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  1. Beauty review. never in my life would i think i'd be in it but, i was told that i couldn't do it and that gave me the incentive. i'm like, super nervous, but at the same time i'm excited. (: anywho...i have no idea as to why i posted this now, but pictures will be up soon. (:
  2. The "circle Of Trust"

    ok. first off, i have to say i am a complete and total rollercoaster ride. i have a boyfriend (3 months). don't get me worng, he's sweet but...that shiny newness has rubbed off. my mother loves him. that's the only reason i'm with him. i am still in love with my ex. we met and starting going out in the 7th grade, (i am a junior now) i recently broke up with him because my parents didn't like him. he's mesed up alot. but with him, everything was natural, i can be myself totally. no makeup, i could wear my boots, he didn't tell me to hush when i talked bout my horses, he called and texted all day, everyday with sweet good morning and goodnight messages. i didn't feel the need to "try". it just came natural. but like i said, this boy is sweet, an smart, and he has everything (and i mean everything) planned out. i plan ahed to a certain extent. this boy has is college picked out and already is looking for a job for when he gets there. he has manners, but still can be 2nd grade immature. when he gets to snatching papers and reading text messages is when it bothers me. i have lots of patience too. (thanks to horses. :]) he's already told me he loved me.(this happened within th first week) i don't love him. i liked him then, and as a friend now. i loved my ex. i know what love feels like, not in it's full extent but i know what it is. as far as i can see, the best thing to do now is to drop both of them (some being harder than others) and start over. find myself a cowboy. haha. does any of this make sense?
  3. The Tell Something That No One Knows About You Post

    normal kids have teddy bears. I had a baby (small) pillow that I hauled everywhere wih me. (i still have to sleep with it and i'm nearly 17.) hahahaha. [ROTFL]
  4. a banner saying the same with rounded corners would be good too. (: thanks in advance.
  5. are you still doing these? (: i tried posting before but my pictures didn't load. lol. i want two different backgrounds but i'll just ask for one right now. BACKGROUND Big Text: Poncho Small text: down in mississippi and up to no good. Background[Please specify if no preference I will choose]: have fun with it. haha. Rounded Corners? [Yes/No] no ma'am. ^^if you can take out that quote i'd appreciate it.. (:
  6. Hey Super Barrel Horse Savvy People!

    I have no stall to put him in so ther is no way i can cut off his grass. I have a pen that has less grass, but my dad thinks that i'm torturing him by putting him in there. (it's about an acre and a half and he has a buddy and he was fed everyday.)(my dad's a retard.) haha! But, yeah.
  7. I own a 7 year old barrel racing gelding. I don't know if height will play into this but he's 16hh. He's a really good horse as far as brains and attitude. He also has the potential to be way faster than what he's running. He's running 16s to 17s in large arenas. (and when i say large i mean LARGE!) In smaller ones it ranges from 15s and 16s. (in my NBHA district he's a 3D/4D horse) I want to step him up a notch. He's on straight grass right now. (more than likely my main problem.) (huge grass gut.) Here lately he hasn't been getting his usual exercise because it's been too hot. It's starting to cool off here in Mississippi and I can finally do more riding. My dad is going to bulid me an arena this winter, but I need to start now. I would like to know if there's something I can do right now to get him in somewhat shape. Feed? Different exercise routines? Anything? Thanks. [Not Worthy]