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  1. So I moved the mare out to a new place in July, on the weekend after July 15 I got a phone call that she had been kicked in the pasture, I was out of town so they took care of it on Saturday and Sunday. Monday I got a good look and it was pretty nasty, big wound on the inside of her right hind just above the hock. In the perfect shape of a horse shoe most of it wasn't too bad, but what would have been the toe of the shoe was a very deep gash. Cold hosing twice a day and other first-aid and after about two weeks it was looking pretty good, all that was left was the big wound at the "toe". Week 3 proud flesh started to appear, it wasn't too much but just enough for me to want the vet out before it got worse. We got it early and were able to get it dried up and no more drama with that issue.... Things were looking better so I started her back into some light walk trot work around our track. About a week and a half after the vet came out for the proud flesh issue she got kicked again, same leg just below the hock. It wasn't nearly as bad as the first one, but enough that I went back to cold hosing and gave her a week off. About 5 days later I pull her out of the pasture to ride and her left flack is COVERED in scrapes and there is one section where the skin was pulled away and a small piece was dangling. Again not too bad, but due to the placement and some swelling, more cold hosing, and a week off... For those of you that got this far that was roughly 5 weeks of no riding because of her alphamareness fighting with other horses in the pasture. Add the one week give or take that I did get ti ride, it is now late August/ Early September. We start back working again, our rides were mostly hacks on the track mostly trotting in an attempt to build her back up some after have really more then a year off w/o regular work. On Saturday I finally got a lesson scheduled and had my first lesson at the new barn! The lesson was great, I loved it, so what I needed. My last lesson was with a dressage trainer like 3 years ago, and that wasn't even on Sophie. I knew we would have a lot to work on, I never expected what it was however. Since my last lessons I've been really working on sitting up very straight, and that was even more emphasized when I was working as a polo groom this past season, well somewhere along to way I started to lean back and got a chair seat, oye... My behind the everythigness was making the mare more hollow, and in turn making her more rushy, so our first thing is to work on me, the 2nd is to get her relaxed and SLOW. For me I am supposed to do down, down, up and up, up, down posting trot. We did this most of the lesson and it really helped, as the trainer put it you can not "not have your leg under you" and do it so it really works on fixing my muscle memory so that my lower leg is more correct, when that is more correct my upper body tends to follow, so fix the leg, fix the leaning back too! For the mare the goal is a "western jog" at the trot. in our walk warm-up we stop and I release the pressure then after a moment ask her to walk on, the goal is for her to stand longer and longer w/o me having to hold the halt. WE did this in the lesson and it works so well, her canter was so relaxed and easy to sit, I have not had such a good canter out of her since I was riding with the dressage trainer and that was at leat 3 1/2 years ago on her. All and all I am so so so very happy, I feel great, and Sophie is looking great, I haven't gotten so many compliments on her in a long time, no one can believe that she is 19. I have another lesson for this Saturday, and then next Saturday is a barn "mock" show. I won't ride in the barn show, but I will be out with my camera :). PS I got my camera plug-in issues sorted out so I can convert my RAW files, pics to come in a few days I hope!
  2. Sorry If I Have Been..

    You need to do what feels right for you. However, if you are so happy with Johnny then give it some more time. My mare is not a easy ride by any stretch of the imagination, even after 12 years she still gets me and we have days that are utter disasters. However I have stuck with her for 12 years, I've had opportunities to sell her and get something more rideable, but I've stuck with her and I'm happy for it. Given some more time I'm sure you can sort out his problems outside of the arena. I think part of your problem stems from lack of confidence in yourself, you are a good rider and it sounds like you are capable of handling what Johnny is throwing at you. Just remember patience and hard work are often rewarded in the end.
  3. How Much Is Sunny Worth?

    I think the $3,500 to $4,500 range is fair too. Horses like sunny are holding in that range from what I've seen in my area. Heck I'm still seeing track and polo washouts in the $2,500-$3,000 at times. You might want to start him a little higher then you really want, then as you get interested people bring it down after they have come to look at him. I've seen it a few times where people would show up and be told, "I just dropped the price to..." Honestly most anything in the $1,500 and less range is going to have something wrong with it or it isn't trained (in my experience for my area), and both of those are not the case here with Sunny.
  4. We're Going On A Scavenger Hunt!

    I did a quick search and I haven't been able to find a happy mouth version. I did find one that maybe you can wrap in latex to get that softer mouth piece though. Middle of the page Made by Abetta I'll keep looking as I have time, and will update this if I find anything that is closer....
  5. If You Were To Buy A New Helmet Today...

    I'd love a new AYR8, or maybe some other CO, they are the only ones that fit me really well. Currently I'm down to just 1 helmet, and so that leaves me schooling in my Hampton... I love it for showing, but it so does not do it for the schooling ring. Sadly there are so many more important matters my money needs to go to then replacing my perfectly good helmet ATM.
  6. Do You Wear Size 24 Breeches Or Have A Small Horse

    I remember when I could fit in a 24, that is so not the case anymore...
  7. Boo.

    Sometimes we just need a break. When the time is right you will find your passion again I am sure. If you want to ride, but have problems with motivation maybe try taking up something new and different. Learning a new skill set can be very inspiring for some people. If not don't sweat it take your break, any reasonable person should not think less of you for it.
  8. Hot Hot Hot Cap Chat!

    Congratulations on being "done" so to speak with your treatment! Sounds like you have found yourself a great little program with the ponies too. Your photo and words are very beautiful. You guys who are on the coast are so lucky, I love the Pacific at sunrise/sunset. Its my favorite part about when I go out that way! I hear you on the heat the past few weeks have not been too bad as far as our summers in the desert go, but last week, ugg... Friday was 121* and we were up over 115* most of the weekend. The high is back down to 111* for today, maybe it will keep going down... (I'm done complaining now) The mare is doing well, she is starting to gain back some of the summer weight she dropped and it seems they have figured out the pecking order in her pasture as she is not getting into any more fights. I rode her for the first time in 3 weeks because she had been so banged up the past month or so. I wanted a nice relaxed hack around the track, she wanted a run around the track; we meet somewhere in the middle...
  9. Bits

    Myself I like the oval center link more then the french link. All the horses I've ridden with both on seem to be just a little happier over all with the oval linked bits. I have and use a loose ring version of the JP Korsteel, and one by Stubben (loose ring copper center link as well). My mare loves those bits! I like the way she goes slightly better in the Stubben bit but the difference is not that noticeable. I think it has to do with the curved mouth piece of the Korsteel, it may not be something she likes as much as the straight bars on the Stubben bit. I haven't seen the Stubben bits for sale online through major sellers, but was able to get the one I have at my semi-local tack shop, I just stumbled upon it and I was so happy I did! If you want to look around for the ones by Stubben go for it, otherwise I'm sure you'd be happy with the JP Korsteel.
  10. Trot/canter Poles

    Something one trainer had me do was to set 3 poles on 1 or both long sides with a longer stride, and 3 on 1 or both the short sides with shorter strides. Kind of a enhancement of the old collect the shorts, extend the longs exercise.
  11. Purchasing Lessons In Advance?

    A contract for that many lessons over that period of times just screams shady to me. What if you or your horse get hurt, or your truck breaks down and you can't get to her or some other unforeseeable event? With this trainer changing from the arrangement you had last year I'd suspect there is something else going on in the background that is causing her to do something so strange. Steer clear of this, I wouldn't touch that deal with a 10 foot pole.
  12. Trainers

    I started riding when I was 12 I had 1 trainer for about 6 months before she moved away, then another for about 9 months before she was kicked out of the barn I was lessoning at. Then I was with the trainer who found me Sophie for a few years before he got sick and stopped giving lessons. I rode with this other gal for a short time but never had any formal lessons with her so not sure if she counts? Then I was w/o a trainer until I started taking dressage lessons in 2002/2003 not sure the exact time frame there. I rode a lady's horse with her trainer for a few months so while he was not my trainer I did ride with him... Now I am at a new barn and will be starting a program there. All in all 4 soon to be 5 that I would call "my trainer" and 2 that are borderline, I either rode with them or for them but never on my own horse. This is all in about 13 years.
  13. What Kind Of Jeans Do You Ride In ?

    I used to live almost 24/7 in my old Levis 501s, the older the better in my book. Back when I was skinny and a teenager (read had no hips or behind) I actually bought men's 501s. Now I ride in mostly only breeches because I like the stretch and give they have. If I am going to ride in jeans I still reach my 501s; even if they are not as old and comfy and broken in as I'd like since I've had to re buy a few times due to weight gain...
  14. Rest In Peace Little Bear

    You both were lucky to have found the love that you shared. [Angel] [Huggy] It is amazing how animals can touch our hearts even in a very short time. I lost a kitty to cancer just 4 months after I brought her home, and it hurt just as much as when I lost my childhood dog at 11.