our new car Willow- our new puppy! riding Promise for the first time- me and Sheba at our first barrel race since baby..... we placed 3rd in 4d which was pretty good I thought for not doing it in so long! ok that's it!!! Enjoy!
  4. Guess I'll type up a update first and then I'll share some photos! - Most of you know that I had a huge problem when my son was born, the placenta quit working 2 weeks before he was born, doctor didn't catch it till I went in to be induced. Anyways, after a emergency c-section, a jet ride for Ryder to Denver NICU, him not breathing at birth, and only weighing 5 lbs. 11 oz. and me getting out of the hospital 3 days before I was supposed to.... Ryder is now a happy, healthy 19 pound 7 month old baby!!! He is crawling and trying to sit up on his own! He is everything I wished for and I love him so much! - Brandon and I are doing great, had plenty of amazing road trips this summer, didn't get to spend as much time riding as I would of liked but oh well.... - my mom us waiting to find out if she has cancer or not so please keep her and us in your thoughts and prayers please! - Promise went to the trainer finally and did okay. She reared and went over on the ground, never reared undersaddle but I think I am unconsciously scared of her.... I've only ridden her a handful of times since she came back... so I am thinking about getting rid of her someone else can enjoy her! - Bella is doing amazing... I rode her a few times after I could ride again after the c section, it took awhile before my stomach could handle all the bouncing lol Bella acted like she had been ridden every day since she came back from the trainer! - everyone else is doing great... I think I am going to sell Lady and find another riding horse this coming spring! We also got a new puppy for Ryder :) He loves her and she loves him too! it is sweet! Okay how about some pictures?! Ryder when he was first born- about 3 months old- about 6 months old- Ryder and his puppy Willow Bat baby! more coming!
  5. Congrats on the new little one! he is ADORABLE! glad he is doing better, and wishes that he continues to do better! LOVE the name by the way, my 3 month old sons' name is Ryder! I love the name and it fits him perfect. again congrats and can't wait to see new updated pix!
  6. Internet Friends Who Ride

    miss Flow Beau and Geralds main man... Pedro Gerald got 2 new horses! grr... got this GORGEOUS dun and this sweetheart sorrel... they are both about 14/15 and dun is reg. and both are kid broke... both are VERY sweet! can't wait to ride the dun, he is HUGE Bellas' sister and her colt Remember that hurt mare I posted pix of that was skin and bones! LOOK AT HER NOW! omg and she had a BEAUTIFUL colt! Okay that's it! hope you enjoyed!!!
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    I LOVE this one camping... ready to go home Lightning started a reallly bad fire double rainbow Candy and Doc... look at how much bigger she is than him! Lena more coming!
  8. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Popping in with a quick update.. Ryder is 3 months old tomorrow already! wow! where has the time gone! he is so much fun! Promise is at the trainer... but she is having some head tossing issues. She went over (while being ground driven thank God) once because she freaked out when she was tossing her head... anyways, so Andrea is trying to work it out of her... if she can't, she is going down the road, that is way too dangerous and it is not fun to have a horse go over on you. Once in a lifetime was enough for me! And I'm too old for that crap lol I don't bounce anymore... Candy is FINALLY at the stud. Gerald really ticked me off cuz he tried to screw me over on the price. He told me LAST YEAR when Candy was originally going to get bred that Doc was 50, for me only and 200 for anyone else. The paint was 175 and the palomino stud was 300. Well we go out there and he's like so how much did we talk about? will 300 be enough for everything? I'm like um no you told me 50. He's like well I don't remember that so I said, well I guess I can just take her home then. He's like no no I want you to get a colt. So we are doing some work for him and it is going to be totally free. I just wish he would stop screwing me around... I really don't think we are going to go help him much more after we get teh "debt" paid off with Candy.. but should only be like 2 times working cows and that should pay for it... anyways he also has 2 colts on the ground. they were born the same day! Bellas' sister had a sorrel colt in the morning and the hurt mare had a palomino that afternoon! We are busy this week! work, helping Gerald and then heading to a car show on Saturday. I was talking to a friend of mine and I was complaining about how fat I am and they told me that if I don't like what I see in the mirror then I should change it... so I am. I started working out every day since the 1st. I started off slow.. couldn't even do 10 mins. the first day, but I finally got a full workout in yesterday! I sure am feeling it in my arms/legs and tummy... so maybe those muscles are getting tight and I can start riding again!!!! There are 2 diff. barrel races all summer long I am sooo bummed. There are usually NO barrel races! ugh! Picture time! Not bad for almost 3 months after baby... but I've got a LONG way to go I love this car! The baby bunnies!!!!!! I got all of them sold... one given away. And already have people interested in another batch so when they get weaned she will get bred again! I am really excited, they are getting so big! hanging outside with mom now and they scatter as soon as the door opens LOL they are sooo adorable! very hard to get pictures of now as well! The gray and white speckled one is the one that I gave away to Brandons' best friend gf, she got first pick and she picked that one and is naming it Milkdud LOL so cute! hanging outside with mom Ryder got to meet the horses finally! Our little family! Ryders' first camping trip he was infatuated with the fire... LOL More coming!
  9. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Heather- I've been following u (and everyone else) on FB lol I'm on there alot more than on here!!!!! Congrats again on ur baby!!! how exciting! Look what I found today! I didn't think she took!
  10. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey girls how's every one been? Just wanted to pop in and update! Already a heart breaker! Also traded off the GT and Black Beauty for a Terminator! heck yes! everyone is calling me spoiled. hehe I just tell them... I spoil myself! also, hopefully Candy is going to Mr Doc tomorrow. gar Anyways.... busy week here... getting the car today.... hopefully taking Candy to get bred tomorrow.... then work till Saturday and then Sunday Promise is going to Andrea to get trained and I'm HOPING I can go to a show that day as well! we shall see! Have a good day all!
  11. Hc Foals

    awwe! thanks for sharing pix guys! love them babies!!!!! Heather- you will have to post more for sure Lexi- I am sooooooo glad u finally got a healthy and perfect baby. i hope someday you will be able to have horses again! Can't wait for my foal next year! will be posting baby pix of Geralds colts when they get here. he's having 2-3!
  12. Do You Name Your Vehicles?

    palomino- LOL no it's a 70.
  13. Do You Name Your Vehicles?

    The only one that is really "named" is my baby.... Black Beauty or ChipaCobra lol 99 Mustang cobra our pickup... nameless still... full of hail dents our GT- I guess that's waht we call her too lol the Galaxie my extremely dirty buick and my newest addition.... needs a name lol guess we'll call her Aurora.. cuz that's waht she is lol This is "my" beast... it's a friends' F450... this truck can pull anything!!! My mom has her's named Scooby... a Subaru forrester and then there is Old Red (???? year chevy pickup) who has been with our family since I could remember and is still going
  14. Anastasia... Appaloosa Colt! Pics Added.. Pic Heavy!

    awwe! what a lil cutie! congrats he is adorable! they grow up so fast!!! he looks like my lil Romeo RIP
  15. Help Me Name This Colt :-)

    he is beautiful!!!!! congrats!