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  1. You Lie!

    I am not uncomfortable with anything, for all you know I voted for him. And someone else brought race into, by mentioning signs at the 912 march. I am sure that there are some people against him because of his skin color, SOME not all. I have had at least one person tell me that they voted for him because he is black. Also, during the campaign and before and right after voting, some people were interviewed and a few said that they is the reason, or sure gave that impression by what they said. The point of my post, was people on the left were calling people on the right uneducated, illiterate and classless, why? Just because they oppose his policies doesn't make them uneducated, illiterate or classless.
  2. You Lie!

    I am a lurker here. I don't post much, well really none at all. But, let me point something out. It seems to me that most all the ones on the left are calling the ones on the right illiterate, and uneducated. Why is that? Not to mention statements like this I don?t think that they are the ones to hang their heads in shame. I don't believe anyone from the right has called anyone classless. And I am sure there were some racial motivated signs at the 9-12 march. Since, there were close to 2 million I guess there could have been a thousand of them. But for the big majority I believe they were they because of his policies. And I believe it to be racist to just vote for him because he is black, and you know some did. Did anyone notice how much cleaner the lawn was when they left, than at the inaugural? And that there were ZERO arrests. Now back to lurking status.
  3. Obama

    Does anyone care to answer my question I asked in my previous post. How do you feel about so many radical czars in the White House?
  4. Obama

    Yes, Ann Wheeler, I do think that some were brainwashed listening to him. Why else would they say "oh if he gets elected I won't have to worry about my mortage and my car payment" or a reporter (a man at that) just gets the tickles up and down his leg. If he hadn't surrounded himself with such radicals (and please tell me how this is ok with you) maybe him talking to the kids at school would go over a bit better. If he hadn't used that "what can you do to help the president" it would be a bit different. I know they changed it, but it should never have been used in the first place. Speaking of radicals, Van Jones just resigned. Thank goodness. One down, how many more to go? Why to go Glenn Beck. Why do some of you use the hate word so much. Just because some oppose him and his policies and also all those left radicals doesn't mean people hate him. I dislike him intensely and I don't trust him, but so far I don't hate him. Speaking of radicals. Have some of you that are calling the ones that oppose him have you complained about those radical czars in White House. I guess while I am at it.... why is the race card only used by the left?????? Answer me that please. If you oppose him you are a racist. I have heard a governor use it, and left politicians use it, but so far I haven't heard anyone that opposes him use it. Why do you say to that? ETA: Why hasn't the main streem media been reporting Van Jones background? Not a word. In his resignation he says they are lies and distortions. How can they be lies and distorttions when there are videos with all this in his very own words. I really wish that the main stream news and journalists would get back to true reporting.